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  1. Straight bolt on, excellent fitment and really good quality. Time will tell how it will cope with heat since I have 2 turbines. Good deal for 95 €
  2. Got myself one from eBay Germany different seller. Good quality and even cheaper
  3. It's called Grigio Estoque from Sikkens
  4. For sale UpRev Tuner for Nissan 350z https://www.uprev.com/secure/uprev-tuner-203.html 500 € free shipping to EU Paypal payments Location Croatia
  5. Haltech Platinum PRO Plug in 350z 1200 € + shipping PayPal payment
  6. Xtreme Clutch KNI20523-2B Slightly used 1000 € price + shipping Paypal
  7. Using AD08R and Dba 5000/4000 combo front/rear with Carbotech XP10. Would like to try something bit more sticky now
  8. Snjur

    What wheels fit?

    Not to open a new thread hope someone with more insight into offsets and wheels might help me on my issue on 350z chasis I have is Wheel Size 18x9 & 18x10 Offset (front & rear) rear 3 front 3 Work T7R-2P. It's already pretty much flushed set up and is not ideal for what im after. Since I set up car mainly for track use I'm limited with available semi slick tyres around and they mainly come with 35 profile. Specially anything wider. What i was looking for now was to go with Zeknova tyres 265/35/18 and 275/35/18 soft compound. Will this combo work without rubbing issues. Car is on adjustable Meister GT1 coilovers and Driftworks adjustable camber and toe traction arms front and rear. Some proper track geometry would be - 2.0° deegre of camber at front and -2.5° at rear. Appreciate any help and input. Cheers
  9. Thanks bud will give them a shout too. No need to be OEM as they are rare, just a decent copy. What is the quality of HZ one's and fitment
  10. Thanks @ShortPaul will send them the e mail. From what i see in pictures it doesn't look so good. Few crack's along the base and fin. But if I recall they don't have good reputation on their parts
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