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  1. 370z Nismo Mk2 or Corvette C6??!!?

    But surely DRLs are mostest important thing in the world right? That's why every f***er retrofits them to 15 year old Corsas and the like, right?! And sequential indicators; how can you survive without those, you philistine!
  2. Stubaru BRZ

    It's a completely different beast to G1 as it's in no way a coating. It's more Rain-X than G1... except the CarChem stuff actually works! . This means it's easier to use but won't last anywhere near as long. It's very good at what it does and if you're not confident/willing to go with a coating it's easily up there as one of, if not the best. I'd recommend adding it to your line up. Stu, regarding your leather if AG isn't string enough enough (and it is quite weak) try some diluted APC. You might also find it more effective to wipe on with a microfiber on the steering wheel rather than a brush, then wipe off with a clean cloth.
  3. Cleaned off Alezan dye?

    Ricey's from around those parts, isn't he? Have a Google for Revolve Automotive, he definitely does leather restoration too.
  4. Winter prep is a go

    It's a glass sealant from Soft99, Stu.
  5. Winter prep is a go

    Conditioners don't protect. At all. They condition. At best. But to condition they need to be able to reach the surface they're designed to condition. As Coldel, and even your own link there, says the top coat prevents the conditioner from reaching the leather. I agree that leather should be protected, but it should be protected with a leather protection product (such as Gyeon Leather Coat, for example) rather than a conditioner. Conditioners by their design are oily products, so when they sit on the top coat they actually attract and trap more dirt than simply clean leather will, so you're actually doing adding more wear. Does smell all right though I suppose.
  6. Stu Goes To Detailing School (Pic Heavy)

    Scrap panel, someone else's car.... same, same. ilogikal1 approves of this experimenting, Stu.
  7. Criminal damage is (loosely) defined as preventing a person from using his or her property in its intended manner. No physical "damage", as it is traditionally defined, has to be inflicted on the property. For example intentionally knocking a police officer's hat off his/her head is actually criminal damage. So is criminal damage.
  8. But some people are daft enough to try it.
  9. ... and also criminal damage.
  10. Ceramic coating problem

    Which coating? Most have a 24 hour curing period before the coating can get wet so what you've got is waterspotting. A waterspot remover will likely solve it but if it's bad you'll need to polish and re-apply. This is also why most coating manufacturers offer a topping sealant, to protect the coating whilst it cures fully.
  11. I shouldn't have driven this!

    Well I mean it's no P1 GTR LM... Just sayin'
  12. First Road Legal Car with F1 Powertrain

    Clearly you've never seen the film Taxi... Or the infinitely even worserer remake, Taxi;
  13. First Road Legal Car with F1 Powertrain

    You'd look no more (or less) a knob driving up and down your local high street in this than you would in a Maserati MC12 or AM Valkyrie to be fair. But then that's not really their purpose, is it?
  14. First Road Legal Car with F1 Powertrain

    Petrol unit goes to a (limited*) 11,000rpm by all accounts. *Limited from the 15,000rpm when it's the actual F1 car, "for reliability".
  15. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    The only thing worse than the soundtrack are the panel gaps. It's almost a shame that nothing actually fits that car...