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  1. Any tips for restoring plastic trim

    Pics are pretty poor to be honest but so were the results Before pics; 2nd hand diffuser in "good" condition after a good clean with just soap and water. Magic sponge dot rid of most of the lighter scuffs @ilogikal1 After some trial and error on a bit that won't be seen it was clear that wet & dry was far too abrasive, scotch brite was ok but would have needed the full bumper done then a full polish which without a machine polisher would have taken ages. So gave it all a good hand polish. Gave it a good clean up then a coating of trim restorer. The only bit that's made good improvements is the painted trim, that was removed and treated to a refurb with rattle cans. As you can see I couldn't recover my test patch, Its under the car well out of sight anyway A few other marks still noticeable but slightly better. How it will sit on the car No one will prob ever notice these marks but it will still annoy me every time I wash the car. If I had more time i'd probably sand it right back and get it perfect then paint it the same colour as the car, then moan about how bad a paint job I've done to it
  2. Any tips for restoring plastic trim

    Not a fan of that to be honest, looks good from afar but when close up looks cheap. I've maybe never seen a good example mind you. My thoughts was if I kept it OEM as possible then it wouldn't really be noticeable other than to me because I know its there
  3. Any tips for restoring plastic trim

    Cheers guys I'll give this a bash over the weekend as it needs to be fitted for Monday morning to get the new exhaust made up to suit. I'd have never thought about trying a magic sponge on it. I think I might have some trim restorer in the garage if not it will have to be what ever decent option halfords can offer. I'll take some better pics to show how it started vs how I got on and what bits I made worse
  4. For another car not my zed. Looking to remove a lot of scuffs and scratches from this plastic trim, its unpainted but a matte-ish finish. It was sold as in good condition but when it arrived it looks like its been kicked through a car park No new ones in stock in the uk or europe so will have to bite the bullet and refurb it best I can. I've not really had time to try much on it but I can experiment on the bits that won't be seen. I tried a little polish which worked a treat on the very light scuffs but not sure the best way to go about the deeper ones without making it obvious which bits I've tampered with. I'm not going down the road of painting it as i'd like to keep it OEM as possible. Cheers for any suggestions
  5. Scottish meets 2018

    I'm working dayshift all weekend I've still not looked at the car since november so need to get my finger out and do the few jobs required for when winter is over
  6. My Green ginge - Boosted

    I can confirm the solar charger failed and only deylayed the flat battery. However the car has never been started since November so that wouldn't have helped. Will need to stick charge battery on the to do list aswel now
  7. Nuts / Bolts!

    Be carful switching bolts to a different material as it can result in galvanic corrosion which could put you in a worse place than you started.
  8. Ross' new 350z operation 1jz gte

    Just found this, sounds like its going to be a good build
  9. diy individual throttle bodies

    Looking good
  10. 2004 Azure Blue build

    Looking forward to see how it turns out, and for £13 might be on my to do list before putting the car back on the road
  11. For those who like a puzzle

    I thought it was a trick thismorning
  12. 2004 Azure Blue build

    Looking good, mods are fairly racking up! Quite like the idea of the black roof
  13. SGS rear struts.

    I have a long skinny bit of wood which I use to jam mine up to save any trapped bodyparts when using the boot
  14. My Green ginge - Boosted

    Finally got a chance to put the pics back in. not 100% ive got the order right but still better than nothing. Just need to find the rest and re do it from the start as best I can
  15. My Green ginge - Boosted

    I've been meaning to go back through it and re load all the pics. Just not had much time, Its on the to do list though! It was mega helpful for me checking out other members builds. Gutted photo bucket ruined most of them, and a lot of them were old ones so most likely will never be updated.