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  1. You could probably get that down to 4 minutes if you charge every 10 miles instead of every 50 though...
  2. And everyone knows the best part of any road trip is the hour spent at a motorway services waiting for the car the car to charge. Fun times!
  3. Pretty sure that's my front end though....
  4. Just because I've resisted for a while. And it's another "famous" picture too.
  5. That is a dangerous statement to make around here....
  6. ilogikal1

    400 Zed

    ...or that, that's just now the going rate for a car at that level, what with inflation and all. Just sayin'.
  7. Good grief, I've not updated this thread at all this year!! Yes, absolutely safe on panels - I use it all the time on paintwork as well. Just rinse off when (if) you notice it starting to dry out at all and you'll be fine. Just be absolutely certain not to let it bake on, that's the only time you'll have any issues.
  8. If only there were someone on here who had been saying this for years...
  9. In short, yes; SRP is terrible. Tripple is not.
  10. They shouldn’t, they should just give it all away once they’ve paid all the money to buy stock. To all businesses, justify your capitalism I say!! Oh, expect those with niche skills sets. They can charge what they like because niche skill sets. Apparently.
  11. ilogikal1


    Tripple is more of a glaze than a wax to be honest. It’s a very good glaze though so gives a good finish when you can’t/don’t want to polish and it works equally well by hand or machine. It’ll last <2 weeks on its own though. What you top it with will ultimately determine the durability, and that’ll depend on your budget - I’m assuming from the two products you’re looking at then you’re not looking at high end waxes, so I’d suggest Poorboys blue. BH Double Speed is a good hybrid wax and very durable, you’re looking towards 6 months, and gives a reasonably good finish. I wouldn’t say it was the glossiest finish ever but it’s still up there. I'm also going to throw out there the much underrated FinishKare pink wax as an alternative to both, great gloss, good durability, easy to work with and the tin will last you a lifetime.
  12. I am a big fan of Tripple, it’s a very good glaze. It does need to be topped with wax though as it only lasts all of about a week or two without.
  13. Does your business not charge a markup then? What does your business do? You might just have a new customer if you’re sell at cost.
  14. Looks too much like a Toyota if you ask me.



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