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  1. Off to Scotland she goes. I hope the new owner Andy enjoys her after recently selling his charged 350z.
  2. Nope, that is me done. I loved the power the Zed had, but never drove the car hard. I never go close to its top speed or anything. I hit 40 in Dec and just feel I have grown up a bit and after modifying cars to my taste for 16 years or so that I just wanted something I could leave alone (for the most part) and was newer.
  3. Something a lot more economical and green 😉
  4. Nice and clean, ready to go to its new owner up in Scotland. 5 1/2 years of ownership and I have enjoyed making this car my own.
  5. Reviving this thread. Centre Gravity worked their magic yesterday and the car is so much better. It feels a lot like the one I drove all those years ago. Its a lot stiffer, the car isn't skittish or light at the front any more, yet almost all the changes were done with the back wheels. It is now set up for the road rather than track, but it feels so much better on the motorway, a and b roads. Money well spent, but I wish I had heard of them years ago. After all of this the car goes on Saturday as I have sold it. I am happy the new owner will benefit, even though I won't. Conclusion is that a few small changes can add up to a massive change, but you need to visit the specialists. Specs attached. It won't suit everyone as we are all individual and want different things and each car is different.
  6. Deposit received l, please can an admin close this thread.
  7. Admin please can this be closed. I have accepted an offer from @Mark@Abbey m/s via the Facebook selling page, pending payment of a deposit.
  8. People have been selling them on ebay for up to £750. The value has dropped as the palladium value has dropped, but they still are going for £550 plus easily, I don't think condition matters as most are melted down.
  9. Hi, I have my old OEM Cats for sale in the 370z parts forum, but the ad has a red exclamation mark against it? Any idea what this means?
  10. 370z OEM Cats for sale. Used. These came off of my zed at around 65k miles. The heat shields are rusting away as you usually see with these, but the precious metals all look ok inside and its inside what matters 🙂 Located in Bournemouth, I really don't want to post these, they are heavy and fragile, but would post if buyer arranged courier and I could find a suitable box. £500
  11. I read today that they are introducing a new unleaded fuel, which will contain 10% bioethanol rather than the 5% in current unleaded fuels. There is an online checker on the gov.co.uk site and it states all Nissan engines are compatible. It will be interesting to see how the Zed performs with it and if there will be a super unleaded higher RON version. https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/emissions/what-is-e10-fuel-and-how-could-it-affect-you/ It's the first I had heard of it.
  12. I had the same problem recently after changing all 4 tyres. I found Autoglym intensive tar remover, a cloth and an old debit card. It took a while, but worked well.
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