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  1. Ortega_9

    370z space saver spare wheels

    Anyone Got one laying around?
  2. Ortega_9

    Rear brembo clearence template

    Hi, i can't Seem to find anything on this. i'm trying to fit the smallest possible wheel size to the rear to accomidate drag Slicks, but i can't Seem to find a clearence template for the rear Stock 2-pot brembos. i have seen some turning to Rx7 fd Stock 16" wheels, but i need a template to check some wider wheels for fitment. any help is much apriciated.
  3. Ortega_9

    370z space saver spare wheels

    Hi, need a pair of 370z space saver sparewheels alloy, not steel donuts.
  4. Ortega_9

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    And just a small Update. Everything running very Well! Now almost 3000km on the build. And 2 streetrace events where nothing have been held back.... Having some serious Grip issues but still running 12's om the 1/4 mile and low 8's on the 1/8mile. I hope i Can cut into the 7's with some less rear camber and some Sticky tyres Car is amazing and drives awesome. not really that laggy, even with the Big 3076's on there. And when the build engine goes in, and boost goes up, I'll see if it works with the final setup or i need to downsize abit with the turbos.
  5. Here's a small recap from my first outing in the 350z tt. i learned that a 500 hp 350z is almost the slowest car in Germany
  6. Ortega_9

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    I actually found them on ebay.
  7. Ortega_9

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Thanks. And this has been a study in unessecery and difficult solutions, so your looking at something around the 10k mark... just for parts in total...
  8. Ahh.. crap. dick picks then? Do you have the flowtest charts for the Injectors?
  9. Would you consider a Trade?
  10. Ortega_9

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    And then a pair of 200 cell stainless magnaflow race cats landed... theese are rated for 475ish bhp pr unit. I Would normally have chosen a bigger dimension, but having one pr. Bank on a V6 this will be enough for everything i will ever ask of. i'm kinda feed up redooing the exhaust for the 3. Time. But hopefully i'm gonna learn something and not make the same mistakes again. I Think i'm a bit bias by building track cars and never having build a full street exhaust from schratch.... as much as i love the Sound and noise on track, i hate it on a dayli.... Anyways, I hope this will solve the noise issue.
  11. Ortega_9

    350z antenne base

    No worries. thanks anyway.
  12. Ortega_9

    350z antenne base

    Thanks for the replys. ill see if scobie finds his.
  13. Ortega_9

    Rear arch rust repair

    And back in the stable. really happy with the work. it's pretty hard making a new piece for the fender Line from scratch, but looks like it's about right. now i need to put her back together, and hopefully enjoy a few month of summer.
  14. Ortega_9

    350z antenne base

    Hi, had to remove my antenne for a respray. And it had siezed pretty god, so need a new antenna base with nut.
  15. Price reduced on the lot! 500£ for all posted.