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  1. Hi Wheels 370z, The removal of the wiper and motor is quite easy. 1. Remove the small cover situated at the bottom of the wiper arm and undo the bolt underneath. The wiper arm can then be removed. 2. After this, remove the rubber seal to reveal the hole in the bodywork. 3. Open up the boot and remove the large piece of plastic trim. 4. Underneath you will see the wiper motor on the right. First unplug the power cable from the motor and then remove the three bolts holding it in place. 5. Use some zip ties or something to secure the power cable so that it doesn't flap around. 6. Once done, you can replace the plastic trim. Optional - While you have the plastic trim off, you might want to consider removing the boot weight. I know it's a small mod that some people like to undertake. As for painting the grommet. I firstly gave the surface of it a light sanding just to help improve the adherence of the spray paint. I purchased the paint from a company on Ebay. In my case it was a 3 stage paint with paint code QAB (Pearl White). 1 aerosol for the ground-coat, 1 for the mid-coat and 1 for the lacquer. I'm no expert at spray painting, but I managed to find a video on you-tube which helped. I did 3 ground coats, 1 mid coat and then 2/3 coats of lacquer. All in all I was really pleased with the result.
  2. I'm having a roof spoiler fitted so removing the washer jet is really going to depend on whether it causes an issue regarding the spoiler fitment. I may remove it anyway as without the wiper the washer jet is a bit redundant.
  3. It's a 25mm grommet that I got from my local halfords store.
  4. Did the rear wiper delete on my 370z Nismo this morning. Especially pleased with the paint job on the blanking grommet as I've never been any good at spray painting.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation Payco and yes, I will post up some pictures when the the roof spoiler is on. It's a Stillen one I ordered from Tarmac Sportz. Just waiting for it to arrive then the car will be going into the body shop.
  6. Hi Payco, My zed is going into a body shop to have some panels resprayed and I am also having a roof spoiler fitted which will be colour matched. So I've taken the opportunity to look around the car to see if there is anything else that could be sorted at the same time. With the trim pieces on my car having some marks on them and a number of stone chips, I was just thinking about swapping them out for new ones which I've seen for sale on the TORQEN site.
  7. Had anyone removed the red piece of trim in the attached image? If so, how easy is it to get off and how?
  8. Thanks for the info. I will certainly look into the products you have suggested,
  9. The wheels on my zed have been repainted black and I would like some recommendations on what product would be best for cleaning/polishing them. Having looked online there are plenty of products available. However I'm not sure which ones would be suitable for use on painted wheels, as there may be certain products that could cause a reaction or damage the paintwork. Please help. Thanks.
  10. Hi All, I'm getting a roof spoiler fitted to my zed and have been advised to remove the washer nozzle and optionally the rear wiper as well. Does anyone happen to have a how to guide for doing this? If not, any advise would be appreciated. I was also advised to get some grommets which I'm guessing will be for plugging the holes left after removing the washer nozzle and wiper. I understand I can get these at Halfords, is that right?
  11. Yeah I like to get out in it when I can. Especially when the weather is like it is now.
  12. Nice zed. I'm not too far away from you. I live just outside Glastonbury.
  13. Spotted in the Cranhill Road car park in Street, Somerset. Anyone on the forum?



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