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  1. Kids in passenger seat

  2. [SOLD]New silenced decats 350z

    Sold. Please remove
  3. Kids in passenger seat

    I'm not sure about the fuse... does it only affect the passenger side front airbag? There is also the curtain airbag, and the one in the seat...
  4. Kids in passenger seat

    I Think the airbag is only a problem on rear facing Child seats? this setup works fine for me
  5. 350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Just had the new flanges cut for the new stainless turbo manifolds.... Hope their done in a weeks time or so
  6. [SOLD]Procharger supercharger kit, vq35de

    SOLD. please remove.
  7. [SOLD]Procharger supercharger kit, vq35de

    Reduced again. 1800£
  8. Gtm twin turbo cast iron manifolds

    and I'll be happy to buy your manifolds for 100£ if you want to part with them
  9. Gtm twin turbo cast iron manifolds

    Here you go http://www.gammamotors.com/repleacement-parts/manifolds/turbo-exhaust-manifolds/v1-turbo-exhaust-manifolds-350z-g35-vq35hr-vq35de I wanted to get a new one, but decided to get a stainless stell pair made up instead....
  10. [SOLD]Procharger supercharger kit, vq35de

    That depends. It's bearings and shafts... and Thank you.
  11. Gtm twin turbo cast iron manifolds

    A new one is around 1000$ with the ceramic coating, and Yes, it's not for everyone. I had it done one time before, but it will crack again over time. if you could do 300£ shipped, then you Would have a good pair that Would so much easier to sell than our two cracked pairs... and i bet someone Would still buy the cracked pair for a template for a stainless set, or maybe even try the repair.
  12. [SOLD]Procharger supercharger kit, vq35de

    Thank you for the offer zmalax, i have an offer of 1500£ on PM. And all the parts needed Can also be round here: http://www.superchargerrebuild.com/other-centrifugal-c2-p1sc-p600b-d1-etc/
  13. [SOLD]Procharger supercharger kit, vq35de

    Price reduced further. now only 1900£ shipped
  14. Gtm twin turbo cast iron manifolds

    Reduced Once more. 350£ Takes them.
  15. DIY carbon parts for the interior.

    Thank you. It does take ALOT of wetsanding and polishing to get there...