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  1. Do you not have issues with it in crap weather?
  2. Legend for this bro - Z is looking clean as hell! Where’d you get the plate made up? This is defo the avenue I’m going to go down for plate fitment
  3. Nice one bro! Have you got any pictures of it on the bumper & where you’ve mounted the magnets behind the bumper?
  4. Cheers bro, did think of that but the plate’s too thick to fit just on that lip...
  5. You can buy tyre lettering sets online - I’ve gone a little outlandish with it in honesty but think it looks pretty decent:
  6. Hey Everyone, Been thinking for a while about relocating my number plate from the stock plate holder, to somewhere else which is detachable (only for photos - it looks way cleaner). I’ve seen a few suggestions online: - Magnetic Plates - Relocating to a Tow-Bar Bracket Wondered if any of you have done these or have any other suggestions of where to place it? Pics would be a huge help 😬 Cheers, Calv
  7. Spoke with them this week, got the tune in for April so we’ll see what comes out! In all honesty I’m not looking for a huge power gain, just curious ✌🏼
  8. Happy Birthday Fella! 😁
  9. Thanks mate, Horsham was exactly the place I was going to for a tune - just wanted to check the forum before I check in at Horsham 😁
  10. Really considering this now! Potentially end of the month
  11. Hi mate, Tarmac Sportz definitely have these, thrown the link below: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/r35-gtr-exterior-parts/badges-wiring-accessories/nissan-370z-350z-front-badge-gloss-black-w-red-nissan.html Calv
  12. CalvinPomfret


    Hi All, Just popping together an album of my build so far - it's mainly visual modifications I've made so far but she's getting there! Once the outside is how I want it, I'll be looking at the deeper-pocket mods in the engine bay Hope you like her, Calv
  13. Hi Guys, With lockdown increasing my boredom & eagerness to get out, just nabbed myself a few more mods for the Z in terms of airflow & hoping to push a slight gain out of her with a tune. Wondered if any of you have a similar setup with a tune after & what numbers you managed to push? 2015 370z Nismo Modifications - AAM Resonated Short Tails - AAM High Flow Cats - AAM Cold Air Intake R-Line Thanks, Calv
  14. Hi All, Been looking high & low for one of these rear spoilers but all I can find is the EVO-R High Wing which looks similar -.- Do any of you have one of these spoilers from the MK1 for sale - more than happy to swap for the MK2 Spoiler I have on my Z at the moment. Cheers, Calv (Picture below is from Google, Just showing what spoiler I am after)
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