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  1. Finally remembered to change the passenger window motor, a nice day for it. Old one Just need to find time and more good weather to give her a good clean up for fresh pics and get her up for sale. Its been 10 years and is still great fun to drive but it's time for a new project I think, need to scratch that V8 itch.
  2. Only just caught up with this, great reading and amazing talent. Can't wait for the end result.
  3. That time of year again, serviced her at the weekend & two new front tyre's for her mot today which she passed Decided to stick a new belt due to noticing a slight bit of damage to to a small section of one rib on the old one, a bit overkill but not expensive and keeps it in tiptop condition
  4. That's more wires than I expected for a car of this age
  5. Looks like you've done a good job. Always wanted to do this but been put off by the thought of messing it up.
  6. I tried these last time this video was posted, the result lasted about a week tops then went back to cloudy.
  7. Love capri's, Good luck with the sale. If my zed had sold i'd be seriously temped by that.
  8. I'm running the JWT uprated clutch & lightened flywheel with no issues. Just to throw another into the mix
  9. Your scrap piles are more impressive than most fab yards! Can never have enough though.
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