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  1. scobie140

    Dirty Christmas fun ! Cams/stem seals/timing chain

    Great write up and will be really helpful for anyone doing it in the future
  2. scobie140

    'STANG thread

    Would love one of them
  3. scobie140

    They Have Arrived.

  4. scobie140

    350z gtm Twinturbo kit

    Thats just mental expecting people to pay that much to tax a car
  5. scobie140


    Hopefully just a service. Possibly get the rusty arches fixed depending on quotes, not had many but the few I've had either wouldn't put a figure on it or just said "expensive, I'd just sell the car mate" Its only a bit of welding and paint ffs!
  6. scobie140

    Torque wrench which one ?

    We use Norbar ones at work mostly, I believe they are owned by snap on. They take a good bit of abuse and punishment and only a few fail the yearly calibration test. Way overkill for the general hobby mechanic probably but a brand I've used a lot due to work. The one Ekona linked should be more than ample for home use.
  7. scobie140

    JWT Clutch & Flywheel

    I've got the same set up on my boosted zed, single mass light weight fly wheel took a bit to get used to but just feels natural now. Very easy and smooth to drive for an uprated clutch
  8. scobie140

    Help with 207cc please

    My wee 206 went through a spell of blowing headlight bulbs every few weeks last winter, couldn't find any faults and all of a sudden it stopped and I've not had to change them since. I just put it down to being french
  9. scobie140

    Leadership Challenge :)

    Go bold and vote an animal as a leader. I'd go octopus, i'm sure one predicted all the correct results for a world cup/ euros recently.
  10. scobie140

    Front plate fitting

    I'm sure when mines was like this I just used the halfords stuff but heated the plate with a heat gun to give it a slight curve.
  11. scobie140

    Dirty Christmas fun ! Cams/stem seals/timing chain

    Following I'm sure at somepoint it could be a job i'll need to under take, hopefully not but ye never know.
  12. scobie140

    Front and rear washers

    I got a new washer pump for £8ish from euro car parts when mines failed a while back.