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  1. I had my car detailed by my good friend Ron - aka Valetnova, he is one of the top detailers in the country and did a great job on my car. Bringing the poorly finished Xirallic black sprayed roof the look I was hoping for when I got the roof sprayed, the fleck is now visible and also pops on the wheels. The whole car is super glossy and feels like glass. It had a 2 day, wheels off detail and the arches deep cleaned. The car was machine polished and paint protected with Carbon Collective Molecule, 2 coats of Platinum Wheels on the alloys and all glass received 2 coats of Platinum Glass. Ron is one of only 2 people I trust with my car and has proved on a few occasions to be great at what he does.
  2. OK, here are the best of the shots from that shoot, these were all taken by Lew Mack Media.
  3. Yeah agree on the price. I think for a Group Buy he was looking at closer to £250 if people would commit. He is going off of the price of full carbon replacements in the US and trying to remain competitive, but as it is his business also make a bit of money. He is buying a set to scan and make a mold from, bought a 3D printer to print brackets and clips and this is the first thing he is thinking of doing, no interest and he will move to something else.
  4. Quick pic from a mini car meet last weekend.
  5. Sold to StormtrooperZ - mods please mark as sold and clock thread.
  6. These are now all boxed up and ready to go. For courier quote purposes If anyone is interested the box size is 190cm Long x 16cm Wide x 8cm Deep. The weight was around 2.6kg, but to be safe 3 kg. They would be ideal for someone who either would be happy with them not being perfect as when fitted they look OK still, up close the cracks are noticeable, the cracks are more like stress cracks than major structural damage.
  7. Hi, I have a set of used TS Side Diffusers, as per here. https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/370z-tarmac-sportz-frp-side-diffusers.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwsan5BRAOEiwALzomX9mkw5pCVHzrwiIAbGErVA2b9Jxjn21pIVasJyTMf60pnQ83FYP8LxoCwh8QAvD_BwE There were on my car approx 2 years and do have a few cracks/chips. They look OK when fitted, but ideally need fixing up. I had them professionally sprayed in Xirallic black and when the light hits you can see the coloured flecks, but I would recommend them being resprayed. £40 collected from Bournemouth (they do fit in the Zed) or you can arrange a courier at your expense. I am happy to put them in a box and hand over. Thanks for looking. Too summerise one of the skirts has 2 stress cracks a mnd the other 3. Updated photos highlighting this.
  8. Cheers, looking forward to it, will be in a mini convoy with my mate in his GTR coming up from Bournemouth. I intend to wake up early and give the car a quick clean first.
  9. My battery was almost flat a few weeks ago, I charged it and its been great since, but after fitting the Evo r carbon handles I was told that if the battery went flat I would need to use the key and the hole is now covered, to be safe I bought the AA trickle charger from Amazon and it's highly recommended.
  10. Ha, thanks, but that's it for me now,. Can't justify £1k on a carbon roof or fenders, although the carbon Nismo Mk1 spoiler is very tempting for next year. I have tried to keep it subtle, but enough of a change. Yep, door mirror covers too, at some point I will probably get rid of those and get the OEM covers skinned.
  11. Since May I have had custom carbon skinned B-pillars, wheel refurb and roof sprayed and have been waiting on Evo-r parts from Torqen. I also picked up some Maxton Design skirts. These parts were fitted today.
  12. That was lucky, got mine at 22:50 on Wednesday. Seems they sold out pretty fast.
  13. Thanks, I went ahead and ordered them, they are being fitted a week Weds.





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