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  1. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    ...or the desire to.
  2. Nissan soft paint ?

    As Coldel says, stone chips are par for the course due to the shape of the car I'm afraid. The hardness of the paint won't stop that, and having softer paint doesn't make much of a difference to stone chips - it's usually more minor damage such as susceptibility to marring & RDS than impact damage like stones. New paint may take a few weeks/months to fully cure, but that will depend entirely on the paint and methods used from what I understand (I don't know as much as I should about putting paint on, I'm more used to taking it off ), so PPF is the best option for preventing chips once the paint is fully cured. With applications these days they can be fairly invisible for a good few years, but of course you very much get what you pay for.
  3. Nissan soft paint ?

    I'll take that as my cue to chime in. Yep, the paint used on Z's is very soft, so you'll find you don't need anything particularly abrasive to correct. My personal preference is Scholl S20 & S30+ for a 2 stage polish on Lake Country Hydro-Tech pads (tangerine & crimson) on a DA. A very viable alternative would be Menz polishes (PO203/2500 and PO85RD/3800), the oiliness works well on soft paint but the Scholls are better.
  4. "relay crime"

    If your hands are full of children/shopping/etc, how can we be expected to use a door handle to open a car door? Surely all cars should come with self opening doors upon sensing movement within, say, 3 feet of the car. Y'know, because opening your own door is such a pain and all.
  5. "relay crime"

    This is by far the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said. And that is saying something! The idea that having to press a button to be able to get into a machine that you have to have to multitask to use, let alone to use safely, is too much is just utterly asinine.
  6. What pressure washer?? Never had 1 before

    Because it's true, that's why. Karcher still use plastic internals whereas Nilfisk use brass, as a result Karchers tend to be less hard wearing. The basic Nilfisk should come in at that budget (C110, I think it is) but unless there's a deal on it won't come with many accessories for that. On a like-for-like basis I'd chose the Nilfisk everytime, however the Karcher will suffice for light use... albeit for a shorter amount of time than the equivalent Nilfisk would last.
  7. 0-100 in 4.4 seconds...

    Given the source, are you even remotely surprised that the point was missed and the topic rapidly changed?
  8. R222 Wax on black R35

    Ahem; That's a flat white as well, not pearls or metallics to pull, so all it's got is gloss.
  9. Paperclips

    Understandable. I would never stand in the way of a man and his bacon sandwich.
  10. Paperclips

    There's always a catch isn't there?
  11. The EV problem.

    It's almost impressive how you can so regularly and consistently utterly miss the point. Almost.
  12. Paperclips

    Is this an open offer, or do I have to read that article to get one? I mean I'm willing to do that if there are enough pictures but I don't want to have to work too hard for my free hat!
  13. The EV problem.

    Your understanding of renewables is flawed. Wind turbines, for example, require a large amount of fuel to be "primed" each time and every time they're used. But in a similar way with you and charts, if you can't understand how the things you're advocating work, then there's little point in debating anything.
  14. Write Off

    But what about the rest of the car...? Okay, okay, I’m going!
  15. Monza Foam Lance

    Unless you have a decent pressure washer instead. Then not that time.