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  1. So a quick update, had the wheels powdercoated and the MPS4S'S fitted, been on the car over a month now, bedded the tyres in and took it easy on them for a few hundred miles, first impressions were good, immediately noticed road comfort was better, road noise is still on par with what I had on before. Managed to get out on a few very hot days down some country lanes for some relatively hard driving, all I can say is wow, the car changes direction so much better, feels way more balanced. The level of grip on offer completely exceeded my expectations to the point where I feel I'm the
  2. Just solo runs, I think it's purely down to safety reasons, I would definitely recommend it, it's only a 40 minute drive from me so it's ideal, quite a few people had travelled from a far.
  3. All in all the day cost £165.00, £150.00 for the event and £15.00 for a days ACU licence, the day itself was really well organised, everyone followed social distancing guidelines etc. Booked on and went through scrutineering then went for a drivers/riders brief, all quite relaxed to be honest with a bit of light hearted humour. There was a burger van there but I took some grub with me as I didn't expect much to be there due to Covid. No proper shelter as you are in the middle of an airfield but luckily we had a lovely day with bright sunshine and a moderate crosswind.
  4. So recently a friend convinced me to tag along to a Straightliners top speed event at Elvington runway, speeds were measured over a 1/2 mile and mile. Managed to get 6 runs, best run I clocked a 148.366mph through the traps over the mile. All runs were within 1mph of each other so mega consistent which I was happy with. I took everything out of the car which wasn't necessary and fiddled with tyre pressures throughout the day but it made little to no difference, started the day thinking anything over 140mph and I would be happy as the Z Isn't really a straight line speed car. Slight
  5. Sold, mods please lock thread.
  6. Dave6188

    What pads???

    As per title, I would like to upgrade the stock OEM pads with a performance pad, car is a daily driver and gets a bit of abuse on country roads now and again. I actually find the OEM Akebono pads very good and do not want to compromise bite from cold but welcome any increase in stopping power and less fade would be nice aswell. Any suggestions and feedback welcome. Thanks.
  7. 1 pair of 350z/370z Torqen S 25mm spacers, on the car for approx 4k miles, still in brilliant condition, I sprayed the outer edge gloss black but this can easily be scotchbrited off if necessary. £75 delivered or collection can be arranged. Size 5 × 114.3 × 66.1 so may fit other vehicles. Link & description below: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/wheels-accessories/spacers/1814-350z-torqen-s-wheel-spacers-25mm-trq-s-spc25.html
  8. As per title I am after part number 96210-1EA0A which is a 370z number plate plastic bracket, I believe it's a US version so it's small.
  9. Seeing as my car is my daily to work and back and occasional road trip I decided to opt for the more comfortable option which going off reviews is the Michelin, the 4 S came back into stock, I have slightly deviated from stock tyre size: Stock 245/40 R19 front 275/35 R19 rear Gone for 255/40 R19 front 285/35 R19 rear So 10mm wider front and rear which I very much doubt will make a difference but more traction would be welcome as the car has a wee bit more grunt than stock. Got them from Blackcircles and got 15% off so the gran
  10. Roughly how many miles have you done on them? What tyres did you have on previously?
  11. Only one comparison of wear and it's on the comments section of tyre reviews on YouTube, a lot of people have run both tyres and said there is no difference in terms of wear, I have seen a few comments about the Michelins being more comfortable but the Goodyear feels a more poised, sporty tyre. Ideally I want to buy from Blackcircles because I have a code for 15% off, getting a 285/35 R19 is difficult and they have no idea when it will be back in stock, they have the 255/40 R19 for the fronts in stock though.
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