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  1. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Hm well not much. I got the pair for 600 euros with delivery. I think it's a fair price for "branded" seat's unless you want to go with less popular brands. In terms of stability and holding yes, bit better than OEM but not a huge improvement as I did order without talking measurements. So i guess if you do proper homework you can find appropriate size. For me main factor was to reduce seat height as I have issues on track days with helemt on. Scraping the roof. With 4 point seatbelts they will provide exact needed hold for track days. I did wanted to go Recaro Pole Position bucket seat but at the time i didn't have cash for pair. Maybe in future.
  2. Lost nut inside tailgate... help

    I feel for you. I have 1 plastic securing pin and 2 nuts inside Without removing tailgate I doubt there is any effective way to remove it. Im driving this plastics pin and 1 nut for some time in hope they will find way out as i have removed inner tailgate plastic cover but nothing yet.... In mean time I've manage to lost 1 more nut inside
  3. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    And few pictures how it looks on buddy's console. If anyone is interested in such I can hook you up with buddy. For now is plug and play for Haltech units and if enough interest is shown he can develop for stock ECU
  4. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Another gadget on the way and will follow up with pictures when in car. In my case it will replace battery voltmeter. Someone who likes can change all 3 OEM analog clusters for digital. It will be programmed to show Oil temperature, AFR but can actually show almost everything as it is connected straight to Haltech. Buddy is think if there will be enough interest to produce a version which can be connected to Stock ECU
  5. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    After a chat with RobS I've decided to try Vibra-technics engine mounts together with gearbox mount. Really hoping to see what will be end result and how much they will reduce engine movements and vibrations. Massive thanks to Chris from @Tarmac@TarmacSportz who stepped in an ordered this for me as i had hard time reaching Vibra-technics.
  6. 350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Big numbers
  7. Russia out of Europe?

    Ukraine I just an unsuccessful plan of EU and Western trying to put a pressure on Russia which now ended how it ended. Ukraine bring abandoned by EU and on time out from Russia. EU with USA is tightening the missile shield around Russia, also allies planes and war ships are patrolling close to Russia territories, it's funny to expect they will stand still. How would States react for example it was other around if Russia starts again something like Cuba. As far as Krimea goes Krimea was in past Russian territory and was given to Ukraine. Due to my job I have been working with a lot of lads from Krimea and they all declare them self like Russian. I was curious on referendum results as in western news it was described like false pool etc from their stories more than 90% people to vote for joining Russia.
  8. Russia out of Europe?

    Russian conquests hm... As i recall Russia didn't started any conquest in Syra nor they where first foreign troops to enter Syria. Western allies started it and Russia just provided support to legitimately elected president Assad after a very know scenario (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan) start developing in Syria. And Yanks and Western they do care a lot aside od gas pipe and oil
  9. Russia out of Europe?

    Strange how in majority of cases this weapons are "found" "used" in counties who are from strategical geopolitical values, rich in oil and gas, or have "dictators" on power... Western forces usually use peaches and flowers in their campaigns against their enemies
  10. Open for offer's
  11. Russia out of Europe?

    Dont want to start a fire but funny how Boris is lecturing on historical events and linking Putin to Hitler, and yet Soviets have boycotted Hitlers Olympic games. An old photo of United Kingdom vs Germany in 1938 6-3
  12. Has various stuff for Z's. Fitment is spot on
  13. 350z Greddy Twin Turbo Croatia

    Thanks for kind words. For time being im tired of modifications. It still remains to finish rear end with TS diffuser and Chargespeed bottom line rear add on's. Wheels for the moment I will leave like this so when i get tired of colour will do some darker like black or gun metal as I really want to say im done with mods and just enjoy a car for a bit Ring I would like to visit but due to nature of my job I don't know if that will be possible with your date's set Although I'm planning to visit Red Bull ring in Austria mid to end May. Im glad after all up's and downs you had that your build has move in right direction and I don't doubt after all it will be awsome TT project too. I see lately that twin turbo's are back in game again
  14. Didn't put it right, pads got stuck after a wash and leftover in garage. Anyway no big deal just move it bit fore and aft and they will let go