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  1. Yeah, but it’s an ugly sidewall though so who cares which is more grippy, or longer lasting anyway. Don't get good tyres, get pretty ones instead.
  2. So the professional agrees with Dan then. Glad we cleared that up.
  3. Ah, that's okay then. I was disappointed in the downgrade for a moment there.
  4. Didn't you go for the Mk1 wheels though??
  5. The irony of that post is beyond incredible.
  6. Either make him wait or get it noted, in writing, that you're taking it without inspection and will report any issues you have with the paintwork within 24 hours on the understanding that they are responsible for resolving. He'll choose to wait.
  7. I do, but I get banned from the internet when I post those pictures...
  8. No problem at all.
  9. Sure. EX-P or Natty's Blue (or Jet Seal) and White Diamond. Personally, I would forgo the White Diamond and get AF Tripple instead which does the same job but a bit more, and then go for a wax on top - Natty's would work with this. Fallout remover - Korrosol as the next best thing to Car Chem Revolt from CYC (to save on postage). Consider chucking in one of these too for better prep. Applicators. A couple of these. And a couple of these. Drying towel. Or, all the cloths you'll need for a while in one bundle. Extras; Everything you'll need for the glass. That should keep you going for a while.
  10. For Devon, you’ll want an iron remover like Car Chem Revolt. Jet Seal is a reasonable sealant, it should be okay with White Diamond but Poorboys EXP would be better and the Poorboys equivalent to Jet Seal.
  11. White Diamond is a glaze, so.itll need topping with a wax or sealant too. Poorboys Natty's Paste Wax is decent (and cheap) for a couple of.moths protection and will sit on top of WD nicely. I prefer Blue but they're much of a muchness between the colours really.
  12. If you’re confident enough, get a decent coating, polish and protect it yourself. It’ll almost certainly need a good polish first, and will benefit from a decent decontamination and prep first too. Otherwise start researching local detailers.
  13. Bit late now if you’ve already opted for it. It’s not the worst stuff in the world, but dealers tend not to prepare or apply such protection properly and subsequently they tend not to last more than two or three months at best. Hopefully you got it thrown into the deal for free?!? Generally speaking, you’re far off better taking the car to a detailer and spending similar money or less on getting something professionally applied rather than paying dealer prices for the apprentice valeter to throw some products in the direction of an unprepared car.
  14. To be fair, they're not pretending it's anything less than a money-making scheme. They're just claiming that the money raised will be used to combat climate change. Whatever that means.
  15. Don't bother with Photobucket, it's awful these days! Plenty of other hosting sites available that are better and more reliable, but this site also hosts pictures too (which reminds me, my "guilty conscience donation to the club" is due again!). There are considerably worse products you could have got from Halfords, so good work on AF; Lather is actually a perfectly fine shampoo. Radiance isn't my first choice but it's still pretty good itself. Megs USF is... fine. I didn't even know that Halfords offer quick release foam lances though, so that's a bonus... when you get a working pressure washer and you've got Citrus Power in the meantime! Not a bad haul at all, it gives you everything you need for a decent clean and protection. The only thing you may want to add is a tar remover, but not an urgent addition as you'll only be using it every other month (or less) for a deep clean to compliment Iron Out & claying.





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