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  1. I'm in love. Awesome bike. Did my first 200 miles. Just fascinated with this 2 wheeler I just can't stand the white. Had it wrapped immediately
  2. Packed them this afternoon and sent via air to UK. Will keep here how things develop.
  3. Still leaves a bitter taste. If 1 or 2 were faulty I can understand but all 4 in let say max 3k miles is really disappointing. I don't know what to expect in future, will this be sorted out now properly. I'm bit dull at the moment. Car was on geometry when we found out this. Labour to take it down, shipping lost time. Again installation labour, geometry etc. Im looking in best case im out for 2 weeks
  4. Disappointment yesterday! Something you don't want to see from a 1.5k gbp price tag suspension and barely used aprox 3k miles. Disaster! All 4 of Meister's GT1's coilovers are leaking
  5. So far not by force But I'm roaming around if time allows
  6. I'm there since 2008 Rivers and Delta State. Either you have stomach for it or you don't. Managed to get out of the country before election
  7. Few shots from today. Uploaded tune yesterday after installation/fabrication of exhaust. It rides sweet now. Only downside is exhaust note is quite loud for my taste. Will hit the dyno these days for AFR readings and possible tune tweak
  8. So finally took over the car this evening. As usual it didn't went smoothly. I supposed to took it over last night but fuel pump failed. This morning we work on it replaced it and got the car on the road. Noise from Fusion Fabrications inlet manifold is awesome. Resposn and torque from bottom are quite good Im still not running proper tune up. Im on generic Hyper R map from Dreamsience. Hopefully I should get a more suitable tune on Monday and than I will hit the dyno and get AFR readings send them back to Dreamsience for tweaks
  9. Deposit landed awaiting on first batches Demand is huge and limited amount of bikes is coming to the market. Hopefully I will be in first batch, keeping fingers cross
  10. Bit of a disappointment and change. For some reason only know to importer of Husqvarna bikes they are only importing Husqvarna Enduro bikes to Croatia. Aside of Enduro 0. Did a few call tried to see if something can be worked out for Supermoto program but without any success. Very strange approach by Husqvarna dealership. So after initial disappointment and few sad days new goal was set. KTM SMC690R which is actually close sibling to Husqvarna SM701 but with few more tweaks. For Supermoto bike it come seriously equipped from factory. Quickshifter up/down, Traction control in 2 modes angle sensitive, ABS with possiblity of switching off rear wheel and later on even front, slippery clutch, 145 kg and 74 bhp. Comparing to Husqy it's quite more upgrade. Deliveries are expected to be during February. Awaiting on price for powerparts like Akrapovic, intake and ecu tune.
  11. Car is off for a build. Few pic's of car before she hits garage In my quest for wheels I stumble upon this. Motec MCR2-7017 Ultralight wheels. German brand with TUV, 7x17 et40 only 6.9 kg. Beats Oz Ultraleggera and ATS DTC by half kilo which were my favourites. Price wise also quite cheaper. So win win situation Only question is which colour. Copper mat, grey or black. It really hard decision as all look nice
  12. Thanks bud. Next on line is cam replacement, FF inlet manifold anst Dreamsience remap On yours, have you manage do adjust rear geometry settings. I have anembo rear axle spacers i think 12mm which leaves me without to many options to give more negative camber.
  13. Like always, just about when I'm due for my job and departure abroad assembly starts.
  14. It's aliveeeeee! How mot has expired and car is still not completed as far as body job (missing lights bumpers etc ...) I really hadn't have chance to actually try gearbox. We did try bit on parking lot but hard to tell anything from parking lot trial. Luckily a buddy who is working on body and assembly is located outside town with nice country curvy roads around. I rushed there around 16pm before sunset to take advantage of last rays of lights since headlight's are not installed. Gearbox is working fine, no any suspicious noise. Gear change is bit stiff which is related to other problem and is relatively easy diy. Quaife is such a lovely thing. After 350z and RWD I forget a "pulling" feeling of FWD cars and how much fun these hot hatches are on twisty roads. Scorpion manifold and sport cat together with 60mm Throttle upgrade are really noticeable. Car feels much more alive and is pulling stronger through rpm's which is also a benefit from flywheel which was shaved by 1.7 kg. As it is now and with present upgrades car is perfect for daily drive. Small feisty car! I can only imagine once all completed with intake manifold,cams and Dreamsience remap how handful it will be. And i really hope not to go full retard and extreme again as always one upgrade leads to another.



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