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  1. It does suck yes…. You can’t really do anything like this and still legally drive it. and with a 180% car tax here, you Can basicly tripple all your prices on cars, so the starting point is so expensive, so with the risk of loosing the car it’s a gamble… and to top it all off, a 350z will cost around 1000£ a year just to be registered on the Road. And then insurence on top…
  2. Well… the car was MOT’d…. and then sold in parts… I’m in Denmark. And just putting the turbo kit on the car in the first place could have cost me the car…. We have the worst set of rules and laws against modifing cars. And everything not up to code get’s confiscaded and you get a fine That’s bigger than the price of the car…. also a z33 like this cost the same as 22-25000£ to begin with in Denmark… so it’s just not worth the risk or effort… even though it was the best car I had ever build…. now I have an ae86 that I’m restoring and a celica ta22 That’s getting some tlc. And a st185 gt4 on the Way. I’m on Instagram and the book of face @Roadworthyish and also on the youtube where I do horrible vids https://youtube.com/user/ortegadk
  3. Is that information that I Can find somewhere?
  4. What kinda hp level will this meet it’s limit?
  5. Thanks. were are we at pricewise?
  6. Thanks. I should mention I Would love them in Stock bore... what would you want for either set?
  7. Hi. I’m on the Hunt for some FI compression ratio pistons. Would I be so lucky that someone has some laying around used/new. Comp ratio max 8.8:1.
  8. Update.... the Z has been sitting in the garage for the last few month... The thing is that after beeing twin turbo for two years and having an absolute beast of a car... and now having a more or less Stock vq, it’s just not the car I want.... I am having serious turbo withdraw...
  9. ready for mot tomorrow.... what a trip!
  10. And after alot of hours in the garage.... it’s finally out on it’s wheels... just pulled the AEM, sensors and harness. Easyist ever to pull out, took 15 mins. fitted the Stock ecu, and put Oil and fluids in and it fired right up. and now I’m getting the exhaust sorted and fitting the front bumper... and THEN. It’s ready for MOT....
  11. I Would like to. but I can’t Shake the feeling that it might not be the place for a ae86 build. I’ll be doing alot from that build, and all the other things I do in the shed on my Instagram. @roadworthyish I’m not sure yet. There are some choises ahead.
  12. I Think I need to get my ae86 build done. And then I’ll have a good hard Think about it. but I can’t seem to shake the GTR out of my head. I might have to scratch that itch.
  13. Just adding Numbers up.... Total spend on this kit so far.... stopped counting when I Got Past 10k it is the most comprehensive kit i’we ever had on any car. But still...
  14. Lhd. but i bet the steering rack nudge in the downpipe Can easily be welded up on the one side, and redone on the other.
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