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  1. It's not the principal, it's the execution.
  2. And a car that brags about taking styling cues from 40-60 years ago isn’t?!
  3. Bilt Hamber Dynax is better, but I concur with the rest of that of tat post.
  4. Complaining that Bugatti didn't actually set a record on technicality and therefore their benchmark is null and void... and then going out to beat it anyway sounds like top notch twattery to me. So; fitting.
  5. And Nissan will finally have released the ZP’s replacement. Another rebodied 370z with a decade old battery tech. Or something equally cutting edge. Again.
  6. The McLaren showroom in Knightsbridge is a bit screwed though.
  7. Since COVID, it’s all about single use products again. The environmental angle has been forgotten now there’s a second thing to pay any attention to.
  8. They probably assume their customers can drive...
  9. Nissan happened. Nissan, the company that's taken 11 years to announce that it'll rebody an old model at some unannounced point in the future...
  10. They really couldn't work out how to colour that front bumper in that rendering though did they?
  11. Actually, that's the last one. https://www.italdesign.it/project/gt-r-50-by-italdesign/ https://www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/nissan-gt-r-50-italdesign-finally-actually-exists





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