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  1. Just passing the info i can find. Well it was a though decision to make to change the bearings but the 'old' ones measured a clearance of 0.0015 while the minimum must be 0.0014. So the new ones will be around 0.0025. We have seen a couple of spun bearings here on build engines here with OEM spec clearances so people told me to go a little bigger. In the article i linked they say: This was for me the reason to go a little bigger. In my research i found that there is a rule of thumb (https://www.enginebuildermag.com/2017/03/high-performance-engine-bearings-2/). My crank is 2.36 inches so that calculates to a min of 0.001652 of needed clearance again higher then what i have currently.
  2. Well yeah i got an update. After talking about clearances with alot of people and doing some heavy research on it we decided to change to main bearings again so that we have more clearance (from 0.0015 to 0.0025) because of the higher load and much higher RPM. @350Butcher is see that you have the same clearance as me, im changing that based on this article (and talking to king etc): http://www.substech.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=oil_clearance_and_engine_bearings Other news. Yesterday i picked up some new buckets because still some aren't in spec. So hopefully i can finish the heads tonight.
  3. Yes. its kinda useless but from what i hear around me people want it because they won't invest in expensive camshaft swaps.
  4. Update about the software. - Pops and bangs. Didn't see much improvement. - Shooting flames. Didn't see anything. We do suspect the exhaust for this because its our "be quiet on dyno exhaust" also know as OEM. - Ghost cams. While we did manage the lower the ignition timing (to 5) on idle we suspect there is a special idle table we haven't found yet to get this to work. We might try in the futher to play with the VVT to give the desired effect.
  5. So it's a legit? Oke. Mom! Mom?! I'm famous!!?
  6. Just looked at the views on this topic and i guess some bot is going wild. Any admin wanna give some insight. BTW. Tomorrow no update about the engine but gonna work on the software part. We gonna try the following: - pops and bangs (allready achieved but can always be better) - Shooting flames - Ghost cams. Al this on the stock ECU without expensive licenses.
  7. Im interested in what your gonna find what might cause the lose in power.
  8. Also small update: Yesterday we measured the piston to valve clearance using the clay (play doh) method. We have around 5.8mm clearance so everything is good. Now we are gonna build the engine for good. Also note to self. Turn the cams to correct way when installing the timing belt or else the measurement will be off.
  9. We didnt measure any distortion but i think the previous owner did some work on it (i bought the parts from a well know dutch engine/car building company) What JWT cams did you buy? c8? Of the ACL question. I bought the ACL Race Series Main & Rod Bearing Set w/ Thrust Washers.
  10. I don't know for sure because i was not around when my friend installed them so i would have to ask him. But the fact he is very and i mean very secure and i didnt hear anything from him about it means it was al good. In fact. But i will ask him when i speak to him again. But i don't expect any problems for the reason i have seen many engine's build here with ARP studs and never heard of it on the VQ engine.
  11. So i found time to update this topic and a lot has been done in the time. Main bearings from ACL Main bearings clearance measured and confirmed Main studs from ARP Thrust washers from ACL Thrust clearance measured and confirmed Eagle Rods Rod bearings from ACL Rod bearing clearance measured and confirmed Rods balanced Cosworth pistons(high compression) Piston to wall clearance measured and confirmed Pistons(en ringpack) balanced Piston rings gaps measured and adjusted where needed Supertech oil seals Cat cams springs Cat cams lash caps (to raise buckets) Cat cams race cams(intake: 290 duration 12mm lift, exhaust 274 duration 11mm lift) Cam oil clearance adjusted Valve clearance corrected Deck clearance measure Balanced everything including the bank account! Todo for next time: pre lubricate heads with molly and oil measure piston to valve clearance create self and oil galley gasket What we learned: Apparently there are letters on the brackets that hold the cams. Ow an i also bought a roll cage...
  12. Can you explain why it would be beneficial for an FI? The reason you would put that on an NA car is to improve the volumetric efficiency or so it claims. With a good modern turbo that starts generating boost at around 2500rpm the improvements to your volumetric efficiency with the spacer would be so small if at all that i would personally save the money for a good drink. But thats just me. Edit: So i did a whole lot more theorycrafting and talking about plenum spacers and FI and we came to the following conclusion. If you can increase the CFM of the plenum with a plenum spacer and will not hit an obstruction like the heads/cams than you might see an increase in power output this is for both NA and FI. I will stand by my earlier argument that you won't see better performance on an FI car with a spacer. But that is based on that i can't find any dyno run on an FI car with and without plenum spacer and i yet have to find all the CFM numbers on the plenum with or without spacer.
  13. Well the Z1 Plenum spacer is kinda useless if you go turbo/supercharger.
  14. Nice! Will you check to pistons to valve clearance? And if so how?
  15. Looks good! I see that we are in same steps of building, just need to update my topic. What kind of compression pistons are that?





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