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  1. Rear inner arch protection help/advice

    @G1en@waxandshine sells various Bilt Hamber rust treatment products and has used a few himself recently. Might be worth seeing what he recommends
  2. Guess the car part

    There we go!
  3. Guess the car part

    Absolutely, it’s a Peugeot!
  4. Guess the car part

    Nope, never competed in anything as far as I’m aware.
  5. Guess the car part

    Not as far off as you might think... but no. Actually, that's probably unfair, it's not actually that close at all. Aside from the rear light clusters it shares nothing with the 405 at all. I'll post another picture of it when I get home (if no one has guessed it by then).
  6. Guess the car part

    There was only ever 2 made. At least one of them visits the UK regularly if that helps.
  7. Guess the car part

    No. I'll narrow it down to 3 years for you all; produced in the 80's.
  8. Guess the car part

    We have not. But it is not that either. Clue; No numbers in the name.
  9. Guess the car part

    It is a Peugeot. 405 was also the right era, just not the right model.
  10. Guess the car part

    No and no.
  11. Guess the car part

    Right idea, but no.
  12. Guess the car part

    I was going to stick with the wheel theme but... haven't.