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  1. I'll keep the flip key mod for a winter project Just a cheap ebay key do the trick?
  2. Best bet would be to try and hear as many different ones in person as possible and see what you prefer. You tube is handy but struggles to capture the true sound, it can give you a rough idea though. Last few cars I've just went for a custom exhaust.
  3. Shouldn't cause damage to the drive but you could put the axle stands on metal plates or solid wooden boards to spread the weight if your wanting to be extra cautious. I park mine up on the drive for the winter for about 4months every year and to be honest do very little. Good deep clean and a wax to help seal it. I try to start it every few weeks if I remember and leave it running for 15-20min to let everything come up to temp and boil off any moisture in the oil. Usually give it a shuffle about the drive to stop the brakes locking up aswel. Your battery will die unless you put it on trickle charger most likely, these are cheap enough to pick up. I'd recommend changing the oil & filter before putting it back on the road if its been off a while and giving everything a good check over. There is much better ways to do it and people with OCD have massive lists on what should & shouldn't be done. I'm sure there will be a few on here who would put my routine to shame
  4. Yep that's the official jacking point for the rear I think. Its the bit I've used every time I've had the back end off the ground over the years.
  5. This will look really good when done. Very modern looking
  6. To be fair its a snail
  7. Bit the bullet in the end, couldn't find any supplier in the uk so ordered from summit racing in the states. $15 each just the postage that's the killer
  8. Got a bit more done today. Lower front subframe grit blasted and painted. Just used hammerite with a brush, its possibly the worst finish I've ever seen but its 2 really thick coats & out of sight under the car so better than it was before Old bushes pressed out New ones ready to fit nice and snug, suspension doesn't sag anywhere near as much when lifted with the new bushes so shows how much play they last ones had. Rear discs and pads were badly needing done! Driverside Passenger side compared to new ones Bled the brakes through with just under two bottles of RBF600. Way overkill bleeding this much but got carried away Now for some bad news, checked all the wheels while they have been off and all were fine apart from the rear driver side. two bits of metal and a bit of a gouge out the tread. Never had to put any air in when I've checked the pressure so not sure how recent they are but another repair on the to do list. Nothing major just another niggle. Just awaiting pulleys arriving from america then she will be back on the road and booked in to get the calipers resprayed
  9. Where do you guys source your idler pulleys from? The bearings are away on two of mine from the vortech mounting bracket. I thought it would be a nice simple job to pop a circlip out then press the bearing out and re fit a new one but these are sealed into the pulley New SKF bearings are about £4 each so thought it was a cheap fix I've had a google but can't find the pulleys I need. If anyone has any ideas on where to source them I'm all ears. Pics below for part numbers etc
  10. Managed to get up early and get a bit done before heading out for nightshift New sump with oil sensor and blanking plate ready to fit New sump allows me to use y magnetic sump plug. Really happy to have this back in. The offending crack. never noticed this the 1st time i fitted it as it only shows when the plug is in but it does explain why the plug was a slack fit. Annoyed as I should have noticed this but at the time was rushing t get the build finished. Previous owner was obviously a bit heavy handed with the sump plug Had enough time to whip off the idler pulleys. The two ones with the green seal sound rough but the orange NSK one sounds and feels fine. I'll get these popped out and get new SKF/NSK/FAG ones ordered up as this is the brands we use a work so know they are decent. Bearing sizes are 6203 for anyone needing these in the future
  11. Its a copy of the Japseed one which is a copy of the APS one Ebay special from the far east. It's just cast aluminium and seems decent enough quality, more importantly its not cracked! I did try to source a APS one but didn't have any joy. Due to speed bumps in my street I can't risk any of the other brands which offer either spacers or deeper sumps I need to go wider for extra capacity. Rained off today and nightshift all weekend so will hopefully finish next week
  12. Been quiet on the car front due to working on the garden so the jobs have been slowly piling up. Finally finished the garden so time to knock a few of the jobs off the list or atleast make a start. Known issues; Banana arm bush is well gone now Cracked oil sump Passenger brake was squeaking constantly Drive belt idler pulleys starting to squeak. Had a look at the brakes last week and it turns out that the inside pad had seized in the caliper discs were looking a bit done anyway so time for some fresh discs. New banana arm bushes from clarkemotorsport New oil sump Ripped off the lower sub frame and arms. It all came away pretty easy, i'm not used to this The banana arms were replaced by the previous owner the week before i bought the car so decided to re-use them and just replace the bushes with whiteline. As you can see they are pretty worn. I'll not have access to a press until this weekend so this is as far as i can take this just now. Moved onto the front brakes, decided on black diamond discs all round and ferodo ds2500 pads on the front with black diamond predator pads on the rear. Nice easy job. The hardest part was getting the seized pad out, this took some persuading. All pistons moved freely and piston seals in decent condition so happy with that. Not much difference between front and back All fitted and bled, calipers badly need a re-spray! Something came up so this was as far as I've got. Hopefully get the sump done today if the weather holds out but i'm not getting my hopes up. While the lower sub frame is off i'm going to clean up and paint it.
  13. Can't remember off the top of my head, I sure it was either M4 or M6. It was fiddly I remember that much
  14. The clips are just a plastic which the bolt/screw can't remember makes its own thread. They can easily strip after being take on and off a few times. I replaced mine with stainless nuts & bolts when they gave up holding the bumper tight.
  15. Youl never be finished always that one more thing to do or tweek to make