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  1. After extremely heavy downpours I pull my seatbelt out to pop it on and it's wet, the base of the floor is also wet behind the seat, this happens on both sides of the car. Windows are always properly closed, seatbelts are always fully retracted back in, no visible signs of leaks inside the car whatsoever. Looked at the door and window seals which are all in extremely good condition, if anything they are still like new ! Seals on the roof pillars are in very good condition aswell so I'm officially stumped. Any ideas anyone ? Seen a few threads on this when I Googled it and it seems to be quite common but nobody has ever posted as to why it happens or came up with a solution.
  2. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    Calculator is showing 1% difference for rear and 1.3% difference for the front if I were to go with that.
  3. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    What is the standard ratio difference ? I've run MPS4 on my old HR Z and thought they transformed the car but it did have really crap tyres on previously so the difference was huge, thought they felt a bit soft though. I would happily go from 245/40 R19 to 255/40 R19 and rear from 275/35 R19 to 285/35 R19 and run MPS4S if it wouldn't cause any issue's. It's only 10mm wider front and rear so I can't see it making a huge difference.
  4. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    Just read the tyre test in Evo magazine, the P Zero was pitted up against the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 not the 4 S, test was done at the Pirelli test track ! Car used was a fwd Golf GTI. Makes me wonder if the test was influenced at all by the fact it was carried out at Pirelli's own test track and if the results would have been different with a rwd car with some decent grunt behind it. Read several reviews on the difference between the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and 4S and most conclude there is only a small margin of difference between the two, the 4S stiffer construction gives more feedback but is a smidge harsher on road, track times were only 0.1 of a second difference in wet and dry and braking was only better by 0.3m. Will read up on the P Zero a bit more before making the choice. Any feedback from owners with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S and P Zero would be welcome.
  5. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    I'm completely open to suggestions, I don't read up much on what is best out there and by no means will probably find the limits of the tyre but it's nice to have the best of the best and most importantly something that inspires confidence when pushing what I would class as hard. I think the top few manufacturers will be extremely similar and for an average driver like myself that never goes on track I would never be able to tell the difference, main thing is feel for me, I want peace of mind when pushing that the rear isn't going to snap out, something predictable and gradual to let me know how far to push. Hope this makes sense !
  6. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    So the 4S comes in 255/40 R19 would that be ok on the front ? Should I get a 285/35 R19 for the rear so both are 10mm wider for a tiny bit of extra grip ? Will this cause me any issues whatsoever ? Finally is the 4S much better than the 4 ?
  7. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    They do the rears Dan but not the fronts.
  8. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    I can get both tyres for the front but instead the stock size 40 wall they only come in 35 wall. I'm not 100% what difference it would actually make if any at all. I guess Nissan made them 40 wall for a reason aswell so I don't want to screw up the way the car handles/rides.
  9. Dave6188

    Tyre help please

    So I own a 2015 370z GT, stock sizes for tyres are front 245/40 R19, rear 275/35 R19, I have been looking at either Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or 4S, is there a lot of difference between the two ? they don't make a front to stock size either which is a pain. Car is daily driven to work and back in all conditions, fast road driving now and again and long road trips, what tyre would best suit those needs. What tyre size should I go with without straying to far from stock, more grip would be nice but I don't want to affect anything by not sticking to stock size, what do you guys suggest and what are you currently running in terms of tyres and sizes. Many thanks
  10. Thanks Alex, would you change the plugs given the circumstances ?
  11. I've just checked the Nissan service schedule and it says to change them at 90k miles or 72 months !
  12. As per title can someone tell me the torque settings for OEM spark plugs please. Car has only covered 16k miles but it's off in for a re-map so I'm replacing plugs as a precaution, or should I even bother? Car is a 2015 plate. Many thanks.
  13. Read the left of the graph, it's all flywheel horsepower not at the wheels, 329.2 would be a fair amount for a Z, achievable if you live in America with their fairy tale figures lol
  14. Would love to see some pictures of how the car sits as this is the route I'm considering going down.
  15. Would you take £120 delivered buddy ? I understand if you decline but if it doesn't sell for £140 the offer is always there. Many thanks David



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