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  1. Now that the car is in such fine form I am gagging for a proper test drive so have booked to go to Oulton Park on Friday for a track day. It has been snowing today and given rain for Friday, so conditions may not be ideal unfortunately. However, having driven the Sustenpass balls to the wall in heavy rain with waterfalls cascading onto the road, wet weather driving holds less fear these days! Famous last words... I am also taking somebody with me as I have started dating a girl who is a bit of a petrolhead herself who is bringing her Cooper S to take on track too...that's right....I can
  2. So, time for a proper update as it's been a while. Let's talk about adjustable camber arms! Since fitting the KW V3 coilovers the Z has been munching tyres for fun, wearing the tyres all round the inner edge due to the amount of negative camber. GIven that Michelin Pilot Super Sports cost around £250 a corner this has been an expensive habit! Marcus at MLM Motors has been fine tuning the suspension using laser wheel alignment to try to fix this issue. The spacers and KW V3s have been creating a lot of negative camber and we found that the stock camber arms just don't have suffi
  3. Great photos! I bet that was a bit of a weapon. What did the numbers look like after fitting the supercharger?
  4. Thank you so much! We are lucky to have some excellent driving road here in the south eastern corner of Australia, but we don't have much of the scenery you enjoy in Europe and the northern end of the UK. The pics really bring the stories to life for me. Cheers! Chris Thanks Chris, it's my pleasure to share it all with my fellow Zed heads!
  5. Totally agree Nic. Hope you and Rikki are doing well. Will be sure to come down to the next BHP Breakfast event. If you're going fur drinks the night before I'll do an overnighter and come for a few beers. Not staying in that hellhole from last time though!
  6. I don't really do New Years resolutions, but do set goals for myself each year. For 2017 I solemnly declared that this would be the year I cut back and saved up the rest of the deposit and stamp duty that I need to move to my 'forever house'. Me: 'This year we are going to be sensible and save money, maybe one holiday, but definitely no tours, or crazy mods for the car.' Inner monologue: 'Yeah but we could die tomorrow'. Me: ' Good point well made'. *Gets full camber arm kit set up, orders Stillen oil cooler kit **Books Geneva Motor Show and European Tour for July Thr
  7. Okay!!! I just repaired a load of the photo links starting from post #163 so if anyone wants to go back and have a nosey they are all there. Will go back a bit further and see if I can root out any more that have disappeared. Does anyone know why the images stop working over time?
  8. So today after a long session at my friends workshop (11am to 8:30pm ON A FRIDAY, what a guy) the camber arm kit is fitted all round and the whole set up fully tuned. Initial impressions are little short of revelatory. I'll post some photos and a proper write up when I have a bit more time. Thanks as ever for your interest everyone, I love sharing this stuff with you all. 😀â¤ï¸
  9. *facepalm* You clearly didn't read my post. First paragraph clearly states points that are nothing to do with racing round mountain passes, but that are applicable to every day commute driving. Go and watch all of Reg Local's YT vids, you'll notice that he's not remotely racing anywhere at all, but rather takes a more IAM-based (well, ex-police pursuit really) viewpoint on driving. Everything he mentions there will improve every aspect of your driving far more than even 100bhp more will. His books are good as well, but the videos explain it rather better. If you can't see how any of th
  10. Thanks Chris. The photo links are taken from my Facebook account and all are still live, so I don't know why they always seem to 'decay'. I've updated the links a couple of times but they always seem to break down which is a shame as I love sharing the content with you guys. When I have some time I'll spend it trying to repair them again. If you follow the thread hopefully you'll get a tip off when they're up and running again! 😀
  11. Yeah I hear you - when you're daily driving and enjoying six to seven tenths style driving a bit of extra surge and a rorty exhaust note that makes you want to wind your window down on your commute hit the spot nicely! 😎
  12. Back when I was running the HFCs with the other mods I dynoed at precisely 346 bhp and 300 ft lbs. After removing them and going back to stock cats, but keeping the other mods, the car dynoed bang on the manufacturer's numbers, 328 bhp and 260 ft lbs. I find it hard to believe that HFCs were giving a 40 ft lb hike in torque, but those are the figures. Two different dynos and two different days. Draw your own conclusions! What I have learnt from being on tour is that across most real world situations a marginal increase in power or torque is completely irrelevant. It is the suspension
  13. I did have one fitted, one of the first mods I did. Car felt so much quicker with it fitted Now that the 370 is up for sale I have removed it Might that be to put it on a new car that you might be taking delivery of by any chance???
  14. P.S. you need to get yourself a GTR starter button. It adds at least 10bhp...
  15. Parallel lives! Bizarre... Clearly it is a cupholder/ mascot slot.
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