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  1. Snjur

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    From what I've managed to find on-line reviews are that this is closest thing to ITB's and from few video's it sounds really good and loud. Compression ratio is 10.8:1 on ST but I don't wan't to open engine I will try to keep as simple as possible just bolt on mods aside cam's. I realy hope to see 190 bhp figure at the end. So far biggest concer is ECU tune in Croatia. Hopefully all will work well with Dreamscience Awesome looking Almera bud
  2. Snjur

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    Bit of updates after a while.... Buddy who is doing painting had delayed so much. More than a month. Also finally we found reason of gearbox problems. Bearing's from IB5 which we use for repair are different than ones on standard Fiesta ST150 IB5+ gearbox. Sometimes rushing and taking shortcuts takes toll. To avoid any further problems we ordered complete set of new bearings seals etc. New LUK clutch set with slave cylinder. Hopefully by Tuesday car will be back again for final assembly to body shop and MOT. Deposit payed to Fusion Fabrications for inlet manifold which gives huge improvements in torque and mid range.
  3. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    I've set my eyes on new Husqvara 710 Supermoto. I hope after this hitch abroad I will be bringing one home in January. After this enduro addiction and motocross I was amazed how easily these bikes are riden. Having spent almost 13 years now on sportsbikes and riden quite a lot of different naked and sport bikes I've was aming for something light, agile and most of all fun to tackle daily activities. Since I was lucky to survive years of all kind of road driving Im not planning to push my luck any more. I will leave my Duke solely for track use, for small daily activities I have scooter and Husqvara will be for all the rest but mainly just for fun and smiles per miles. Original colour scheme is white blue and yellow but a lot of aftermarket graphics is available. Black are my favourites. Single cylinder engine 75 bhp 145 kg of weight, ABS which can be turned off on rear wheel, 3 mappings and so.
  4. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Again lovely weekend behind us. All in all was team of 7. 4 atv's and 3 mx bikes. Terrain has changed drastically since last ride. Mud all the way. Very slippery, very demanding and physical quite challenging but still fun all the way Forest early morning is really soms sight. Bit of fog and slight drizzle. Beautiful scenery.
  5. Snjur

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    To eliminate hop on launches the only solution is diff mount.
  6. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    I feel like in my teens again. Same feeling when I got my first scooter. Here we still have that freedom that we can use freely forest's and hills. We avoid any property or land which is used for farming or private but there is really a lot of terrain and forest which can be used. I wanted to buy croesser for a long time now but I was living in city so it was pointless After I moved to mainland and with so many forest's in close vicinity it was time for it. I spent all my motorcycle career on road but simply traffic and number or cars and reckless drivers have increased abnormally and risk for accident is really big. Motocross for me doesn't lack any adrenaline or danger at all comparing to road bikes.
  7. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Whole lot of fun yesterday
  8. Snjur

    Early ban on New Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Diesels where decade ago modern revelation and where it ended up. Big "fraud" To me smells the same with EV's Been reading couple a weeks ago article from a scientist who is now in his late 70's and was pro all this global warming stuff and climate changes, actually he was some leading expert in that field... As per his words all computer modelings where not complete enough and there is no actual proof on global warming impacted by humans. He admitted he was wrong for years. As per him just an eruption of vulcano discharges massive loads of gases which takes car a grate deal of time to accumulate
  9. Snjur

    Focus ST MK2 gearbox woes......

    Maybe bearing on gearbox housing I'm in same worries right now as gearbox on my MK6 Fiesta ST is giving me headache
  10. Snjur

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    Bit updates How it looks fitment of rear skirt is disaster. Not worth of butchering rear bumper. Stock look it is
  11. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    Kawasaki is giving now best bang for buck. They've been asleep for a long and they came back really strong specially with SC model's
  12. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    This is mine first contact with KTM so I don't know much about them but they have reputation of reliable bikes. Although sounds underpowered, but 250 in forest and gravel is quite fast thing at least for novice like me. Magnificent thing for wheelies
  13. Snjur

    Motorcycle change discussion

    And than 180° degree turn Ktm SXF 250 2008 I've been hearing a lot lately on enduro hive and last couple of years i wanted to get motocross bike specially after I moved to mainland with a lot of forests and plains surroundings. Novice in this type of bikes but they are tons of fun and adrenaline. I regret now for not doing this before. Really loads of fun for affordable price Unbelievable what kind of terrain this bikes can tackle.
  14. Snjur

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    @Silverthorn I had a talk with a chap who has ST150 rated on dyno 198 bhp with Cosworth inlet manifold. As per him below 5200 rpm there is significant loss of torque and with Cossy manifold and Cams majority of that power is from 6k to 7.8k rpm. Which for daily driver is not something I'm after. I think i already had a look on FF inlets but they are pricey too, around 800 gbp if I'm not mistaken. If I could reach 180-190 with cams and without inlet manifold expenses that would be awesome result as I'm going with similar mods like you do.
  15. Snjur

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    Wooooow. That was serious build. Performance wise that was full moded. What power you had in the end? I'm after any tips that you might share and that can save me time learning on my mistakes. So far I discovered gearbox is weak link, first was shifting which was very stiff and afterwards unfortunately gear shaft. Good thing internals from Focus MK2 can fit so rebuild is not so "costly". And for shifting I greased everything good ao will try tomorrow. Im trying to squeeze out as much as I can with basic mods without opening engine. I would be happy with some 180-190 figure after i put cams and inlet manifold. I really don't wan't to go full mental as this should be daily car Only thing I'm concerned is remap of ECU. For now I have some tune of one fiesta that had 166 bhp on dyno. Which mod it had I have no clue but my car is running excellent now. I have feeling it's different car. I was thinking after so many Google searches to go with Dreamsiencd Stratagem box which has a lot of tunes inside. Unfortunately I'm in Croatia so Fiesta ST aren't much popular nor do we have so much tubers available to work on OEM computer