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  1. Sorry not needed anymore. Wanted to help a friend, but he found a pair himself. Sorry! But I will keep this in mind in case someone else is looking for them.
  2. Got the right airbag connectors for my 370 Nismo seats, no airbag light anymore. Ordered a new shift knob. Now I need to search for a black handbrake. To bad I've also got a HR problem... The steering pump is dying. But got a new one lying around. Now only need some time to get it fitted.
  3. Normally it's better to have a bit more side wall on your race car. A Z is quite heavy and needs the shoulders to get more grip on cornering. Take a look at the better full spec racecars. They all have slick tyres with sizes of 650 to 720mm high side walls. That's the problem I've got with my 20 inch wheels. 18's would be way better with my suspension.
  4. Still love blue on a Z! Looks great!
  5. Hi! Willing to ship to the Netherlands?
  6. Those wheels really look sexy on a 350Z. Love them!
  7. Decided to clean the bottom because of all the salt we got in Wales. And just to be sure everything underneath was ok. Since I hit the underneath of the car a couple of times. The wheels needed some love too. Hahah. A bit dusty and salty underneath. This will do... Got to give the Intrax suspension some extra love. Soaking... Now I'm feeling better. I totally forgot I got 370Z Nismo seats lying around! Decided to put them in and store my freshly painted Alezan seats in the garage. Damn! What a difference does it make. Why didn't I put them in earlier? These seats have so much more support in cornering. It feels like I've got a new car again! Airbags aren't working at the moment... I just found out a HR has so much more in common with a 370Z. Even the connectors for the side airbags are the same. And since I changed the connectors to fit my DE I have to change them again. And ofcourse in search for a different gear knob and get a black handbrake.
  8. It makes a real big difference! On the track it was spot on, but also on those twisty UK roads. It just keeps on pulling through the revs. Some of the guys with their more powerfull cars were really surprised. It makes quite some revs on the motorways, but it really depends on which exhaust you've got if it's annoying. I believe it's doing 3.000 RPM when I'm driving 130 km/h. It saves me some speeding tickets. Normally I'm always speeding now I can keep it a bit slower because of the more revs.
  9. Aaaaaaaand it got some goodies yet again. Finally I've got some fresh rubber. So we've got some grip. And also got myself a new clutch/flywheel since I wanted to get a light flywheel again. I had a ACT clutch lying around from a HR swap I wanted to do in my old DE, so the flywheel wasn't going to fit. Luckily a friend of mine got a Z1 light flywheel lying around. Must say it works fine. Pedal is much heavier then OEM and ofcourse I've got the gearbox chatter again. I don't care so much. It runs really great. Also I changed my diff! Must say it's a huge difference! Got the 4.08 final drive and some kind of limited slip differential. Not sure which brand. But it locks both wheels a little bit more, traction out of a corner is much much much better now. Also got some Whitline bushes fitted along with the diff. Not sure if I'm going to keep those. Yes it looks like it's more direct on throttle, but it also gives some more noises and vibrations. Also got my enginebay got a little bit more love since I got rid of my OEM airfilter boxes. This was the building part! A few weeks ago we went on a fundraising rally to Wales for a charity I'm driving for. Damn! What a trip. I just love England so much. So much fun to drive and fantastic roads you've got over there! Also got to drive an entire day on Anglesey. Loved every minute of driving over there! My Z was doing great! And ofcourse I've got some photos from our trip. Let's see.... Have we got some more plans? Next up is my US clean front bumper with Mines carbon lip. And it needs some tinted windows again. But I will do this later this year. Don't want to do everything at once. Now I can enjoy it a little bit more.
  10. When you gonna start with building the engine? :P
  11. Wish I could join you... Been there three years ago.
  12. I wish they produced the Greddy Revolution RS exhaust again...



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