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  1. Been doing some minor things lately, Got a new low pressure pipe for my A/C and I didn't think of the difference between rhd and lhd... so I now have a rhd pipe that dosen't fit, and a lhd pipe with a hole in it... so I'll have to try and source a lhd pipe. and also trimmed and painted my aftermarket boot struts. They always rubbed. After fitting I Can see that it's the gas cylinder thats hitting.... so need to redo the hinges, or get a original Nissan set of struts.... So not much succes...
  2. Dont get me wrong. LOTS of 370z parts! but not so much overfenders. is there really no options out there for the 370z other than full widebodykits or fender flares.
  3. Awesome parts. but not much for a 370z there?
  4. Hi. I'm on the search for some +25-35mm wider rear overfenders. I can't Seem to find something. does anyone know of any please point me in the right direction.
  5. Great Night of Racing. I now have a car that 60 foot's on the street.... Doing a few warm up runs, and getting the tires to temp, and lowering pressure to get them to hook, resultet in getting some 1,9 60 foot times. In my best run I beat a Audi rs4 with around 500hp. I did a 1,930 60 foot, and a 8,1 201 meter at 145 km/h. so 60 foot times are good. Now I need to work on getting some more speed and Breaking into the 7's
  6. And m&h race rubber back on the rears for a Night of streetracing. Tonight I'll be playing with tyre pressure and fitted my, pretty rough and nowhere near finished, diff brace I have been working on. I'll see if that cures the wheel hop, and does anything Else to my times.
  7. The vessel it self, dosen't need to be new. used and refurbed di vessels are ok cheap. Useually around 35-40£ for a 11liter. Then spend your money on some good di resin. Get atleast a 10 kg vessel to be sure to have enough flow to be able to rinse. smaller vessels only flow enough for just a trickle of water. I Got my used vessel here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Di-Vessel-11lt-Empty-new-heads-down-pipe-and-parts-used-good-tank/153469015399?_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20171010182220%26meid%3D704928466e3d4c22851912527278ff05%26pid%3D100891%26rk%3D7%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D153411298989%26itm%3D153469015399&_trksid=p2349624.c100891.m5206 great guy, and great service. He went above and beyond to get the vessel to me in Denmark.
  8. Well.... first wash done with a good rinse of my new DI water system. No drying or wiping, just drowe it back in the garage.... Now if there is water spots all over tomorrow when I open the garage, I'll be pi**ed!!!
  9. I'm basicly the worlds first non-social network influencer...
  10. I never did much detailing.... "just" build the dame things, and raced them. But always wanted to do a little more than just a wash.... and with a 11kg filter I Can rinse with full main pressure, so Well worth it.
  11. It might not be that awesome It's "just" a water filter for 0ppm water for when rinsing of the car after a wash. having 2 Black cars and washing them by hand takes SOOOOO long when having to wipe them down and polish to remove all spots from residue from the water.
  12. Wanted. Anyone has the fat A/C Line with the U bend and the "silencer" from the pump laying around? Mine decided that a hot turbo manifold is a horrible neigbour and sprung a leek.
  13. Good news! i found a hole in my A/C piping! well as good at it gets. I have had the leak since one of my Lines blew last Fall. I regassed the system and all was good, until next time I needed it. but I newer found the leak, so just drowe without the a/c. Then today, for no aparrent reason, I regassed the system and after a good drive I could hear a slight hiss. It turns out that the low pressure flex Line from the pump has a small leak. Probally due to beeing so close to the turbomanifold... So I Think I'll be doing some heat shields of sorts when I get around to it. And I have also been working on putting this system together...
  14. Picked the car up from the painter this morning and filled her up with 100ron. It looks soo good....
  15. Thanks. It's the original paint code. Kuro Black. everything but the rear bumper, doors and roof has been resprayed over the years.



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