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  1. scobie140

    World Cup

    I'd say its been the best world cup for a long time. Plenty of upsets. Got to love that the refs are letting the tackles fly in, it has cut all the annoying diving and soft fouls right down.
  2. scobie140

    DE losing oil slowly...

    I'd swap that out for 10W40 and compare the usage. But I'd also wait until someone smarter than me backed this up
  3. scobie140

    My Green ginge - Boosted

    A wee clean Then off to pro grip to get the alignment sorted. Only drove in traffic since its been done so not felt the benefits yet but turn in feels better already. Happy now that there is no more outstanding jobs on the car to do other than the idler pulley but that is a 5 min job i've just not got round to yet. Time to save up the pennies to get stone chips & arch rust sorted now
  4. scobie140

    Chargespeed bottomline

    That was some find!
  5. scobie140

    Ball Joint replacement

    The ball joints I fitted were non OEM and were the right size. I'd hardly say zmanalex is an idiot, he knows more about these cars than the service manual!
  6. scobie140

    DE losing oil slowly...

    Have you tried switching up to a thicker oil? What kind of miles are you doing? Driving it hard a lot? If there are no obvious leaks Its most likely burning it assuming its not leaking into your coolant
  7. scobie140

    Fly eye removal

    I know but then i'd need to spend ages getting all the fly eye mesh off the indicators and this would render the car off the road potentiall for a few days depending on how well it goes / work commitments, the back lights could have been put back on between fixing sessions. I'm scunnered working on the zed, anything not a 5 min job is getting put off until winter so I can just enjoy driving it while the weahter is nice. I've also neglected to change the timing belt & power steering pump on my run around for a year and a half so far cause i've always had something to do on the zed instead plus the mrs wants her brake callipers painted so we all know what will be getting done first haha.
  8. scobie140

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Sounds wild and looks a handful to drive
  9. scobie140

    Fly eye removal

    It seemed a good idea at the time ae! I've just realised that to remove the indicator clusters to do them is a bumper off job so won't be tackling them this summer
  10. Callipers look mint
  11. scobie140

    Fly eye removal

    You've just talked me into not doing it Just the standard, I did toy with that idea but have now ordered a set of LEDs and will put a tint film on them. So just the indicators and reverse lights to worrie about now
  12. scobie140

    Fly eye removal

    I'll take some If I o down the route of trying to remove it. That was my worrie that after all these years it will be brittle, break up and leave the lights in a mess. Hmm don't know if its going to be worth the hassle or if I'd be better buying new lights
  13. scobie140

    Fly eye removal

    I'm planning on removing the fly eye stuff from my rear lights as it looks naff up close and collects a lot of crap. Its been on them for about 5 years. Anyone any experience of removing this after a long time? Is this going to be a ball ache? any lasting damage? I've not got a lot of time off work just now so wan't to have a rough idea if its worth attempting or not.
  14. scobie140

    Wide rear arch, how to do it

    Great way to deal with the pesky rear arch rust, would have saved a fortune on getting a bodyshop to do it
  15. scobie140

    New MOT Rules - Anyone faced any issues?

    Not arguing about it mate, I'm only going with what I seen on the test screen & what the two testers said. Hopefully they've just had a bad update or something and it will be 0.3 on what ever garage I take it back to next year.