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  1. Already did waiting for a reply from Alex
  2. Need a used bank2 left side exhaust camshaft ASP Can anyone tell me where to find one?
  3. alexdax

    forged piston

    i need one forged 10,3.1CR piston because of an injector that damaged one. does anyone have a incomplete set of forged pistons that can sell me ONE piston? i have for sale/trade a complete set of wiseco 8.8.1cr and an incomplete (5 pistons) cosworth 10.3.1cr i realy what to install de 10.3 cosworth but i´m one piston short
  4. need a new flywheel ASP looking for a 6kg delivered to Portugal.
  5. alexdax

    ABS pump ASP

    anyone??? i need a abs pump
  6. ok i need the left and right send me a PM please with details the picture is visible about what i need?
  7. are they similar to powerflex?
  8. were can i find some hard work lower control arm bushing ???? powerflex? help me out here
  9. i´m looking for this too why not some hard work ones like powerflex?
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