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  1. Stuggerz

    Coilovers Wanted

    Evening all, As above I'm looking for some coilovers for my 2004 350z. If anyone has some kicking about drop me a msg. Thanks Stu
  2. 1.SuperStu (two) 2.KevT (one) 3. Andy_Muxlow (one) 4. andy James (one) 5. NeeZ (one) 6. wvSTUwv (one) 7. Woodzman (one) 8.Ricochet (one) 9. Paul K (one) 10. cs2000 (one) 11. sk08rad (one) 12. StormtrooperZ (one) 13 Stuggerz (one) let me know if the image quality is ok.
  3. Cheers dude, I try and look after her. PM me your number and I will msg ya next time it's actually dry in Southampton.
  4. @Flashback couldn’t agree more. Azures ftw.
  5. After a quick clean on sunday, thought I better take a quick pic at work today whilst it was dry.
  6. Heya @Bodyboarder81, yeah that was me that Porsche was insane. Sounded so good. I'm assuming your local. The porsche looked so good without the front plate on.
  7. Was a really good meet up. will upload some images later
  8. Actually change of plan. I'm gonna aim to get to the meet for 9am
  9. that's 36 mins the wrong way for me. What way are u guys travelling up? I can meet you some where for the convoy. I'm central Southampton
  10. Does anyone want to meet at rownams? Or somewhere on the m3?
  11. I purchased a Static plate ( from www.staticplates.com ) its brilliant, just slap it on and take off when I want. You can get different sizes etc. My neighbour has a lambo with a static plate.. he said they are good up to 120mph Lol safe to say I wont ever reach those speeds. I agree.. the front just flows without it.





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