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  1. scobie140

    ABS Issue

    I'm getting the ABS warning and light coming on as soon as the car is started. I'll give a little background on this. Its a Peugeot 206 55plate, The bearing in the torsion bar seized so to save a lot of faffing about I just swapped out the full torsion bar for a new one. Pushed the boat out and put new shocks, new wheel bearings & hubs. Rebuilt it and lovely soft suspension again but the ABS light and warning comes on as soon as the car is started. I assumed since the ABS sensors were seized in place and took a good bit of persuasion to come out that I had knackered them and never though much of it. Finally got round to changing out the sensors since it's Mot is due soon and the ABS light & warning still come on as soon as the car is started My code reader just reads ECU faults so isn't throwing anything up. Is there any way to check where the fault in the ABS system is? Any help is much appreciated.
  2. i'm sure no matter when you join it will take your points from when ever the start date of the league was so you should slot right in, hopefully below me
  3. scobie140

    Ford Fiesta ST150 MK 6

    A budget friendly project car? you should know better
  4. scobie140

    Which Snowfoam Lance & Bubbles should I buy?

    Artic is the best snow foam I've used so will be good try it against the BH, Ez products are good price when sales are on and I've liked most stuff I've tried of theirs. Not that i'm an expert mind you
  5. scobie140

    Which Snowfoam Lance & Bubbles should I buy?

    I'll need to try this next time. Shame I've got 15L of crap stuff that it bought off a recommendation to get through 1st
  6. scobie140

    New Project - maybe???

    100% Right!
  7. scobie140

    Clutch height adjustment question

    Yeh that sounds right, Its adjusting the pivot point so give you less travel
  8. scobie140

    Clutch height adjustment question

    If you go too far then the pedal can stick on the way back up, just takes a bit of trial and error to get the fine adjustment of low enough for a decent bit but high enough the pedal returns ok.
  9. scobie140

    The ilogikal1 test thread

    I tried similar wipes near the start of summer, after about 4 days they were back to how they were originally
  10. scobie140

    Hot start issue injectors

    Well would have been if he hadn't done all that first
  11. scobie140

    Hot start issue injectors

    At least it was a easy fix
  12. scobie140

    The build begins..

    Looking good
  13. scobie140

    "Pictures are for illustration only"

    Good effort on loading a full ads worth of useless pics
  14. I'd say hes welcome, the more competition the more interesting it is
  15. scobie140

    Moving On

    haha I was hoping you'd chip in with your experience. I'll get some ordered up next time i'm stocking up Yep done / do all of that. Unfortunately the black just exaggerates everything. The plan is to get a good glaze and use that between polishes when required. To be honest 9/10 people don't really notice it but because i'm up close washing,drying, etc I see it and it bugs me.