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  1. After I returned the car because of the issues, I had the Bluetooth module fitted so it's all controlled off my phone. What's the security feature?
  2. Thanks very much! Keeping the underside of the spoiler in bare carbon was something I wasn't sure would work but it's very subtle and is one of my favourite features. The Dunlops are excellent in all weather's and the grip is more than enough for my capabilities - and the cars to be fair. As close as you will get to PS4s at a far lower price.
  3. Maybe a couple more but maintenance would be extremely difficult. I clean my panels on a monthly basis (just knocking the dirt out etc) and it's a 2 to 3 minute job!
  4. Thanks very much! PPF is not something I have looked into. Probably going to ceramic coat it to give some protection. Was more than just a front end respray, included the back bumper, the fitting of all the parts, cutting the bonnet etc, headlamp restoration and full machine polish. Came to £1700.
  5. Forgot to add - I did a full brake upgrade too! I've fitted Stoptech drilled discs all around with Stoptech pads and braided lines with Motul 600 fluid. Had the calipers fully refurbished while i was at it. The difference is enormous, it feels so strong and positive!
  6. Been a while since I updated this, 8 months! After the power and chassis mods' I settled with the car for a bit and went to a few shows, a couple of which I displayed at. Looking at some of the other amazing 370s out there gave me a few styling ideas which I felt compelled to act upon. I started looking at various ideas and settled for a mix and match approach rather than taking ideas directly from one or another. it took a long time to get the parts! some arrived within days, others quite a bit longer with one part - the rear diffuser - taking nearly 5 months! My intention was for a look that was unique to me and an athletic feel rather than muscular. In my opinion it works though I was a bit nervous about it, especially once it was committed to the bodyshop! The following parts were fitted; Genuine GT-R bonnet vents Evo R 3 piece front splitter with carbon fibre centre Evo R carbon fibre fang cover Evo R carbon fibre rear diffuser Tarmac Sportz rear spats Fly 1 Motorsports Carbon Fibre duckbill spoiler The car had a full front end respray up to the roof and a rear bumper respray. I also had the mirrors done including the bases being sprayed body colour rather than that horrible scratchy matt black finish. And when the front bumper was done all the central black parts including the number plate surround were sprayed body colour too. A nice little touch was done with the spoiler - leaving the underside in bare carbon fibre to match the other parts. It's very subtle but really works well. After spraying, the body was given a full machine polish and the headlights were restored. It has bought a new lease of life to it! Next up, wheel refurb!
  7. Mat C


    Could well have been mine and Chris', his is the Nismo, mines the Black Edition.
  8. Within a day of the remap the car developed all sorts of issues. Flat foot shifting was keeping the throttle completely open, launch control was a total failure and it was randomly cutting power very violently that nearly caused an accident. The car had to go back. After i called them about the faults they quickly realised what was at fault and with direct help from Ecutek themselves the car was completely remapped again. It now has 4 switchable maps, a valet mode and has the full Bluetooth connect set up offering complete adjustment of traction control, pops and bangs and even flames (though its not recommended to use this function too often if i dont want to burn my HFCs out!) The connect also offers many other features including data logging, performance values etc and many things beyond my understanding! It also means that should a fault appear they can fix it remotely without me having to travel to Leeds and back! Im happy to say the car is all functioning correctly and as a bonus it got a bit more power. I knew those figures were wrong, it just didn't seem right at all!
  9. Yes, it certainly seems that way! Sounds good though when it's revving on launch hold! I will try it at lower rpm and see if that has any effect.
  10. The throttle response does feel better and it's removed some annoying flat-spots. Also, the flat foot shifting feature is very good and makes for some rapid changes and comical noises. However, I've not got a clue how to adjust the TC or access any other features. A downloadable info sheet should be offered or even a printed description. And the launch control is useless. Held it at 4k ram, released the clutch and it just stayed put burning out the clutch causing one hell of a smell! Clutch, flywheel and cylinder were all replaced and uprated less than 10k miles ago so it's not that they are worn out!
  11. Had some more work done to the Zed, i've had some Kinetix Racing HFC's fitted and yesterday i had it at RS Tuning in Leeds for an EcuTec re-map. Last October i had a rolling road run at a local garage and the only mods were drop in panel filters and silicone post-maf pipes. It got a respectable 328 bhp. With the addition of the Agency Power true twin exhaust and the HFC's naturally i expected that to go up, somewhere around 335 to 340 i thought was a realistic guess, in hope the re-map would push it to approx 350. The initial run was a disappointing 324 and the final result was an even more disappointing 334 with 282 lb ft. The mid range gains aren't even significant! The moral of this story is just keep your cars as they are and save yourself 3 grand!
  12. A couple of minor mods' to the engine bay. Red silicone Post MAF pipes and a genuine Nismo engine cover to add a splash of colour to the otherwise dull engine bay!
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