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  1. Did you get the pics of 30mm lowering springs? I thought Id posted them!....not so sure! Here's a link to Dropbox;

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d5smglgf2koveqg/AADePpwEZ23zSInpPD0LNpSja?dl=0 Please PM me if you haven't seen em! Cheers


    1. N13GEY


      Did you get the pics?

    2. Stuggerz


      Heya bud,


      Sorry for the delay. Yeah all received. Checked the images and they look good. I'm just in the process of overhauling loads of parts. I'm hoping by the end of the month I should be in a position to purchase the springs. But all depends on some parts I'm waiting on. :)


      will be In touch asap. 


      many thanks



  2. Heya all, mega last minute but I have purchased a ticket, gona park up with some friends. Will see you guys down there.
  3. Hi all, As above i'm looking for 25mm or 30mm drop springs. .. or if the price is right coilovers. So get into those garages and dig out those spares lol - Just wanna close the arch gap a tiny bit more... Cheers Stu
  4. *From the shadows* I might be tempted by this.. If its still on
  5. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2353519-michelin-pilot-sport-4s-car-tyres-10535-f1-autocentres-3200072 Just seen this online. £105.35 Also just seen that Costco are doing this deal again : https://www.costco.co.uk/michelin-promotion Might help someone in the Zed universe
  6. Yoooo.. im from Southampton and happy to drive down for a mini meet.
  7. This is turning into a stoning
  8. I'm waiting for a Beaulieu official announcement
  9. Update** 1.Payco - PA04YCO - Nismo 370z - PAID 2.Panman - P44 AAN - bagged 350z - PAID 3.Olly350z - KD53 DGZ - Facelifted DE - PAID 4.Louis350z - HR - PAID  5.reeceybeaney - RB03 BOY - 350z DE - PAID x2  6.lukewilde - OV54 OWE - 350z DE - PAID 7.DeK_350 - CU04 RCY - 350z DE - PAID 8.Stuggerz - S7UG V - 350z DE - PAID 9.Adi (Team Stuggerz) - PO11 UGN - R35 GTR - PAID 10.DrMurderDeath - FV05FKG - 350Z DE - PAID 11.Dday - CF54 VGL - 350z -Paid 12. Dunks - Bog Standard Ginger - PAID 13. snowy87 K7SNO 370Z GT Edition - PAID x2 14. Kinch370z - M6 RXJ - 370z GT Edition - PAID x2 15. Will370z - 370z - PAID See you all at the meet point.
  10. @ZeppoJeff Welcome to the forum I know a great whats app group you can join. Big fans of BMW's ...
  11. Payco - PA04YCO - Nismo 370z - PAID Panman - P44 AAN - bagged 350z - PAID Olly350z - KD53 DGZ - Facelifted DE - PAID Louis350z - HR - PAID  reeceybeaney - RB03 BOY - 350z DE - PAID x2 lukewilde - OV54 OWE - 350z DE - PAID DeK_350 - CU04 RCY - 350z DE - PAID Stuggerz - S7UG V - 350z DE - about to pay Adi (Team Stuggerz) - PO11 UGN - R35 GTR - about to pay
  12. @parello9 Good to meet ya, did you buy a t-shirt in the end lol. The sun gave me a great t-shirt burn..



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