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  1. Thanks bud will give them a shout too. No need to be OEM as they are rare, just a decent copy. What is the quality of HZ one's and fitment
  2. Thanks @ShortPaul will send them the e mail. From what i see in pictures it doesn't look so good. Few crack's along the base and fin. But if I recall they don't have good reputation on their parts
  3. Yeah I've tried Chris but he's working only with 380RS one. Aside of this bmmperformance I found in Sweden Bluepower but lead time is around 6 weeks plus and haven't heard from them after I asked on quality and fitment Still hoping someone might have one laying around
  4. I known it's a long shot but worth trying. Im after a Nismo v2 rear wing for 350z. If anyone has one laying around, or is after a change of look let me know.
  5. I've been having a hard time with decision about tyres. Decided to give a try with Zeknova 606RS in soft compound, rated TW140
  6. Today modified front bumper to force airflow directly onto IC and oil cooler. Patched the side's of the bumper with plastics Methanol kit arrived. Really nice bits and excellent quality
  7. Yeah didn't have issue they offered me some upgraded seal. This was part of their first batches with lifetime warranty. I think on new models warranty is limited. I have few videos from old set-up where I had cosworth aka Crappysworth cams with defect. This was 3 gear pull from 100 km/h. Hopefully should have a new video in couple of months
  8. So it's been a while since i post here. Basically it was a lot of tiny things that build up over the time and I got into some love/hate relationship with Z. Windows started giving me issues, then Meister GT1 leaked, then center console was not aligning properly, last track day I notice I'm having issues with oil cooling, I bought Work Emotion from Steve here and they were rubbing arches, than I had hard time getting wheel alignment on Kinetix toe and control arms plus Energy suspension bushings inside of them didn't last long and there no other bushing option, on TD i had issue with head room with helmet on. The list was long. So took it to a best mane garage, - 2 floor and left it there. From time to time I would peak on it in that shady corner of garage just to see it and he wouldn't feel abandoned. So I focused another things. Hooning around with motorcycle, took daily Ford Fiesta ST150 who end up being complete nightmare, almost complete engine overhaul, put some tuning parts which supposed to give me that famous 200 bhp mark, in the end ended on 162. Nightmare. I have a proper expensive but slowly daily. Things move with Z, so got Meister back after claim, took rear diff brace, SPL upgrades for front arms together with Strongflex bushings, Driftworks front arms (which had error, thumb's up to guys for quick replacement) and rear control toe and traction arms, all on uniball's. Than decided to follow my best man route and put new oil cooler on top of IC. He tested with his Nismo front bumper and results were excellent. I was looking going Nismo route too but I will stick with my own custom bumper. It's unique. New oil cooler has better designed cooling chamber and flow of air is much better on top of IC than behind of it. Also i will be installing Methanol system with progressive injection, which will be "stealth" as the rest of the build, 13 liter tank and pump will be in spare tyre compartment plus a bunch of safety features in case things go south. Looking 750 bhp plus figure So mainly that's it.
  9. I'm in love. Awesome bike. Did my first 200 miles. Just fascinated with this 2 wheeler I just can't stand the white. Had it wrapped immediately
  10. Packed them this afternoon and sent via air to UK. Will keep here how things develop.
  11. Still leaves a bitter taste. If 1 or 2 were faulty I can understand but all 4 in let say max 3k miles is really disappointing. I don't know what to expect in future, will this be sorted out now properly. I'm bit dull at the moment. Car was on geometry when we found out this. Labour to take it down, shipping lost time. Again installation labour, geometry etc. Im looking in best case im out for 2 weeks
  12. Disappointment yesterday! Something you don't want to see from a 1.5k gbp price tag suspension and barely used aprox 3k miles. Disaster! All 4 of Meister's GT1's coilovers are leaking
  13. So far not by force But I'm roaming around if time allows





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