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  1. SiriusProjects

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    I've had a look at the listing myself. They have in excess of 40 entries of feedback received as a buyer, but none as a seller. Plus, if you look at the feedback received, a lot of the entries seem to be duplicated, even down to the grammar (commas and fullstops being in exactly the same place). There are also no items numbers visible on the feedback. I checked my own feedback and even entries that are over a year old still show an item number. They could be genuine, but with it being a CAT D, I personally wouldn't entertain it.
  2. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    Thanks Ekona. Just ordered a set.
  3. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    Well this thread has certainly caused some lively debate. Lol. I'm sure you will all be pleased to hear that I cancelled my order for the Falkens. Given the passionate arguments for going for a more premium tyre, I am going to go down that route. Never let it be said that I don't listen when the forum is virtually ramming it down my throat. So come on, give me some recommendations?
  4. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    I don't want this coming across as a sob story, but I was going through a really hard time a few years back which led me to have to sell my 350Z GT4. Since then I've clawed my way back and have been saving a lot too. I still had to take out a bit of finance to get my 370Z Nismo, but to me it is my dream car and I love it. I haven't got a large pot of money and normally I'd have to save for a few months to be able to afford an upgrade of some kind. As It is, I've got this little windfall which is enabling me to get some things done. I'm also currently looking around for a company to refurb the wheels. I do get what everyone is saying and if you know me, you know I do take a lot of advice on board and have often made purchases based on recommendations from the forum. I wish I had a lot more money available, believe me, then sure I would be buying the best tyres going.
  5. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    I find this all so confusing. When I had my 350z everyone raved about falken tyres and even a couple of people on this thread have given them the thumbs up. So do I go with the people who don't like them or those who do?
  6. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    Thanks for all the comments. For clarity, the reason I am on a budget is because I have had a little windfall, nothing fantastic, but enough that I can get a few things done on my car. Yes I would like premium tyres, but if I go down that route I won't have a lot left of my windfall to do much else. I did check out reviews online about the Falken tyres and there are a few sites that rate them 4 to 4.5 out of 5. On blackcircles.com someone with a 370z has rated them 4 out of 5. Okay, they probably aren't the best tyres in the world, but for my needs they are perfectly adequate. I don't rant my car, sure I like to give it a bit of a blast sometimes, who doesn't, but the way I drive paying out a lot more money for performance tyres would be more of a waste anyway.
  7. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    They may be for 1.8 diesel Astra's, but I am working to a budget and can't really afford to be that fussy.
  8. SiriusProjects

    Tyre Query

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on the Falken Azenis FK510's? I'm looking at getting new tyres fitted all around and these are available in both the sizes I require and are around my budget.
  9. SiriusProjects

    Short Tails

    Just thought I would post an update. Today I removed the boot mat and the other cover which is underneath it and then laid an old bed sheet down in the boot, tucking it under all the boot trim around the edges. After refitting the first cover and then putting the boot mat back in, I took the car out for a drive. I have to say that it cured about 98% of the rattling. There is still the odd vibration sometimes, but not much and I can live with that. On a side note, I also did the penny trick with boot lid so that's working great now too.
  10. SiriusProjects

    370Z Pair Of B-Pillars

    Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.
  11. SiriusProjects

    370Z Pair Of B-Pillars

    I'm looking for replacement B-Pillars to fit my 2015 370Z Nismo as the current ones have a few scratches on them. carbon fibre ones not required. Stock ones would be fine.
  12. SiriusProjects

    Front Number Plate

    Thanks for the help. I've now been able to tighten up the plynth, although I might take your advice Bikeracer and remove it completely and fix the plate on the plastic below.
  13. SiriusProjects

    Front Number Plate

    Hi All, Just a quick question. The piece of plastic trim that the front number plate is attached too on a 2015 370Z Nismo, how is it attached to the car? Mines a bit loose and needs looking at and I just wanted to check before I do anything with it. Thanks.
  14. SiriusProjects

    Wheel Offset Query

    Thanks for the link to the video roadtrip. I've just watched it and it was certainly very informative. I always assumed that an alloy wheel was an alloy wheel, but clearly there is lot more to think about when you want to buy a set. I think you are right about just getting my original wheels refurbished to be honest. I would want a similar style and it does seem a bit daft to fork out for a whole new set of wheels when the set I've got are decent enough.
  15. SiriusProjects

    Wheel Offset Query

    I do need to get my current wheels refurbished as one of them has been curbed and there are a few scratches on the others. I'd still like to look into maybe getting another set of alloys. If anyone has any recommendations and perhaps some pics, I'd love to see them. My only preference when it comes to alloy wheels though is that the spoke layout isn't too busy.