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  1. Nice! Gotta love a good drive. 😎 At least a good reason to get it cleaned again.
  2. Nice! And there's even a Solar Orange one!
  3. We can start builing the VQ37HR! Pistons finally arrived. 😍😎 Lot's of goodies... 🤣
  4. Installed the Injen SES dual exhaust last weekend. 😛😛 Yup! It's nice to have two exits again and hell yeah I like the titanium look. But sound wise it's a bit dissapointing compaired to the ISR single or the Exoticspeed I had before. Hahah. But we can always sell it and buy something else. For now it's fine. 😎🤣 And some other parts for the Frankenstein VQ37HR engine! Finally the K1 rods came in. Now it's only waiting for the pistons to arrive and the building continues.
  5. Hmm. Doesn't sound as a bad idea. I think mine still has the original ones except for a few ones. Hahah.
  6. Thanks! I must admit Solar Orange really looks good when the sun is shining. I hated the colour when I bought the car over four years ago. But I love the colour more and more everyday. Hahah.
  7. We had some fun at the track last week! It was a charity event for children with all kinds of heart diseases. Lot's of smiling children, good fun and great weather. Luckily the Z did well after all the things we did last year. Last time with the ISR single, but it sounds pretty good to be honest. 😎 And I love the Toyo R888R tyres. It makes such a big difference to normal road tyres.
  8. Yeah it's definitely a nice Y pipe. It just needed a little work. Haha. But I've got an almost new Injen SES dual laying around. I think I'm going to fit that one and go back to dual.
  9. A delivery by Concept Z Performance yesterday! The first OEM nuts and bolts arrived to replace the "rusty" ones from the undercarriage. 😎 Since I still need to fit the Kaaz differential I decided to get the Nismo cover as well. Aaaaaaand another part for the VQ37HR build! Making sure the oil pump gears don't schred apart in higher RPM's I ordered the billet gears from Boundary. 😍
  10. Thanks! Also ordered several new OEM nuts and bolts to replace the "rusty" ones underneath. 😅
  11. Overall it's a great Y pipe, fitment is really good. But it's fabricated as a slip-on pipe with clamps. I works great for fitting the Y pipe, but it just doesn't seal properly. So it makes a terrible rattling noise, especially by deceleration. According to Tarmac Sportz a little exhaust paste would solve this. My exhaust specialist told me never to use paste, as it's only for temporary solutions. So I decided to let him weld it together. If you get one I sugest you fit it first to get the right dimensions. Then let someone weld it and you've got a great Y pipe!
  12. Finally the new exhaust is rattle and leak free. 😎💪 The clamps which came with the Y-pipe from Tarmac Sportz are rubbish... Edit! Also ordered some rods for the VQ37 build. K1 rods weighing only 575 grams. And decided to go for the Boundary oil pump gears. 😍
  13. It's only the small surface just behind the wheel/tyre. Don't know if it really helps, but it was a part of the whole PPF pattern. 😛
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