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  1. Haven’t seen this weeks but saw most of last weeks. I do agree that the three of them work well together and it’s not nearly as forced as the last few years but it’s still the same scripted nonsense as the last decade, fresh faces of not. It needs a dramatic change in formula... or at least some new writers with a new idea would be nice. That said, I wasn’t expecting much from the lineup when it was announced so that’s actually been a pleasant surprise that they’ve turned out to be quite good actually.
  2. Seems like a reasonable reaction. Now tell us, what did you do with the Z?
  3. Try cleaning it thoroughly first, usually this is stuff bonded onto the surface rather than damage to it - on your last picture, you've got a similar issue with the B Pillar trim as well (although you need to treat that slightly differently!). For your window strip; Strong APC & degreaser (Bilt Hamber Surfex HD) sprayed on & thoroughly worked before clay. If it's no different then a trim restorer (such as Solution Finish) but if cleaning makes any difference (better or worse) you won't need anything more than a dressing like C4 or Gyeon Trim to bring it back to life. The rear window strips just need a clean (moderate APC) and dressing. For your B pillar; mild APC & degreaser to clean then polish with minimal cut - they scratch very easily, polishing by machine in situ (and then never even looking at them again, let alone touching them) will give best results. And seeing as I'm here, the rubber seals in your door could do with a good deep clean (mild APC) and feed (Gummi Pfledge) too.
  4. It’s just moisture. Leave it out in the sun for a while and it’ll go away. T-Cut won’t help you, especially not on the soft Nissan paint!
  5. Also, because this is super hydrophobic.
  6. You can forgive the confusion though, the tape deck in the Nissan is from a 1940s Ford...
  7. By posting a video on YouTube pretending to accept responsibility but actually just moaning about how everyone else is to blame. No doubt someone will “step up” and bail him out of his mistake...
  8. Okay, I resisted for as long as I could... I have more... Many, many more!
  9. You may also want to consider not using a car cover at all, unless you enjoy polishing paint and have plenty of paint thickness...
  10. Oh, I’d forgotten how good A303 is. Good choice, sir!
  11. With a thread like this, I’ll catch up with Dan’s post count in a couple of hours.
  12. PM Davey. He doesn’t want everyone to know.
  13. Fair enough. I’ll pass then seeing as the confusion seems to be on your part. However, to the masses, if anyone wants to donate a small amount of this miracle product I’ll quite happily do a proper test of it.



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