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  1. I spent a few min trying to work out why you would get your works shift pattern on your wrist before the penny dropped I've got a fair few and a sleeve. A few of my earlier ones are looking pretty poor/crap now but i'd never get them covered or removed as its memories of being young and daft. Only rule I have is they must be coverable by a long sleeve shirt.
  2. I run the JWT clutch with a lightened fly wheel and the clutch just feels like the OEM did, lightened fly wheel took a wee bit getting used to at first but well worth the slight chatter at idle.
  3. Use a dremil or something similar to cut it in half as much as possible then fold it back and forwards, twist it etc until it snaps. Pretty big job to remove it correctly & like others have said in those posts I doubt it serves much purpose with it being so thin and not really having anything connected to it. I'm no expert but that would be how I would tackle it.
  4. Your in good hands with Dynatune, Chris will get it sorted
  5. Took the old battery out and charged it for 2 days. The charger said it ha completed the regen cycle and it was fully charged, when I fitted it the next day it was dead again All those winters of never trickle charging it caught up with it. So sized up and got the biggest battery I could fit in the bay. Fits like a glove! Just need to clean the air filter an its ready for this year
  6. I found the biting point on my zed really high when I got it, I just lowered it by adjusting the pivot point on the pedal via a guide on here. It only took about 10min and made the bite much lower and more to my liking. Obviously if you've not bought it yet you can't try this out but you could test drive it to see if the clutch is actually slipping or just needs adjusted
  7. I used a solid bend to avoid any risk of the hose collapsing as its quite a big diameter with little structural support if you just use a silicone bend. A bit more detail on mine below
  8. I should know in a day or two If I can go
  9. I work in the Scottish one so I kinda cheated by having insider knowledge
  10. Is the pressure sender a genuine nissan OEM one? if not you will probably find that this is the issue.
  11. Surely you will use it more than 10 days throughout the year? if so then the sky policy is a much better deal than this
  12. This isn't a thing. Its refinery to fore court via a tankers. And up north the one refinery supplies the lot.



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