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  1. No problem mate, I will send you a PM on here with my mobile number and we can sort it out via text/whatsapp.
  2. I have a Nismo 370z Mk2 and I am Cheltenham based, I am often in the Coventry area too though, happy for you to take a look if you don't have any luck with a dealer.
  3. Hi, I've thought about it, but not looked at any prices, any idea how much something like that could cost?
  4. Thanks! I am Cheltenham/Gloucestershire based, do you know if there are any others here? I have seen a few Z's around.
  5. I can't say I have, the dealer I bought it from put new tires on for me and presumably did an alignment at the same time, could that have delayed or fixed the issue?
  6. No way! We are only one digit different , twins!
  7. Hello All, I bought my first Z car last Monday and having given it a good clean this weekend I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself, plus, this forum has already been a valuable resource for buying tips, mods, suggestions and problem diagnosis already. I bought a 370z Nismo and so far it has been great, i went for a 1-2 hour drive on some countryside B roads last night and I think it is probably the most fun I have ever had driving a car. The car has 36k miles and the previous owner/s have already made some tasteful mods, a private plate, blacked out the wheels and a powerflow custom backbox. The car is in pretty good nick but it is due a service and I have it booked in at a Nissan garage for one + a health check, so hoepfully they don't find anything scary. It also has a coupple of dings on the rear bumper that I am getting sorted at a body shop. Looking forward to meeting you all . p.s If anyone knows anything about the history of this car i'd love to know!
  8. I picked up a 370z Nismo a couple of days ago and I also considered this one when buying. Personally, it had already had too much modified on it and I wanted something more original. I also echo ShortPaul's thought, seems a bit of a high price for what it is. There isn't a lot else around at that £20k range atm (i know because I've spent the past 4 months there haha) and I know its frustrating, but i'd wait a little more for another one to come up, as you'll probably get a better car for your money.
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