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  1. He’s chasing 1000bhp because it’s a pretty number and he, on limited budget, buys a.... body kit?!? Oh wait, Dan beat me to it;
  2. It’s a possibility, but I suspect less likely as the water would have to travel through the spoiler to get under the paint where the bubbling is. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely without further investigation though.
  3. Could be a number things that caused it; excess moisture under the paint, using the wrong primer or the surface not being cleaned properly. Excess moisture might be the more obvious suspect - check to see if there’s any obvious signs of moisture getting in from underneath - but it could be the way/what was applied; either way take it back to the body shop that painted it and get them to look at it.
  4. Turns out it didn’t have a 2JZ in it at that point - it was RB26 powered then and Lexus V12 powered (and hideous-but-apparently-functional) now. So I’ve been of no use at all. For a change.
  5. Wasn’t the Top Secret Supra in the region of four digit power about 20 years ago?
  6. Personally, I think the Lexus looks horrendous. Even it wasn't lowered beyond practical. However, looking at it pragmatically; the VED saving equates to little more than a couple of pints each month. You admit you guessed at the insurance - it could be more expensive, but given what you're paying for the Z it's never going to get considerably cheaper than that, so again if there is there any saving there it's going to be negligable. Fuel is the similar enough to make no difference. Parts for an old Lexus? Can't be cheaper than parts for an old Nissan. You're probably being optimistic with your valuation of your car, but you might be able to persuade the other guy anyway. You say yours is tidy, but the blurb for the Lexus says that is tatty (or actually, broken) and he's not got round to putting the replacement body kit of paint on it. Appreciate you're a mechanic, but it could do with some work that yours doesn't need. Do I think you're being crazy? Yes, quite frankly. It doesn't make any sense to me at all. And yet, you've clearly made up your mind and you're trying your hardest to justify it. So crack on if it's what you want.
  7. For a wheel wax, it's certainly one of the better ones - it competes well with Poorboys so just top it up regularly and you can't go wrong.
  8. If you squint... and look the other way. Then it’s still just you.
  9. Who are you and what have you done with Dan?!?
  10. The biggest energy corporations in the world are all working on truly sustainable biofuels that make as much use as possible of their current infrastructure and manufacturing processes. Even Formula 1 announced recently that they’re working on sustainable bio-race fuels for ICE (supported in large by at least two of those aforementioned corporations). EV’s will be an option, not the solution.
  11. ilogikal1

    GT Pack vs GT

    Agreed. On all counts.
  12. ilogikal1

    GT Pack vs GT

    If the oily bits, the underneath bits and the hidden bits are as tidy as what can be seen, it's not a totally outlandish price (although I agree it is top end). As has been said, it is a GT, with a couple of additional bits thrown at it too (front & rear spats, and I'm sure I spotted a tonneau cover in there too).
  13. The flip side of that arguement is that there are more options available for your money. As you say, each to their own, which is why both cars exist; to appeal to different tastes.
  14. Depends how pretty they are though.





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