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  1. Mods please close, car is no longer for sale
  2. I want a GTR, but it's never going to happen! I think in terms of performance the A45 is as close as I will get.
  3. My wife bought an A200 AMG recently and after driving it a bit I am aiming to replace the Zed with an A45 AMG
  4. Time to sell my 2010 370z GT after 4 years of ownership. 70,000miles, Subtle modifications, including GTR vents & custom headlights by RSV Graphics in Birmingham, Tarmac Sport side skirts and 3 piece front splitter, Carbon Signal Duckbill spoiler, tinted windows, wrapped roof, carbon mirror covers, K&N panel filters, GTR start button, custom Top gear exhaust including Torqen High flow cats, calipers painted BMW Austin yellow, custom 370 GT decals by UTWS - maintained by Revtech Automotive in Bournemouth axle click removed, preventative measures to stop the common steering lock failure (fuse removed) , gallery gasket and timing chain replaced by Horsham Developments. The car gets the right attention, the mods are subtle enough to be enhancing, but not a distraction, the exhaust gives a lovely sound, but isn't intrusive. Now the usual bits. Satnav Heated leather seats Electric heated mirrors Rain sensitive wipers USB link for Iphone/Android Reverse camera Jukebox Multifunction Fog light Gloss Black Zed badge 7sp tiptronic 328bhp 3.7l V6 MOT until March 2021 Now the bad bits. The alloys do have a bit of curbing and could do with a refurb. The skirts have minors cracks in. A bit of lacquer is coming off of one of the carbon b-pillar covers. £11,600 Private Plate not included
  5. Managed to get this sorted. It was a mixture of having rim protectors, which have been removed and a wheel bearing on the way out.
  6. Ah thanks for the reply, it is a 2010 on 70k miles. My mechanic checked all bushes and said no signs of splits in any and everything there is solid. I suspect the W brace has rotted as they don't seem to last long. Going to get the alignment done next week, if not w brace is the next stop. Thanks.
  7. Well it's not the bushes or anything the mechanic can see. It's going to get the alignment done again at a different location and see what can be done.
  8. Cheers guys, I have booked it in to get the bushes etc checked again, if that comes back all clear then will look at the tyre situation again.
  9. Thanks, I did a fair bit of research before getting the tyres and they did have great reviews at the time. I am pretty sure when I had the alignment done then the after had all the tolerances in green, but I will have a look. It probably is a good idea to get someone to have another look at the bushes, arb linkages and alignment. Just need to find someone with an Eagle eye who can spot something.
  10. Standard 19" Ray's with Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 4's all round.
  11. Hi guys, I've put up with it for ages, but had enough now, the steering on my Zed is so light and vague, it doesn't at all feel responsive. I think the car may have had a knock before I owned it. It seems to have a bit of an uneven tyre wear issue and I've had the wheels hunter aligned last year and it made no difference. I need some advice on who I can take it to in order to get this resolved. My mechanic says the bushes all look fine, with no excess play. I've driven another Zed previously and it was a lot more connected and stiffer, it was unmodified. I want the car to feel better and I want to enjoy driving it more than I do. Any advice appreciated.
  12. Nice, your car looked great. I only live 2 mins away from where I saw you. Awesome regarding supercharging, I bet it transforms the car. Hopefully I'll see you around again.
  13. Seen today on Castle Lane around 5pm. Car looked great.





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