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  1. I wouldn't attempt to set them up on the driveway, I just fitted them. The car is off back to the garage on Thursday to have some bushes replaced with poly-bushes and the roll bar set up correctly.
  2. Added some new adjustable drop links to help with getting all the geometry correct. Next up will be adjustable camber and toe arms.
  3. A couple more mods completed. Finally got the Tein lowering springs fitted and also had an Agency Power cat' back system fitted. The sound is amazing!
  4. Rare Tamiya Nissan 350Z body with all parts, window masks, stickers, wheels and tyres. All new and unused. Comes in the original full kit box - chassis is NOT included, only what you see in the photos. I recommend this should be fitted on a TL-O1 chassis (plentiful on ebay, marketplace etc). Very hard to find now! £60 including p&p to mainland UK.
  5. Selling my steering wheel from a 2010 Black Edition (was also in Nismo mk1) which had approx' 54,000 miles use before I changed it. It is in excellent condition with no wear and the red stitching is like new. Will require your own/existing horn cradle and centre/airbag module. £150 including p&p to UK mainland.
  6. Mine are Eibach which seem to be a very popular choice.
  7. I can see how it might be a bit confusing but it's very simple! If you zoom in on the picture you will see the spacer is bolted onto the original studs with new, supplied nuts. The spacers come with very high strength studs built in and the spacers are unique to the model of car, not universal so a perfect fit to the hub and the length of the new studs are all perfect. I think they cost somewhere in the region of £260 for all 4 so they're not cheap but well engineered items never are!
  8. It's definitely worth it, it takes a bit of time but all good and well done jobs do! Make sure you use a mini roller to properly apply it if you do decide to go ahead with it and de-grease the area thoroughly.
  9. To put shopping and retail goods in! I sound proofed it for exactly that purpose, to lower the noise as the tyre roar is too much. As a bonus it made the base deeper so the sub' is definitely staying! It was a fiddly job but rather satisfying to do and it totally achieved it's claim. Really alters the driving experience - if excess road noise is an issue! 😁
  10. Thanks very much, I used 20mm all round. Just ordered Tein springs and next weekend (payday!) I will be ordering a new exhaust system, so it's all go!
  11. I think i posted them 6 months ago when i joined and bought the car! 🤣🤣
  12. Thanks, i got it in September when life was functioning a lot more normal! I dont want to do any major mods like body, wheels, seats or forced induction, just stuff to enhance the car and make it a bit more capable and easier to live with!
  13. Definitely don't want a harsh ride so i will stick with Tein and I've not had any problems in the past using stock shocks with Tein springs. I may yet decide to add new Tein shocks while i'm at it but it's easy enough to add after!
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