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  1. Yeh. I know. Gotta love the Danish system.
  2. Well it’s been a few month since last... but have been busy pounding the @*!# out of the Z.... 3 more steeetrace events done, and now having the launches dialed in, i’m doing roughly the same 1/8 times on my street tyres as on my MH Slicks. everything is running great. It’s been my dayli for everyday (when not having to Pick up the kids) Now there is a Danish MOT comming up shortly, and that might meen I have to build it back to Stock as you can’t run FI on a n/a car in Denmark.... other than that, the car is flawless... just went out tonight on the Way to the unit to work on the ae86 and stopped and toke Theese
  3. I have one of thoose mofos, and besides beeing a great shape. It does wonders for the interior... glws!
  4. Used adrian a few times, and every time it's been a no Hasle deal! promt delevery, and candy! Whats not to like....
  5. Mee too.... i thought that the cast iron was the Way to go.... my stainless are flawless.... so far. much bigger inner dia. And port matched. i did blow an exhaust gasket once, but from not tightening two bolts.
  6. Sad Update... Well it was bound to blow at some point.... with the abuse it sees, I mean. My latest street race Night came to an abroubt halt just as I was launching against my old 700bhp GT-r... I newer ran much pressure to begin with, but in the end it gave up due to a bolt going thru the bottom..... OF MY TYRE cars fine, just blew one of my MH Slicks. I have been beating the hell out of the car, I even fitted my open screamer dumps again becourse they Sound freaking awesome! And still, it just goes! So new rear Slicks ordered, and then I'm ready for more Racing.
  7. This is actually great info i did wonder if it could be done, before spending 1600£ on stainless turbo manifolds due to cracking cast iron Gtm manifolds. is appears that it might be possible. hell, I might give it a try at some point.
  8. If you Would, my good sir, I Would like a price with shipping to Denmark.
  9. Cheers. It hasn't come overnight tho. It's been a long and weird ride.
  10. Well not the most 350z post... but i'we bought a ae86 in need of some tlc and placed it in my spare parts unit to get rust and paint and all the dirty work sorted... But what a treat to get to drive the 350z dayli and woshing around and getting parts and so on when working on cars, no matter what they might be....
  11. And done. and I also did what I should have done the first time. Put some heat shield around the hose part that goes next to the bleeping hot turbo manifold..
  12. back at it. I'm giving a wuerth a/c coupler a go, and trying to make one good pipe out of the two I have thats broken, and dosen't fit. so far I'we cut the low pressure rhd pipe i Got, put the coupler onto the piece with the hose, and now i'm trying to messure up the pipework from my lhd pipe that works, and fits... theese things are suppose to hold up to 150psi and so far it's been easy sailing.
  13. Not having had the time to get anything done in a few weeks, I finally had some spare time to dig out the busted a/c Line.... Had to take alot apart to get to it, and I can't get the dame thing off, I have to make a tool of sorts to get the spring loaded fitting to part.
  14. Been doing some minor things lately, Got a new low pressure pipe for my A/C and I didn't think of the difference between rhd and lhd... so I now have a rhd pipe that dosen't fit, and a lhd pipe with a hole in it... so I'll have to try and source a lhd pipe. and also trimmed and painted my aftermarket boot struts. They always rubbed. After fitting I Can see that it's the gas cylinder thats hitting.... so need to redo the hinges, or get a original Nissan set of struts.... So not much succes...



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