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    Tyre help please

    I've just bought 4 michelin MPS4 after having the same dilemma as you, I really wanted the MPS4S but as we know they don't do the 4S in the 245/40 R19. I even emailed Michelin asking why can you buy them in the USA but not here and their reply was " we are Europe michelin and know nothing about the USA products and we have no intention of releasing the 4S in the 245/40 R19 in the UK. I spoke to my tyre fitter and he wasn't keen to increase the tyre sizes to 255/35 R19 front and 285/35 R19 rears as he said it would put stress on the diff and flywheel. So opted for the MPS4 in the stock manufacturer sizes....... I have to say they feel fantastic so far. I don't do track days so I doubt that I'll ever get the tyre that hot and worn that I'll notice the difference from the MPS4S lol. I ordered mine on black circles last week when they had the 10% sale on, so worked out better than the £40 off they normally do for 4 Michelin. I also run Pirelli P zero on my other vehicle and they slip like mad when cold and wet with TCS kicking in under spirited acceleration. The P zero really needs some heat in them before they start to feel grippy. The PS4 feel grippy right from the off. So with winter soon upon us I went MPS4 instead of the P zero for my 19's. Plus im always dubious when a tyre wins a review test when it was performed on the manufacturers test track for some reason lol.
  2. All those running the MPS4S on the 370z GT with the 19" rays alloys, what sizes are you running front and rear. Seen as you can't get the MPS4S for the 245/40 R19 fronts, I've read people are running 255/35 R19 fronts with 285/35 R19 rears instead of the 275/35. So my question is what alternative size MPS4S tyre sizes can you run on the stock non Nismo 19" without messing up the sensors on the ABS etc. Cheers
  3. Another Michelin MPS4S question...... because I can't get the MPS4S in the 245/40 R19 or 275/35 R19 can I increase the tyre size to 255/40 R19 fronts and 285/35 R19 rears. Or is it not worth the hassle and stick to the Michelin PS4 in the standard 245 and 275 sizes?
  4. Thanks Zman, I'm away in a couple of days back offshore for a few weeks. I'll message you nearer the time that I'll be coming back home........ So does the spacesaver fit in the existing boot foam liner with the sub sitting inside. Or is a new liner needed?
  5. Do you still have these in stock Zman? Also I know the subwoofer sits inside it. But does the pre moulded foam boot liner allow for it? Or do you need to cut it? Also theres no jack in mine. Is any scissor jack ok to use.
  6. Yeah Davey, I was thinking of that lol, in the end I got it delivered on a transporter by a guy from Norwich for £240. An amazing price for 380 mile trip. If anyone needs a car moving cheap then let me know and I'll give you his details.
  7. Ha ha Payco Spot on in a way.......... I was nicknamed after Pudsey the bear children in need mascot that then became changed to Pudzee as my old Graffiti Tag name........ I'm proper old skool
  8. Ha I can't change the nickname I've had it since I was 14......... 45 now and there's no chance Pudzed is happening well not with my friends and family....... but on this forum then feel free to call me Pudzed
  9. Ha ha....... Sorry guys I lived overseas for 8 years. I'll stop with the Zee i promise see my nickname is actually Pudzee though, just in case anyone thinks I chose the name specially to sound like I own a a Z......
  10. Ok thanks for those, I'll definitely use one of those upgraded ones if it goes again. Cheers for the help
  11. Ha yeah a road trip sounds nice, but I've just done an 800 mile trip in 24 hours to view and test drive it.......... my backs ruined. The car is currently being serviced and MOT'd so that's why I couldn't drive it home yesterday. I know the transportation will be pricey, but so is travelling to and fro to pick her up on Friday...... plus my ass is still recovering from the 800 mile round trip lol
  12. Well I'm honoured to be part of the Zee club finally......... i nearly threw up parting with the cash....... but blown away with it. It's just having a full service and MOT then somehow I've got to get it home 400 miles, does anyone recommend a good transportation company?
  13. Cheers Zmanalex, I'll remember CMS....... is there anything you can do to prolong the life or is it just one of those things? You get a good CSC or a bad CSC ?
  14. Hey everyone, I've just bought my 1st 370z GT Edition, only 15,000 miles with full service history. However the clutch slave cylinder was replaced at 13,000 miles with OEM Nissan replacement. My question is......wow that seems very low mileage for it to have gone with such low mileage and is it likely to go again so early???? That's the only thing that worries me......... any help or advice??
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