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  1. My Green ginge - Boosted

    I've been meaning to go back through it and re load all the pics. Just not had much time, Its on the to do list though! It was mega helpful for me checking out other members builds. Gutted photo bucket ruined most of them, and a lot of them were old ones so most likely will never be updated.
  2. My Green ginge - Boosted

    So i've done hee haw since it was parked uplast month, hopefully will get some time this month or next to catch up on the niggles. I seen these on sale and though meh why not? Plugs into the OBD port so no fafing about running cables to the battery. I'm not expecting much as its winter in scotland so sunshine is pretty rare but it might help stop it going stone dead like every other year when I forget to run it/ stick the trickle charger on it every month. Prob a waste of money but
  3. Sensor thingy - left rear.

    If its a little plastic link I think that's for the headlights to level themselves.
  4. DIY carbon parts for the interior.

    The end results look cracking
  5. Watched a few episodes but never really got into it. Only watched it as they were filming near here a few month back and was curious to see what it was. I think its quite big in America
  6. 350z Garage

    If I put a car in my garage when its empty I can barely get out the door, It's more a brick shed so all work is done out on the sloping mono block drive way
  7. How do you clamp your pipe?

    After trailing through the minefield that is now photo bucket and fighting off 500 adverts and pop ups it looks like I've just used two worm jubilee clips.
  8. my supercharged Z review on driftlandTV

    Good to finally see it in action! Brave man handing it over to someone else to throw about
  9. Rear level sensor incorrectly fitted

    I've always wondered what that flimsy thing was for!
  10. Fife Meet?

    I'm SORN'd for the winter now
  11. This Alfa looks nice

  12. MOT advisories - cost to put right

    Find the corroded area's rub it down, treat it and paint it. should keep them happy and just check up on it every now and then. As ekona said get new rubber and a good geo done to sort out that un even ware and it will improve your handling aswel, that would be my priority.
  13. Paperclips

    Mines seems to have stopped doing anything once I got to the swarm computing Not sure if its meant to do this or If its crashed and I'll have to start again. Even if I close it it opens back up at the same part
  14. Aftermarket Clutch Experiences Please?

    Try adjusting your bite point using the guide on the forum before splashing out on this, Costs nothing to do.
  15. Paperclips

    Damn addictive! I just never get time to finish it. furthest I've got is the drones