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  1. scobie140

    Standard W Braces, front and back.

    The ultra racing W brace for the rear does just the same job as OEM and fits exactly the same but is a fair bit cheaper. Alot of members have swapped to this when their W brace is past it.
  2. scobie140

    Metal or rubber shims for front and rear pads?

    The ones I got were metal coated in rubber. I'm sure I got them from Clarkmotorsport, never had any issues with them.
  3. scobie140

    Potential New 350 Owner - Some Random Questions

    Roadsters could be cheaper just now with the time of year? Its that time where sporty convertibles go down and big 4x4's go up.
  4. scobie140

    Private plate printing recommendations

    Ebay unless you want unique spacing or sizing etc
  5. scobie140

    Drop links

    My whiteline drop links only lasted about two years,I didn't think it was them that failed so bought the replicas off ebay just to try and see if they eliminated the knock and they have been spot on with no issues. its a easy job to change them thats why I took the easy option first. Because they are adjustable then even if the cheapo ones don't last all i'll have to replace is the rose joints which are pretty cheap for top spec ones. I don't track the car so mine won't get the same abuse that some members will achieve
  6. scobie140

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    I don't know if i'm impressed more by the build or that you have so many spirit levels
  7. scobie140

    What car cover to cover my new Zed!!

    You would be aswel just giving it a good clean and a good coating of wax/sealant if you can't get it in a garage. The biggest benefit will be the car not seeing any salt from the roads.
  8. scobie140

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    Do you have any indication of when the banana arms were last changed? If only a few years old I would just change the bushes and see how you get on. Should get new poly bushes for well under £100 and you'l most likely never have to change them again. Worse case if the ball joint is knackered you can put the poly bushes into a moog/ dorman arm
  9. scobie140

    My 240z Project

    Looks great, been good to see the full process
  10. You make this look easy and effortless
  11. scobie140

    Test drive 400bhp evo 10.... surprised

    Looks good, Its one of the options i'm looking at for the future so will be interesting to see how you compare them
  12. scobie140

    Show off your custom coloured or wrapped Z.

    Corsa VXR Green
  13. scobie140

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    I don't think I could name one person that I know who has ever bought a car and knew what the ncap tests results were for it. Its always based on styling, economy or money.
  14. scobie140

    ABS Issue

    I'm getting the ABS warning and light coming on as soon as the car is started. I'll give a little background on this. Its a Peugeot 206 55plate, The bearing in the torsion bar seized so to save a lot of faffing about I just swapped out the full torsion bar for a new one. Pushed the boat out and put new shocks, new wheel bearings & hubs. Rebuilt it and lovely soft suspension again but the ABS light and warning comes on as soon as the car is started. I assumed since the ABS sensors were seized in place and took a good bit of persuasion to come out that I had knackered them and never though much of it. Finally got round to changing out the sensors since it's Mot is due soon and the ABS light & warning still come on as soon as the car is started My code reader just reads ECU faults so isn't throwing anything up. Is there any way to check where the fault in the ABS system is? Any help is much appreciated.
  15. i'm sure no matter when you join it will take your points from when ever the start date of the league was so you should slot right in, hopefully below me