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  1. Sounds like skip it is then!
  2. Radio out of a 2007 HR. Free to whoever wants it (or pays for shipping), otherwise it's going to the tip.
  3. Some time later... it is a DE one, refers to 6600 revs (although on a different page to the one you mention).
  4. Not sure - buy it and find out?! Have a feeling the 70 has a shorter wheelbase though
  5. Yep I've got an invidia gemini off my HR for sale. Offers welcome
  6. This has been on the car for approx 2 years and circa 10k miles. In what I would call good condition - has a few small marks and two small dents (lowered car issues!) in the mid silencers and one of the rear pipes is ever so slightly bent - makes absolutely no difference to the looks or sound once on the car. Has also got a small amount of raptor guard overspray on it - comes off easily but again makes no difference to the exhaust and isn't visible once fitted. Please see pics. Internals are fully intact and working. £750 collected from Basingstoke. Will need new gaskets and bolts
  7. Pretty sure this is from my old 55 plate DE. Can check if you tell me how? I briefly compared it to my HR manual set and didn’t look too different tbh.
  8. In good condition - some light wear in the corners of the leather. £40 delivered.
  9. N/S (passenger) damper (shock absorber) is leaking very slightly - anyone got anything about?
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