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  1. SiriusProjects

    2015 370Z Nismo - Sirius Project

    Here are a few pics of my Nismo 370Z with the latest mods applied. The mods in in the pictures are as follows: Brake caliper colour change with Nismo decals. Slotted and drilled brake discs (also included red stuff brake pads). Tarmac sports short tails with Titanium tips.
  2. SiriusProjects

    Very Happy New Zed Owner

    Welcome to the forum. I thought I recognised the backdrop of your photos. The wooden building in the background is the Youth Hostel on Walton Hill, Near Street, Somerset. I should know, as I live in Street. Lol.
  3. I have apparently been posting way to many threads, so as instructed I have set up a build thread here for anything and everything. I've only had my zed since August and my initial mods and refurbishments were as follows. Boot lid plastic cover replaced as the original one was cracked - Purchased via a Nissan dealer and cost just shy of £80.00. Front and rear panels resprayed as well as brake caliper colour change to white (included new Nismo Decals) - £390.00. Front and rear Nissan badges replaced with Z Badges and replacement "Nismo" and "370Z" badges fitted after respray - £70.00 Just recently I had some EBC Brake Discs and Red Stuff pads fitted as well some Nismo Short Tails - £1030.00. I am loving the Nismo Short Tails, although I didn't realise they would be quite so loud on a cold start. Was a bit of a shock this morning and I was worried what the neighbours would think. Hopefully I won't get any complaints. If I do, I may have to put a standard Nismo backbox back on. My zed is going to a car seat refurbisher on Friday to fix the cover on the drivers seat as it has come away on the side. I have tried fixing it myself but it just keeps pulling out again. Hopefully they can make it a more permanent fix. I'm sure you are asking "Where are the pics"? I will be posting some updated pics soon.
  4. SiriusProjects

    In the garage monday

    To save on threads, I'll put all updates on my website from now on.
  5. SiriusProjects

    In the garage monday

    Hi All, My 2015 370Z Nismo is going into the garage Monday. I'm having it serviced and they are also going to fit my new EBC Brake Discs and Red Stuff pads as well as the set of Nismo Short Tails I bought, all courtesy of Tarmac Sportz. Cheers Guys. Can't wait to see and hear the results. Will post up some pics when it's all done.
  6. SiriusProjects

    Recaro Seat

    I don't want to get a new cover, mine is being repaired. Was just curious if it is possible to get one.
  7. SiriusProjects

    Recaro Seat

    Just out of interest, is it possible to buy just the car seat cover?
  8. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    Well I've managed to reduce the rattling and vibration coming from the boot and that has made things better already. Weirdly it was the car seat of all things. I'd tilted the car seat back and this made the top of the seat come into contact with the roof. As a result, any movement was channeling vibrations up through the seat, into the roof and then transferring it through the plastics in the back of the car (that's my theory anyway). After a bit of adjustment, the car seat is no longer in contact with the roof and this has made a huge difference.
  9. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    It would be great to meet up with other owners. Trouble is, I'm in central somerset and there doesn't seem to be many 370Z Nismo owners in this neck of the woods who are forum members. Of course, if anyone is from this area, then by all means let me know, otherwise it looks like it would involve a bit of a trek to meet up with other owners.
  10. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    Thanks Ekona. The garage I take my car too can do the wheel alignment so I will get them to check and adjust it if necessary.
  11. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    I knew it wasn't going to be a smooth ride and I think when I took it for a test drive I didn't really know the car at that point so it felt like I thought it would feel. It's now after I've driven it for a while and got used to it that I've got the feel of it. I don't know, maybe it is just me. I went out in it last night and every bump I went over just threw me around in the seat (not violently, but I was bouncing up and down a lot), every rough bit of road was causing vibration up through the steering wheel. The handling felt quite odd as well, especially going round corners. I'm having it serviced next monday anyway, so I will get the garage to give it a thorough check.
  12. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    Today I checked the front suspension for spacers, but sadly I didn't find any. I actually wish I had found some because if that's how harsh and rough the ride is all the time, I don't know if I want to keep my 370Z Nismo. I'm not enjoying driving it right now.
  13. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    Thanks for all the comments. My zed is being serviced next week, so I am definitely going to get them to check for spacers.
  14. SiriusProjects

    Ride Comfort

    I heard about the spacer issue. My car is going in for a service next Monday, so I will certainly get them to check that. I would like to sort out the vibration and rattling issue in the boot though, that gets a bit annoying.
  15. SiriusProjects

    Recaro Seat

    I have tried to tucking the rubber back in, but it just keeps coming out again. I visited a local car seat upholsterer this morning and they are going to sort it out for me. Got to take my zed in next week.