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  1. The beauty of it all is your only limited by your creativity and possibly budget
  2. This has evolved so much more than i expected already
  3. Looks cracking,If I wasn't trying to sell my car i'd buy one
  4. scobie140

    W Brace

    Quick easy job unless the bolts shear. Have drills & taps handy
  5. Shame about the restorer screwing you over, hopefully you get it back on track. That wiring looks like my worst nightmare
  6. 2004 475BHP Supercharged Nissan 350z UK GT Spec I've had this since 2011 and its come along way since then but it's time for a change. Car has 4 previous owner. Currently sitting at 79000Miles I supercharged the car myself and had the work checked over by Chris at Dynatune before he mapped it. It is currently sitting at 411WHP which equates to roughly 475BHP, well under the safe limits of these cars. I have a folder full of receipts & pictures of most of the work done. Serviced every year regardless of mileage. Car will come with all spares required to return to standard & a set of OEM wheels. £12,000 No offers, No swaps, No test pilots Any questions please ask Engine mods Vortech V3 SCi trim Black vortech intercooler Upgrade 3' intake pipe with MAF boss Uprev MAF GT sensor 19 row black thermostatic oil cooler APS style finned/baffled oil pan (1lite extra capacity) Denso 1 step colder spark plugs CJM stage 0 return fuel system Walbro 255lph fuel pump Deathswerks 600cc denso injectors Kinetix intake plenum JWT HD clutch kit Lightweight aluminium flywheel Braided clutch line New alternator Upgraded battery Custom Stainless creations 3” De cat exhaust system & cats for swapping at Mot time Suspension & Brakes Federo DS2500 pads Black diamond grooved & dimpled discs F&R HEL Braided brake likes Tein Lowering springs White line Anti roll bars F&R Ultra speed W brace Various bush sets replaced with whiteline poly bushes Additional Mods Reversing camera LED rear lights Original Map Check up and fine tune 1 year after Build thread here
  7. What a massive relief that must have been, £30 belt to feck knows how much for a engine rebuild.
  8. scobie140

    Oil coolers

    Unless you are tracking or boosted an oil cooler might be a bit overkill
  9. Just seen this, Impressive write up & a good bit of work you've put in!
  10. Personally I've only ever used the super unleaded in mine and in all the cars I've owned which specify this. The manufacturer's spends fortunes on R&D, they don't just specify this for the banter
  11. Another vote for the ctek chargers
  12. PM sent I went down the different filter route, took a lot longer than the few min I thought it would
  13. I've got a brand new one in the garage if you haven't already bought it from torquen. £50 delivered if you want it?
  14. I've got a replica aps sump http://www.airpowersystems.com/350z/sump/sump.htm same as this without the aps logo. It has two ports for feed & return. I run a V3 so I have one blanked and my oil temp sensor fitted into the other one.



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