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  1. ewan221

    Discs and pads

    Need some rear discs and pads, where is best place to buy from these days ? Used to use Cougar Store but not sure if still open ?
  2. Looks great, I got my old 350z b-pillars hydro dipped, not in same league as yours but much better than covers
  3. Typically went to sell my E85 Z4 today and roof decided not to work so going to have to use the 370z meantime. Thanks for suggestions so far.
  4. Went to TVR Chimaera after my 350z and just sold a A5 3.0tdi Quattro (running 320 bhp) to buy the 370z
  5. Interesting, so they don’t have to be coded to car. That’s much easier than Audi then. Thanks
  6. My new Zed only came with one key, best place to get a 2nd one ?
  7. Thanks for welcome back - recognise a few names from old days as well. Here’s my old 350z’s
  8. After 7 years back in a zed and back on the forum
  9. Cheers - never thought about a civic. Not sure how comfortable a swift would be as motorway car ? Was 4 hours in car yesterday and that’s pretty normal
  10. Brilliant didn’t realise he was so close - thanks
  11. With work I do pretty big miles - 10k in last 3 months. Not wanting to pile on the miles to the pending 370 So plan is to find something relatively cheap but reliable and comfortable for long drives. Any suggestions? Roughly £5k budget
  12. Hopefully have a 370 soon - any recommendations where to use for servicing and general maintenance.
  13. Hello all been a few years but with company car going back my man maths tell me I can run a zed as a daily with my bic savings :-) Have had 2 previous Zeds but it’s been 5 years so what’s new ? Who is still about from the old days ?
  14. ewan221

    My New Car

    Just put down deposit on this and off to get it on Saturday :-)
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