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  1. I'm running the JWT uprated clutch & lightened flywheel with no issues. Just to throw another into the mix
  2. Your scrap piles are more impressive than most fab yards! Can never have enough though.
  3. I don't know if i'm more impressed with your projects or your never ending scrap pile
  4. Thats where a big dog who likes to makes their presence known comes in handy
  5. Aye that would be a braw combo. Ditch the tow strap though, just make your car look like it breaks down every 3 days
  6. Dark blue calipers ? would be a bit more subtle but would go nice with the red
  7. You seem to have it well thought out so far, hopefully it keeps going smoothly
  8. This looks like it will be a great build
  9. Summer toys is juggling between the Zed and the bike. Not bothered to take the Zed of SORN yet, not much point when it can only b used to go to work ad the shops. I was hoping to sell it to get a new summer toy but given the current climate I don't think it will happen this summer.
  10. Yep, 9/10 years. Longest I've kept any car.
  11. I'd ban cyclists, not just for this but full stop.
  12. Well I thought i'd be servicing it to take it off SORN but can't justify taxing it just to go back and forth to work when we've already got other cars and a bike to use. I did hope to sell the car so I could start a new project but unfortunately with the full pandemic carry on the niche market of buyers will have gotten alot smaller. So nothing else to do but enjoy her until she eventually sells. Gives me more time to decide on whats next I suppose. Passenger window motor seems a bit sluggish, I've got a new one lying in the garage so will tackle this when off work during the week. Must have noticed this previously and bought a new motor then forgot about it
  13. That is a nice car!
  14. scobie140


    There's also a guide on here somewhere that tells you how to strip and clean the carbon contacts which many guys have had success with.
  15. If your young fit and healthy then you would be aswel getting now and get it over with since you will be able to just self isolate, moan, feel sorry for yourself and then soldier once you've ridden the storm. Its really just the older, weak and those with under lying health issues that will cause strain on the NHS. Treat it like when kids get the chicken pox? I am by no means an expert I just think the media is hyping this into more of an issue than it is when the majority of the population doesn't fall into the vulnerable category.





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