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  1. Flyboy-Mirror Auto Fold Module - GROUP BUY 2017

    Can i buy 2? i lost my first one before i had a chance to fit it... and the missus would like one too
  2. 350z Steering Wheel - Aftermarket -> Standard

    If you ever decide to sell the nrg hub.. i'd be interested
  3. Windscreen Wiper Arms - Respray

    Does anyone do this as a service?? I'd happily pay for a good job
  4. Core Strut Brace

    Ha.. i might be!! If you speak to Mark - he'll sort you out
  5. Core Strut Brace

    Thought i should stick up a before and after picture Core brace looks ace. Just waiting on a chromed throttle body and my intake pipes back from Mark now
  6. 3D Printed Cup Holders

    I'l have one Can you pm me your paypal details
  7. Windscreen Wiper Arms - Respray

    Just not sure I've got the patience to sort them... Really struggling with progression at the moment
  8. Windscreen Wiper Arms - Respray

    Does anyone fancy doing mine for me?
  9. Looks great! can't wait! Just got to work out what to do with the front radiator core support - thinking this could look quite nice being painted gloss and polished up?
  10. uurrrr did these ever get produced... any chance a kit is in circulation i can??
  11. Bling that Bonnet Catch

    Have already sent you a pm on facebook...;)
  12. Bling that Bonnet Catch

    Are you still doing these mark?
  13. Bolts for front & rear bumper and Seat

    Just pm'd him now