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  1. I hope Nissan actually formally announce something... or anything; because despite all official, quoted and credited sources saying a Z car isn't in the pipeline, isn't even a consideration and certainly isn't being funded in any way, shape or form I fear that these ridiculous rumours will continue to be spouted as fact every 2 months for the next 5 years, just as they have been for the last 5.
  2. The only bit of that ^^^ I disagree with is; Adrian's charging more than double that in the links he posted.
  3. Yep. They’ll be in the calendar.
  4. Aside from nostalgia, what's the appeal of using a 30 year old engine in a new BMW? I just don't get that.
  5. Oooh, how did you find the Rupes? I keep meaning to upgrade mine, but everytime I have the thought PB are out of stock of the one I want so I sort of took that as a sign that I didn't really need it... then I didn't even clean my car for an entire year. Although I might still treat myself in time for the Easter detail though.
  6. Quite a few places do them now, but almost everyone is currently out of stock - no idea who produces the original version but they all seem to be much of a muchness. I got mine from the first place I know of that makes them, Direct Hoses, having bought my replacement hose from them years ago I'm pretty happy with the quality of their stuff; https://www.directhoses.net/collections/hose-gun-lance-sets For referece, I went for the swivel inlet too and although I've only used it once I'm very happy with that choice!
  7. HydroCoat (looks the same currently whether it's sitting on top of anything or not, unsurprisingly). HydroCoat Hybrid: OB Glaze; Carnauba Glaze: PTFE Polish Sealant: And CanCoat: Oh, and HubiKote HubiTrim, because everything should bead: So far, all three products are behaving more or less the same, with water sheeting off quickly and beading nicely. The beads also seem to run off the panel at the same speed when moving at the moment too. Almost disappointingly, it wasn't raining during my journey today, so I've no idea how the Glass Sealant actually behaves yet.
  8. So, pictures then. First up, my new toy for the pressure washer arrived this morning. Which is a vast improvement over the standard gun; The short lance came with 3 nozzles - 15°, 25° & 40° fan - and a snow foam attachment, all quick release which (in theory) means no more dicking about with breaking the old, long lance at the half way point to attach the foam lance. Except there's a slight problem with this theory because this b*st*ard; ...won't budge from either of my lances. Yet. [siren] War were declared... [ /siren] Anywho. Beading occured! Poorboys Black wax; Glass sealant:
  9. If you couldn't feel it, it looks like liquid etching in, and trapped moisture under, the clear coat to me - likely caused by something acidic splashing up the door and sitting for a bit. My suggestion would have been a light polish and report back, but you've beaten me to that already.
  10. So then; This looks very much like Ultra Glass Sealant V2 - i.e. a cloudy liquid. This smells very much like Ultra Glass Sealant V2 - i.e. solvents. The instructions for this are remarkably similar to Ultra Glass Sealant V2 - i.e. apply with a microfibre cloth, ensuring a good even coerage, buff with a different microfibre cloth. Take a clean cloth and go over all the surfaces one last time, buffing in circles rubbing off the last residue. (Stubborn marks can be removed by damping a microfiber and wiping over). By way of prep, I polished all exterior glass (and the inside of the driver's window) with GTechniq G4, buffed using G6 to dampen the cloth. I've now applied multiple coats of this - it suggests on the bottle to top up once a week for 4 weeks to get 6 months protection. I'm likely to reapply in 4 months, so I did various coats over 24 hours instead. This allowed me achance to test out various different application methods so; 1st layer; sprayed onto a microfibre cloth, spread over one window at a time (front & rear screens done a whole rather than in sections, subsequently between 0-2 minutes curing time), buffed immediately. As with Ultra Glass Sealant V2, it spread really easily and a little went a very long way, it was also incredibly easy to buff even with no curing time. I then waited (well, did something else for) a couple of hours before applying the 2nd layer, which was applied in the same way as Ultra Glass Sealant V2 is; namely sprayed onto a microfibre cloth, spread over all windows, allowed to cure for up to 15 minutes, then the residue is buffed off. Except it didn't cure. Instead it flashed off, akin to a glass cleaner, within a minute. Still, I left it 15 minutes before buffing. So I immediately applied a 3rd layer to the rear screen, also applied with a microfibre cloth and wiped over the whole screen. The driver side half was buffed after a few minutes, the passnger side was not and simply flashed off. This was left ~14hours to cure. In the meantime a thought occured to me; Car Chem don't sell Ultra Glass Sealant V2 under the new branding (it's still available under the Originals branding though), instead they now sell Clear View Glass Cleaner which is a cleaner and sealant in one. Can you see where I'm going with this? Well, that's a blue liquid and this is not. BUT! Car Chem, when announcing the Mystery Boxes, did state that products could include surplus prototypes as well as old & new. So, it's possible that this is either a prototype of Clear View, a variation of Ultra Glass Sealant V2 (or both), or something else entirely. Putting two (this flashing like a glass cleaner) and two (Clear View being a cleaner sealant) together, I came up with trying it on the shower door. I can confirm that this glass sealant does remove reasonably fresh water spots and soap residue from glass shower doors. I can also confirm that this glass sealant does work better when it's buffed (I applied to half the shower door but only buffed half that area after a couple of minutes). I cannot confirm that this is any sort of variant to either Ultra Glass Sealant V2 or Clear View Glass Cleaner. The following morning, I applied a third layer to the front screen; wiping on with a microfibre cloth and buffing after a few minutes. And then for good measure, I applied a fourth layer to both front & rear screens in the same way, after cleaning the interior glass (with G6, for those interested) - so maybe between 20-30 minutes to cure between layers 3 & 4 on the front. A few hours later I rebuffed all exterior glass to make sure I've removed all streaks. At no point have I noticed any residue left to buff with this, however where it isn't buffed anyway there's noticeable streaking (more noticeable when the surface has condensation on - or in the case of the shower door, when it's steamed up), but it seems so far that this is really easy to buff out a good few hours later - currently at 12 and counting on another test section of the shower! Oh, and at some point during all that, I'd used this much of my litre: That's about 2ml. Since then, having done 4 layers on the front & rear screen, 2 layers on each side window & wing mirror glass on the Z along with the shower door (inside & out), I've used maybe another 7-8ml. Assuming I over apply and use 6ml to do four layers on the Z, it'll last me 166 applications. And assuming 6 months per application, this bottle will last me up 83 years. Even if each application only lasts 2 months, the bottle will still see me through the next 27 years. So, let's find out how long this bottle is going to last me then....
  11. As Ryan Reynolds said himself, it’s the most Michael Bay movie that Michael Bay has ever Michael Bay’d. Still, at least it isn’t The Rise of Skywalker...
  12. Okay, they're pretty cool. I'll forgive you for not spending as much time here then.





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