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  1. What a massive relief that must have been, £30 belt to feck knows how much for a engine rebuild.
  2. scobie140

    Oil coolers

    Unless you are tracking or boosted an oil cooler might be a bit overkill
  3. Just seen this, Impressive write up & a good bit of work you've put in!
  4. Personally I've only ever used the super unleaded in mine and in all the cars I've owned which specify this. The manufacturer's spends fortunes on R&D, they don't just specify this for the banter
  5. Another vote for the ctek chargers
  6. PM sent I went down the different filter route, took a lot longer than the few min I thought it would
  7. I've got a brand new one in the garage if you haven't already bought it from torquen. £50 delivered if you want it?
  8. I've got a replica aps sump http://www.airpowersystems.com/350z/sump/sump.htm same as this without the aps logo. It has two ports for feed & return. I run a V3 so I have one blanked and my oil temp sensor fitted into the other one.
  9. With the age of these cars this could become a popular fix, great for showing how its done
  10. Its amazing how a tv series can generate and spur on peoples interest in this, lots of people talking about it now and more aware of it
  11. Glad you got it sorted. Sorry i forgot to take a pic, desperate to get to bed after night shift and totally forgot
  12. I recently swapped mine out for this https://buybearings.co.uk/product/gtx-600-8mx-20-gates-gtx-powergrip-8m-pitch-20mm-wide I'll have a look at my set up after work if i remember and check the washer lay out
  13. If you move away from bosh you can squeeze in an exide 77AH with a CCA 760, Its tight but it did fit



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