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  1. Small update again: The engine is in, transmission is also installed. Now working on the wiring. Parts to make our own 4" intake are being shipped, new laptop also ordered for tuning use. I estimate that at the end of the month we can start the engine for the first time
  2. Those are ISR headers didnt have the money anymore for PPE
  3. So the engine is almost done, will be starting this week to put the engine back into the car
  4. Damm dude that is some serieus cleaning you did!
  5. So finally found some time to start working on my car again. The old engine is out of the car so now we can start moving some parts over the new engine. I expect this to finish within the coming 2 weeks and then we start the proces to put everything back into the car.
  6. Finally it's done!!! Took a day of from work so me and my buddy could spend all day on it and we finally have the cams installed and the timing chain is placed and triple checked to make sure everything is according to spec. But my God that was hard, none of the OEM markers are in line with the new cams so we had to calculate everything from scratch.
  7. so where are you from? maybe i know a tuner in your location because for some reason most tuners i know are very hard to find.
  8. Small update: We have a problem installing the cams with the correct timing. Already called the engine building company's but they can't provide a solution... The problem we have is when we put on the sprockets the timing will change when we tighten the bolds. But one company (specialized in old American cars) is coming to help to create a tool to have both the intake and exhaust cams fixed in place.
  9. Well when we first timed the cams and installed everything we did a check if everything was oke. We then found out that one head was wrong and started to discuss about the cams and the fact that these cams are missing the little knob for the sprockets. After contacting the manufacture about it they told us how to time these cams. so basically we found out by accident. For your cams i would suggest you send JWT an email if it needs special timing or if you can follow the Nissan manual for timing the cams. My bet would be that you can just follow the Nissan manual because i haven't heard this case about the JWT cams and the fact you can still use VVT if im correct.
  10. Time for a small update. We discovered that the cams need different timings then the Nissan manual describes. So we contact the manufacture on this issue and started over... We need to find to absolute TDC as show in the image below and then time the cams by how much they push valves down @TDC. So tonight we will once again time the engine. Also new parts have arrived (EGT sensors)
  11. Little update: - We have changed the main bearings - We have cleaned most of the parts (such a fun job todo...) - start assembling the engine.
  12. Just passing the info i can find. Well it was a though decision to make to change the bearings but the 'old' ones measured a clearance of 0.0015 while the minimum must be 0.0014. So the new ones will be around 0.0025. We have seen a couple of spun bearings here on build engines here with OEM spec clearances so people told me to go a little bigger. In the article i linked they say: This was for me the reason to go a little bigger. In my research i found that there is a rule of thumb (https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2017/03/high-performance-engine-bearings-2/). My crank is 2.36 inches so that calculates to a min of 0.001652 of needed clearance again higher then what i have currently.
  13. Well yeah i got an update. After talking about clearances with alot of people and doing some heavy research on it we decided to change to main bearings again so that we have more clearance (from 0.0015 to 0.0025) because of the higher load and much higher RPM. @350Butcher is see that you have the same clearance as me, im changing that based on this article (and talking to king etc): http://www.substech.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=oil_clearance_and_engine_bearings Other news. Yesterday i picked up some new buckets because still some aren't in spec. So hopefully i can finish the heads tonight.
  14. Yes. its kinda useless but from what i hear around me people want it because they won't invest in expensive camshaft swaps.





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