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  1. Was a really good meet up. will upload some images later
  2. Actually change of plan. I'm gonna aim to get to the meet for 9am
  3. that's 36 mins the wrong way for me. What way are u guys travelling up? I can meet you some where for the convoy. I'm central Southampton
  4. Does anyone want to meet at rownams? Or somewhere on the m3?
  5. I purchased a Static plate ( from www.staticplates.com ) its brilliant, just slap it on and take off when I want. You can get different sizes etc. My neighbour has a lambo with a static plate.. he said they are good up to 120mph Lol safe to say I wont ever reach those speeds. I agree.. the front just flows without it.
  6. Cheers andy, I'm loving it at the mo. After almost 5 years of ownership I'm still loving the zed life
  7. Soooo... long time no update. This week I got my zed back from the body shop after having 3 arches worked plus my front bumper debadged, number plate removal and painted... Love the front end. Such a difference.
  8. 1. Andy James 2. Humpy 3. Maz (gg2040uk) 4. MatthewThain 5. Keyser the imposter - Maximum Effort 6. STUGGERZ - count me in
  9. Did you get the pics of 30mm lowering springs? I thought Id posted them!....not so sure! Here's a link to Dropbox;

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d5smglgf2koveqg/AADePpwEZ23zSInpPD0LNpSja?dl=0 Please PM me if you haven't seen em! Cheers


    1. N13GEY


      Did you get the pics?

    2. Stuggerz


      Heya bud,


      Sorry for the delay. Yeah all received. Checked the images and they look good. I'm just in the process of overhauling loads of parts. I'm hoping by the end of the month I should be in a position to purchase the springs. But all depends on some parts I'm waiting on. :)


      will be In touch asap. 


      many thanks



  10. Heya all, mega last minute but I have purchased a ticket, gona park up with some friends. Will see you guys down there.
  11. Hi all, As above i'm looking for 25mm or 30mm drop springs. .. or if the price is right coilovers. So get into those garages and dig out those spares lol - Just wanna close the arch gap a tiny bit more... Cheers Stu
  12. *From the shadows* I might be tempted by this.. If its still on
  13. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2353519-michelin-pilot-sport-4s-car-tyres-10535-f1-autocentres-3200072 Just seen this online. £105.35 Also just seen that Costco are doing this deal again : https://www.costco.co.uk/michelin-promotion Might help someone in the Zed universe



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