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  1. ilogikal1

    Wheel Spacers

    Not just lighter, but treated to lightweightedness! That description reads very much like they take a “traditional conventional” (same thing, but carry on) spacer and treat it to lightweightedness to “achieve the function of reducing weight”.
  2. ilogikal1

    Wheel Spacers

    I've just started a line in Forged Active Cooling Exhaust Mounts. Yours for the cheap, cheap price of £100 each. Coming soon I'll be branching out into Forged Active Cooling Shirt Buttons, for all your formal wear needs. (Although I'm beginning to think the OP is more interested in selling than buying. )
  3. ilogikal1

    Wheel Spacers

    They're wheel spacers. What are they cooling? What's the benefit of them cooling whatever it is they're supposed to be cooling? There is no purpose to having "active cooling" wheel spacers, so; yes, it is 100% just a gimmick.
  4. It depends entirely on your budget. You can get fair results on tighter budget without a machine polish, if you're using the right products and a lot of effort to polish by hand (depending on how much correction the car needs). Alternatively you can get incredible results if you empty your bank account and buy everything you'll ever need. Or you can pay someone to do it for you. As an example, Poorboys Natty's Blue Paste Wax for about £17 will give you a similar finish to Auto Finesse Desire for £120. For the £100 difference, you could get a
  5. Budget? What prep are you doing? The vast majority of your gloss will come from prep - i.e. a deep clean (clay, fallout, paint cleaner, the works) and proper machine polish. If you're just slapping wax on without much/any prep then you won't get much gloss outside of any SiO2 based coating. That said, with answers to these two questions I can probably give you something useful to work with. Budget is important though.
  6. Well, if the Celica is anything to go by, certainly. Also, it's designed for a completely different car so I wouldn't expect it to be a straight fit regardless.
  7. +another one for CTEK MXS 5. Got mine for the Z during lockdown and highly recommend it.
  8. The best people to tell you that would be the reputable trader who is providing and fitting the kit for you... Seriously, speak to Horsham, tell them what you want from it and they'll be able to tell you what strain the kit they're supplying would be running under to get what you're looking for. Or, what you'd need to spend to get reliability out of "over 400bhp".
  9. Am I missing something here? You say you would prefer a turbo, you say you’ve got a price from a reputable company who can supply and fit within your budget. So… what’s this thread actually about then?
  10. Why would it make any difference to forecourts? Any that can offer 3 fuels now (unleaded, Super unleaded and diesel) will still have the capacity to offer 3 fuels when one of them changes composition slightly. They still have to be stored separately regardless of how they’re produced.
  11. ilogikal1

    Wheel Spacers

    Never heard of them. But "Active Cooling Wheel Spacers"; so many questions! Just reads like a massive gimmick with nothing to substantiate the claims. Unless they're cheaper than the known alternatives, I don't see any actual advantage of these.
  12. Panic not; https://www.which.co.uk/news/2021/06/new-greener-e10-petrol-to-replace-standard-petrol-in-pumps-is-your-car-compatible/ https://www.gov.uk/guidance/e10-petrol-explained#compatibility
  13. Right boys and girls, strap yourselves in, for I am about to bring you a terribly exciting update about... ...stuff I've reviewed before. Yay, I hear you all say. Well the super exciting stuff is that today's rereview comes in the form of plastic trims. Woohoo! I started off with a filthy engine bay that hasn't been cleaned, much leass detailed, for an exceptionally, somewhat embarrassingly, long time. For reasons that may become clear at some point, I didn't wash the bay first. I did, however, take pictures and we all love pictures. Because I didn't wash an
  14. So we're not counting the 45-60 minutes it takes to warm the batteries up to be able to do a quarter mile in 9.47 seconds, then? Asking for a friend.
  15. This. Rubbing with a microfibre will eventually shift it, but when using glue remover it's best to soak it in the stuff whenever you can. Saturate a cotton (or bamboo if you're bothered about the environment) makeup pad remover/paper towel (basically anything you can use to keep the area wet) and leave it to soak in for a few minutes first - just don't let it dry out! - then dab a bit on a microfibre and start rubbing. If it's not coming off freely go for another soak to make it easier. And remember to rinse thoroughly when done, you don't want glue remover to dry on the surface.
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