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  1. I started a poll on Instagram on if you'd pick a zed of a range rover and zed is getting creamed!! 46 for range rover vs 16 for zed. So need more votes for the zed but the poll finishes in 30 mins lol My username is gurjitsidhu87 on Instagram. Please help!! Lol
  2. thanks all for the feedback It really is a great car and the next owner will be sooo happy. I will get more if i demod the car, but its taken me so long to get it perfect, that it feels right to sell it as it is, to another person. I am not in a rush to sell it, as i dont even know what im going to replace it with tbh. I think i will put it down for £16,750. That seems like a very good price, looking at carwow, cargurus, autotrader and PH. Im hoping maybe a 350z owner will want to upgrade to this 370 perhaps! the corner weighting meant i was able to keep up on B roads with a GT3....and in many cases, totally pull away on the corners.
  3. Hey Zed Team! Not been on here for a while! Unfortunately i am selling my beloved Zed its been a really tough decision but im not doing enough miles and really need a practical car. NOTE: if the images take ages to load, its because they are massive in size. if it looks weird on a phone let me know and i'll resize and try again I wanted to ask what you think I could get for the car. I have seen similar stock ones for 13k....and this is far from stock lol. it actually drives sooooo much better now especially after sorting the suspension and balancing the car's weight to take weight off the nose. anyways I have added some pics and a wee description: Immaculately presented, 2009 Nissan 370Z in a limited edition and very rare LeMans Blue. I have owned this car for the past 5 years and have gone above and beyond on its maintenance. 12 months MOT (not a single advisory ever since I have owned the car) Full service history and the car has been tastefully modified to turn the car from a GT into a sports car. Handling: Full adjustable Meister R Suspension, including corner weighting by a Race Setup Engineer, which gets the weight distribution 53% front and 47% back Eiback adjustable anti roll bars and adjustable toe arms Michelin Supper Sports all around with plenty of tread Uprated front pads to Ferrodo DS2500 Judd Extreme Concave Wheels in Gunmetal Finish Eibach Spacers Power Ark GRiP stainless steel cat back exhaust Aesthetics Amuse Rear Bumper and Side Skirts Custom made 3 piece Carbon Fibre Front Lip with Carbon Fibre Fang Cover. One of a kind design Carbon Signal duckbill spoiler Other TWM Performance Short Shifter Reverse camera installed, plus feature to watch another video input (phone or DVD player) GTR start button
  4. i tried to get my car remapped 3 times. didnt take the map properly. had an increase of 0.3hp lol might have to try abbey
  5. i paid a premium for my zed in blue, but i think it was worth it tbh. the colour was only made for 1 year i believe (capturing 09-11). ive been toying with selling my zed but dont really have a reason to apart from that i might want to get a cayman GTS lol. 54k miles, all motorway, mostly commuting to work. Tastfully modded with carbon fibre bits, full suspension, with corner weighting done by a motorsport engineer. when you looking to buy?
  6. Lol no problem at all buddy! Thanks for doing it
  7. Hey everyone, i was wondering if you could all help me with this survey please? its totally for people like you guys. its about how you buy tyres for your car. if the results would be different for how you buy tyres for your zed vs your daily or your mrs car, please feel free to do the survey again (best way!) or add in free text at the end of the survey explaining this. Also, right at the end feel free to add in ZED after your email address so i know your from the club, like i said forum members would be the ideal customer so your opinion would really matter to me. also if you are able to share this with others that you know that would be much appreciated! Im doing this with business gateway and other startup accelerators, but i need honest answers from target market customers. https://gurjit2.typeform.com/to/WjEKcm
  8. my zed is outstanding in the snow when winter shoes on. done a srpinted blast up mountain roads and it was great fun
  9. gstraw


    I went for lowering springs. worst mod ive ever done. ruined the handling of the car completely so i removed them and went for coil over suspension which was the best mod ive ever done on the car. moral of the story, save the cash up and get a full suspension...honestly. i also got my car corner balanced and brought the weight distribution to 46% 54% and it made a huge difference. you cant do that on springs Edit: my springs were Eibachs with Eibach spacers. in total cost me around £500
  10. even if the exteriors are, the beam pattern will be incorrect
  11. Hey buddy. I'll give these a miss. I was after SPL
  12. Hey I'd be keen on these. What brand are they buddy? Can I call dibs?
  13. Dibs on spacers? I'll pm you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yeah does look good. But the guy has painted the bleed nipples too a bit and the paint doesn't really cover the black too well but this was more of a trial. I would prob get them Professionally painted now that I know the yellow works Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk



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