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  1. Slightly dirty fuel filter then

    Must have been some nasty fuel
  2. *** TORQEN *** A guide to 350z bushes

    Great wee guide
  3. windows 10 tablet installation

    Looks cracking, very modern
  4. Winter tyres

    Yeh its each to their own. After my first winter of owning the zed and taking me 40min to get out my street in the morning I went down the banger route and have never looked back, too many hills where I stay. Pretty common in the winter to watch people slide right out of the junctions onto the road or slide into the kerb on the last corner in the scheme and thats before you hit the main roads
  5. And so it begins.........gunmetal Weymouth

    Good luck with the sale! Black cars look mint when freshly cleaned, just a nightmare to keep it that way Any plans for this one?
  6. Winter tyres

    Banger with 6month to a year mot £350-450 for a mechanically sound one. Insurance if you are doing it right should be less than £200 but with a refund if you cancel after winter when you bin/ sell the car. Yearly mot? £0 Servicing?£0 it's not a keeper so no need to waste money on this. Road tax refund on the zed while parked up for the winter £££ Petrol costs of running a 1.0 vs 3.5 can pretty much pay for the car the savings made here over 4-5 month if you average 1k a month. The luxury of parking as close to the shops as possible in the p*ssing down rain and not care when inconsiderate fellow drivers batter your door with theirs, priceless You can get two half decent winter tyres for about £80 for the banger if you want the extra assurance, front wheel drive usually so no need to stick them on the back.
  7. And so it begins.........gunmetal Weymouth

    What happened to your original car? or do you have two now?
  8. Winter tyres

    For the price of winter tyres on the zed I'd just buy a cheap banger for the winter then who cares if you or anyone else looses control and does some damage.
  9. Outdoor cover.

    Are the outdoor covers not meant to increase the likelihood of introducing swirls etc as bit of dust and dirt can end up trapped between the paint and the cover then get moved about by the wind? Would you not be better just using a good sealant on it so all it requires is a quick wash after being sat for long periods of time?
  10. Undershroud help

    My under tray is held on by 80% cable ties. It decided to detach the front half and fold over on the motorway one night and scare the sh*it out of me one night had a few in the car so quickly patched it up at the side of the road. When I got home I went a bit mental with the cable ties and its more secure now than it ever was, quick release for maintenance aswel
  11. My Green ginge - Boosted

    The cars been sat up on axel stands for a while due to a mixture of waiting on parts,weather & work. New beefy ball joint pressing tool arrived Happy days, only none of the tools that came with it fitted the ball joint correctly Had to improvise and make something up roughly, and i mean roughly Popped out no problem with a lot of brute fore and a roasting New ones on the left, old on the right. Old ones were free to move but couldn't feel any actual slackness to suggest they were overly worn. Got new cones, which turned out to be the wrong ones the one on the left is the original I removed from the old joint Just a very slight size difference. Sized up the new ball joints and found they had 0.022" interference fit Couldn't find any details to see what size this should be, it was a bit less by the time I had cleaned up all the scores etc. So the ball joints took a trip to the freezer and the hubs got a roasting prior to fitting. Again none of the parts from the kit fitted the ball joints correctly so had to improvise again, luckily 2" socket fits perfectly Built back up now Took it a quick spin but can swear i'm still hearing a banging noise going over the speed bumps Although there is a chance it could be something I've installed when fitting the supercharger, at least that's what i'm hoping for. Struggled to get any movement on the arms with my pry bar like was managed before but i'm still not convinced. I'll book it back in for the tracking and hopefully all will be fine. 1st start for a while and forgot how squeaky and screechy it was until warmed up, I've got a new belt ready to be fitted over the winter and i'll change the jack-shaft bearings as i'm sure thats where the new squeak is coming from. For now I just want to enjoy the last wee while before shes back off the road.
  12. My N/A DE Build

    Wish I had the time & facilities to do that level of work. The old driveway is pretty limited Going to a cracking car once finished
  13. My N/A DE Build

    An interesting read, glad you seem to be past all the bad news
  14. Facelift headlight mods

    Looks much better than the OEM light before you've even light it up!
  15. Cosworth Issue

    Glad its sorted, shame it's taken so long!