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  1. Thanks! They are oldies, but I like them as well.
  2. Coloured candy cane modus enabled. ðŸĪŠðŸĪĢ
  3. Sounds like some nice work to do. I replaced my ball joints with the ones from Torqen. They seem to do the trick and work fine. No complaints or what so ever. Not sure which one I ordered, but I think the 16mm ones.
  4. It's been a while. 😅 But the Z got some extra love as always. Got all the parts together for my diff. It was already rebuild with the shorter 4.08 ratio. Now I've got a Kaaz 1.5 sper at the shelf and some other rubbers from Whiteline combined with a Nismo diff cover. Should make a great combo. My V-belt decided to leave me for the second time in 5 years. ðŸĪŠ Always a pain in the ass to remove all the debry from the engine bay. Even had to bring it to a specialist to get the AC pully cleaned and they serviced the complete AC as well. Now its all working great again. The other thing was I had a few issues with my Intrax coilovers. I removed them from the car and brought them to Intrax for a overhaul. It seemed a stone had damaged one of the pistons and there was a issues with the height adjustment on one of the coils. Got them back and also bought some new OEM bolts. It drives like a dream again. ðŸĪ— In the meantime I had a little accident. Someone said he didn't see my car and drove right into the rear bumper. A new bumper was needed. Glad it's fixed and everything OK again. I bought myself a folding bike for whenever I'm at the track. It fits right in the back of my Z. Hahah. Aaaaaaand finally got my wheels back after 2.5 years... 😍 The three-piece Oxigin wheels are refurbished and the inner side matches its colour with the spokes. Also lowered the Z and extra 1.5 centimetres for the looks.
  5. Ahhhh. Love it! Would you like some snails with your meal sir? 😍😎
  6. On my previous Z I had a 95% window tint. It's on the inside, so no problems with wipers. Don't know if that should be a problem for MOT in the UK. It was fine in the Netherlands. You could see the traffic lights just trough it and from the outside it looked completely black.
  7. Not sure what the difference is between sport cats and straight pipe. But the difference between OEM cats and sports cats is noticable! So it is possible the Z feels a bit more alive now.
  8. Oehh. I like what I see! 💊
  9. Engine is back home. Going to tidy it up a bit and sort some other things. Maybe it's necessary to get the intake manifolds ported, to get them matched with the ported heads. Then let's start building this sucker.
  10. Last year I got problems with my front endlinks aswell. I put lock nuts on them and now they are fine.
  11. Looks great! I really love Anglesey! I drove there four years ago. Awesome track and amazing scenery. 😍
  12. I accidentally cycled passed the wheel shop and hell yeah. After my wheels lying their dead for almost one and a half year he started working on my wheels again. Can't wait for the result of my refurbished 3-piece wheels. 😎
  13. The Z34 Y-pipe will fit fine on a Z33. The other way around can be a problem with automatic 370Z's I believe. Yeah it's quite a bit louder. Hahah. And yet it still needs to burn a little bit. I think it's gonna be a bit louder over time. 🙃
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