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  1. Another vote for the ctek chargers
  2. PM sent I went down the different filter route, took a lot longer than the few min I thought it would
  3. I've got a brand new one in the garage if you haven't already bought it from torquen. £50 delivered if you want it?
  4. I've got a replica aps sump http://www.airpowersystems.com/350z/sump/sump.htm same as this without the aps logo. It has two ports for feed & return. I run a V3 so I have one blanked and my oil temp sensor fitted into the other one.
  5. With the age of these cars this could become a popular fix, great for showing how its done
  6. Its amazing how a tv series can generate and spur on peoples interest in this, lots of people talking about it now and more aware of it
  7. Glad you got it sorted. Sorry i forgot to take a pic, desperate to get to bed after night shift and totally forgot
  8. I recently swapped mine out for this https://buybearings.co.uk/product/gtx-600-8mx-20-gates-gtx-powergrip-8m-pitch-20mm-wide I'll have a look at my set up after work if i remember and check the washer lay out
  9. If you move away from bosh you can squeeze in an exide 77AH with a CCA 760, Its tight but it did fit
  10. I used this style of kit https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/162309309781?chn=ps ,I made a custom cup to get a better fit along with a bit of heat
  11. I spent a few min trying to work out why you would get your works shift pattern on your wrist before the penny dropped I've got a fair few and a sleeve. A few of my earlier ones are looking pretty poor/crap now but i'd never get them covered or removed as its memories of being young and daft. Only rule I have is they must be coverable by a long sleeve shirt.
  12. I run the JWT clutch with a lightened fly wheel and the clutch just feels like the OEM did, lightened fly wheel took a wee bit getting used to at first but well worth the slight chatter at idle.



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