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  1. Thanks for your honesty! But you've just talked yourself out of £253.30! Thanks for the quick delivery on the spark plugs though!
  2. Has anyone used throttle body spacers on their 370Z? If so, what's your thoughts on them? Any improvements or negatives? They seem simple enough to fit so i planned on doing them along with a spark plug change.
  3. Thanks, Cleethorpes was where i was born, raised and lived for over 30 years! I now live just on the outskirts of Grimsby so still local-ish!
  4. Thanks, but i'm rather far away, near Grimsby so it's not an option. So as it's a bit of a gamble would you take £150 inc' P&P?
  5. What is the condition of the Alcantara like?
  6. Mat C

    370Z Sat-Nav manual

    Got one now, all sorted. Was just £15 inc' p&p off ebay and looks like new.
  7. Yeah, for sure. Never known an exclamation mark to be offensive, daren't use one now. What's the world coming to?
  8. I've had the wheels off to upgrade the brake pads, no spacers!
  9. I used to do the modding scene a lot, even had a magazine feature but nowadays it just doesn't interest me beyond a wee bit more power and an improved ride height. Would never even entertain the idea of body and interior mods and i love the standard anthracite Rays!
  10. Ha, none of my cars tend to for very long! Will be getting a stainless system, re-map, spacers and coilovers in the near future. No desire to do anything beyond that though.
  11. Not got many photos to be honest but here's one after it's first clean using Meguiars products.
  12. A quick update! So on September 12th i picked up a 370Z Black Edition, No.85. Came from a Bosch Service Centre, FSH, serviced and MOTd a couple of days before picking it up and in excellent condition. Has 4 brand new Dunlop Sport Max and new front discs and pads. I've bought a few bits for it (between Torqen and Tarmac Sportz) including a GT-R start button, AFE panel filters and silicone post-MAF tubes. Also sourced an as new "370Z" boot mat. Really enjoying the car so far and i seem to be getting an endless wave of compliments and requests for test rides! I read and watched reviews complaining about the standard engine/exhaust note. Well i love it, it sounds industrial and really brutal - though saying that I will be getting a stainless system soon! So, im glad to finally be an official member of the Zed club and hope to gain much more from the car and indeed here. Cheers!
  13. Mat C

    370Z Sat-Nav manual

    Does anyone have the manual for the sat-nav for a 370Z they would like to sell please?
  14. I've just bought this car yesterday!
  15. That's far more than my budget, it has insurance history and it's an auto!





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