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  1. Wideband sensor

    Looking for recommendations on for a wide band sensor. I've found this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AEM-X-Series-Wideband-UEGO-AFR-Sensor-Controller-Gauge-30-0300-AEM-Wideband/122557750457?epid=1652230613&hash=item1c8902dcb9:g:inwAAOSwk4taslec Any good?
  2. Plenums

    I have the kinetix v+ never really gave me any issues, I'm now pushing it by running it boosted and still no issues.
  3. My Green ginge - Boosted

    Knew something was up! Some strange noises coming from the front of the car and it feeling sluggish every now and then with the voltmeter readings jumping from 11V to 14V on the gauge constantly until it gave up and just sat at 11.5V with the battery light on. It sounded like the alternator pulley was sticking. My immediate thought is alternator. So stripped the alternator off. What a ball ache that is when the car is boosted, so much extra stuff to strip. And why make the holding bolt so long! Strangely it spins freely and feels fine this is at hands speed though so not quite replicating the 1000+ rpm I'll get it tested on Monday and hope its faulty and that’s the problem solved, if not I'll need to rebuild it and get an auto electrician to have a look at it. Not looking forward to the refit either way
  4. Is that not just a cover for access to the chamber covers?
  5. Vortech Bracket

    Cheers for the pic Given me some food for thought. I just winged it with my design, only thing I measured was the distance between the holes in the strut brace @evilscorp when you fitted yours did you pre load the bar under compression or leave it with a little play? After a few trial and errors this is how I've left it for now. Battery is dead so never run it up to see if it's any better or not. I can't see the 2nd bracket doing much for the sound deadening as it will still be metal to metal same as the top bracket. I think I'll turn the bar down a bit as its a bit ott and i'll make another bracket for the strut bar with the hole further out so I can mount the rose joint underneath it and keep it sitting squarer. Probably replace the nut I've used as a spacer with a proper spacer.
  6. My Green ginge - Boosted

    New bearings arrived Shaft stripped and cleaned up New bearings fitted. All rebuilt and fitted. The bracket now transfers the noise of the supercharger straight into the chassis and into the cabin Looking for advice from other with a similar set up via the thread below. Left it running on the drive for 20min then drove it to work. Was good to have its first drive since November, never pushed it really just taking it easy and re acquainting myself with all the weird noises that the vortech brings with it. Felt a bit sluggish, could be cause its running on fumes that has been in the tank for 5 month, possible boost leak from having the pipework off recently. The belt was starting to slip a little I think on the way home so will tighten that at some point soon. I'm not overly worried just now and won't push it until Chris has had a play with her to see if she needs any adjustment since the last tune. Busy period at work for the next month but once my order from opie oils arrives I'll get her serviced then booked in with Chris at dyna tune to give her the once over & then get booked in to get the alignment sorted.
  7. Vortech Bracket

    I didn't bother with that extra bracket just now, my plan was to just go with the one bracket and see if the belt jumped a rib again. I didn't have belt slip before but it did jump a rib once near the end of the year and made a mess of the belt. I wouldn't imagine the other bracket making any difference to the noise/vibration transfer?
  8. Vortech Bracket

    I've cut a bit of 1/4" rubber I'll stick between the supercharger bracket and the angle iron and see how it goes. I've found vibration bobbins for mounting machinery that I could possibly try but don't want anything that will flex too much and defeat the purpose of the bracket, trial and error I suppose. Just curious how the guys who have similar fitted have found it.
  9. Battery Pole - JDM

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pair-Vehicle-Battery-Lead-Repair-Shim-Fix-Worn-Posts-Loose-Fitting-Terminals/322463019096?epid=906501683&hash=item4b144b3058:g:Rn0AAOSw-kdXyIg0 I've used these before, You might need to do a bit more digging to find JDM sized ones though
  10. Vortech Bracket

    Fitted my bracket today. It's going to need a little fine tuning to get it to sit better but should do the job fine. I never took the car a drive as it's not quite ready for that yet but did notice that the resonance noise from the charger is amplified into the cabin now. I'm assuming its because its a solid connection to the chassis now and not through the rubber engine mounts. Have any of you guys who have fitted the one from torqen had this issue? Any ideas on a solution? I was thinking possibly some sort of fibre washer might help dampen the vibration?
  11. Twin turbo 350z build.

    Not 100% on the technical specs of the blue but the heat is probably too high on the manifold for it. But there will be something similar out there that will cope with the high temps.
  12. Lightweight flywheel & Clutch

    I'm pretty sure that's the same one I fitted, found the clutch to feel much the same as OEM which was a bonus. No complaints so far
  13. Driftland

    Scottish drift championship first round. But they ran a clean car show sort of thing aswel
  14. Driftland

    A few pics from driftland today I'd have up loaded more but it's taking an age clicking every picture individually on my pbone
  15. STILLEN supercharger

    You might have more luck if you fancy going down the vortec route, can't say i've seen many stillen chargers for sale over the years