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  1. ilogikal1

    Shemima Begum?

    Definitely akin to speeding; no harm unless it goes wrong or involves other people... More seriously though, it depends on what you define as terrorism. Typically they tend to involve breaking others laws with a specific motivatio, so it depends on the individual act; murder for revenge is equivalent to murder for terrorism, for example.
  2. ilogikal1

    PopZ - First Rod Build and other Zed Shed Antics

    Ah so he is doing the VVV20 Frankenstein's-monster-triple-engine conversion to the Pop after all then....
  3. ilogikal1

    Shemima Begum?

    Laws that expressly prohibit taking someone into custody without suitable suspicion of breaking said laws, you mean? So... ...under what law? Annoyingly I actually agree with you (to an extent) but the law doesn't allow us to simply take her into custody without good reason. Currently, buggering off to Syria and being very blasé about seeing some horrific things isn't, to my knowledge, "good reason" in the eyes of the law.
  4. ilogikal1

    Shemima Begum?

    It’s not telling the other country to take her though, it’s saying she’s nothing to do with us anymore as there is a potential alternative. So long as we get in there first..
  5. ilogikal1

    Shemima Begum?

    True, she shouldn't be allowed back until she is genuinely remorseful. What I meant was that she is currently so unremorseful that she's not even prepared to pretend to be, she so utterly believes her actions are so completely justified.
  6. ilogikal1

    Shemima Begum?

    The problem with that is, she’s isn’t horrified with herself... yet. Until she is, my personal opinion is that she shouldn’t be allowed back into the country. Yet. That doesn’t mean we can't send people to her to help her though. This kinda plays into the “she’s just a naive child” argument, but she’s (arguably) currently too stupid to even pretend to apologetic for her actions just yet.
  7. ilogikal1

    Twin turbo 350z build.

    So in the course of 1 page we’ve gone from “not interested in German cars, they’re all boring” met with a resounding “you’re wrong.”, a quick verse of “sweeping statement was not accurate” and landed on “that’s it, I’m buying a German car”. Do you feel you’re easily swayed? I’ll rephrase that, you’re easily swayed... aren’t you.
  8. ilogikal1


    Sorry the hear this Steve (all of it). Good luck with everything from here on though.
  9. ilogikal1

    Move over Type R theres Mini coming through

    If Minis did Time Attack... photoshoots.
  10. ilogikal1

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    It'll last longer if the surfaces are prepped properly. Proper, thorough prep is likely to take at least 2/3 hours on a reasonably tidy car - the worse it is, the longer it'll take.
  11. ilogikal1

    Admiral just slapped Adrian Flux?

    Two things; 1) Admiral absolutely will increase the renewal for next year, no matter what. So remember your renewal date. 2) Is the Z modified at all? Admiral don’t replace modifications so it might not be a like for like comparison. That said Admiral do tend to throw out low premiums for the 1st year on the 350z - they want to attract new business but are terrible at keeping existing customers happy.
  12. ilogikal1

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    Waxoyl is no good for many areas due to the type of product that it is (wheel arches, for example, it'll last about 10 minutes before it's gone entirely) and tends to dry out/flake off if not properly applied. It can't bond to powder coating at all and doesn't bond properly to flaky surfaces, so all surfaces need to be properly prepared first which takes time and therefore, if you're paying someone else to do it, money. When not properly applied it also has a tendency to trap moisture in that gets underneath it. And it needs to be applied with a rather specific thickness for it to work at all - too thin and the crud just breaks through, too think and it cracks before the crud then breaks through. It's largely down to the prep and application, but there are now much better alternatives available that are less fussy to apply and therefore more difficult to apply badly and will simply last considerably longer per application. If you can get under the car, it's much more of a DIY job these days with the right products. Waxoyl isn't a terrible product, it's just old tech now that has been surpassed.
  13. ilogikal1

    Waxoyl Undersealing

    Waxoyl is so horrendously outdated now that I simply can't accept the advice of anyone who recommends it. Undersealing in general isn't a bad idea, especially on imports where they're not sealed at the factory but is it worthwhile to add more? How long a piece of string? Look into alternative undersealing products to Waxoyl such as Bilt Hamber as a starter, there are much better products available these days that are much less faff to apply properly and will last longer for not much price difference.
  14. ilogikal1

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    They really should add the “u” in there for accuracy.
  15. ilogikal1

    Brexit again

    That depends on if they voted for or against Brexit...