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  1. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    They are designed for 30psi pressure and 640 bhp with OEM cams they outputted on 22 psi. They weren't max out, still room for more boost but there was no gains in numbers
  2. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    More reason to upgrade them later on of they fail They are old technology turbos but quite reliable. Who know maybe in future i will go with something more modern like ball bearing but let us see first what numbers will be with cams now. I recall i have read theses are in theory 450/500 hp capable turbos
  3. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    This is T3 flange also turbo's are almost new. It would be waste to take them down now
  4. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    I was thinking on it but... Than i need new manifolds plus new turbines it's quite costly. We are just now in progress of installing Kelford Cams T182 which are Turbo spec cams. I'm hoping that with cams we are going to get this extra what in top end to overpass 700 bhp. If not than i will go with Methanol
  5. 350z full underbody tray/diffuser

    We will start with paperboard templates first before we start material selection. Aluminium would be the best some 2 mm thickness only thing which concerns me with aluminium is in cases of things going wrong it can become quite hazardous on highway/track. Abs plastic maybe with some heat resistant/protective materials on top side under hot elements.
  6. 350z full underbody tray/diffuser

    This is performance driven project. Goal is to get more downforce. Few ideas already on how and where to start but all will be posted here. Also any comments and ideas or discussion are more than welcome as we are just a bunch of enthusiast and not professionals in aerodynamics. From mine point of view I reckon it would be easiest to combine front and rear section of the car. Similar to GTR on pictures above and than see that can be done with Mid section and if it can be easily joined with front and rear
  7. What pressure washer?? Never had 1 before

    Just bought this Nilfisk With discount 258 euros with couple of extras
  8. SGS rear struts.

    +1 for SGS.
  9. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Thanks. I think once side steps and splitter at front are mounted in Piano Black color it will be quite good. Im tempted to wrap rear of the car as well in gloss black. Something similar to Peugeot 308gti 2 tone color
  10. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Finally Work Emotion T7R 2 piece from StevoD. For now front ones are poking out. Will need to see what can be done there as car is on stock geometry settings. Maybe if I go with more agressive camber like 2° degrees they will line with arches. I was afraid how they will look on car due to center colour but in person they look awesome
  11. !!Wanted LSD for 350z manual!!

  12. 350z full underbody tray/diffuser

    So far this is the only full under tray I've been able to find online for 350z https://my350z.com/forum/exterior-and-interior/546058-build-full-under-tray-and-diffuser.html I think we can do something which will visually look much better than this. Im not fan of aluminium, if things go wrong it can be very dangerous for other participants in traffic. Anyway will keep posting with progress. Diffusers will be shipped next week. Once we have them in garage we will have a better view on how to proceed with design of rear end
  13. 350z full underbody tray/diffuser

    So been looking browsing around haven't been able to find much. There is one lad in Middle East who did complete under tray from aluminium but.... Looks bit odd So most probably I will go with something like on GTR. Combine at front splitter something like ARP carbon one but we will go with abs plastic as it is cheaper. Just need to take measurements. On the rear end we will go with Top Secret replica diffuser and will see how far we can extend it.
  14. 350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    I know what you mean same situation here. It's always the same scenario, when you have time than there is shortages of funds, once you cover budget than lack of time is problem. Really looking forward to see final result.