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  1. ilogikal1

    Brexit again

    The irony here is strong.
  2. ilogikal1

    Brexit again

    Firstly I don't think that you have a good grasp of dictatorships. That aside, the referendum was 2 years ago with a significantly different idea of what what was possible. We now have a better idea of what a Brexit deal actually looks like (rather the flight of fancy, wishful thinking and down-right delusional ideas were touted two years ago). How is even remotely undemocratic to have a vote after the facts are known, several years after a proposition? Personally I don't think we should have another vote but that's because I don't trust the general public to be informed enough to make the best decision; not simply because there was a vote historically.
  3. A lot of insurers these days include in their t&c's a continuous payment agreement, essentially means they don't have to collect payment details for any mid-policy changes (which is how they would define this NCB adjustment) such as adding modifications, changing details, and ever more increasingly auto-renewal. If this is part of the OP's insurers standard ToB then he's actually agreed to them taking the payment. I certainly don't disagree about how refunds are timed to suit the insurers rather than the customer though, sadly this is just a symptom of business though and it's not just limited to insurance.
  4. ilogikal1

    Brexit again

    Because someone might have changed their mind. Despite the polls showing that absolutrly no one has changed their mind. Polls that might or might not be accurate... At least that's what I've got from this thread.
  5. ilogikal1


    I meant specifically with the Torqen undertray alone (unless that undertray comes with those other aero mods you mention). I just wondered if it’s a claim that Torqen could substantiate or if it’s an assumption based on something else. Also, from looking at the pictures posted here, I’m not sure the Torqen version has “more” venting. It’s certainly different, and will therefore affect the airflow differently, but there doesn’t appear (visually) to be “more” to me. Im not saying it doesn’t, by the way, I’ve not conducted any testing of it to suggest that, I was merely enquiring as to the basis of the claim.
  6. ilogikal1


    Out of interest, what’s this claim based on? Have you actually tested both to compare or is it just an assumption because it’s the one you’re selling?
  7. ilogikal1

    The 2018 Festive Deals thread

    Polished Bliss are now offering Bilt Hamber freebies with orders over £40 until 14:00 on 11th December instead of the Gyeon deal.
  8. ilogikal1

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    (Also, 12).
  9. ilogikal1

    dodgy car sale

    Even with Kinetix sports cats there’s always the chance they won’t pass an emissions test. Like any other sports cats, they need to be warmed up properly and “prepared” for an MOT. Your safest bet is OEM (or equivalent) cats. It’s not on you to worry about the cost, as admirable as that is. If the dealer won’t pay for new OEM cats return the car - it’ll cost them a lot more to do that anyway!
  10. ilogikal1

    dodgy car sale

    I hate to say I told you so.... so I won't. Sorry, on a more useful note; why are you looking at 2nd hand cats, but brand new sports cats? Get Nissan to provide a quote for a new set of standard cats or another garage to provide a quote for an new set of OEM equivalents. If the dealer doesn't want to pay for that then fine; you reject the car, get a full refund and walk away.
  11. ilogikal1

    Should you use a DA to buff wax?

    Equally pointless when using FK1000P, TBH; the solvents in FK will just remove a glaze anyway. Agreed if using a carnauba wax that plays nicely with the glaze, but not with 1000P. Although, if you're going to the effort using a machine polisher you might as well do some actual correction with it (even if it's just light correction), so I'd suggest at the very least an AIO with a fine cut. But again, not with FK. With FK I'd just go for a pure fine cut compound.
  12. ilogikal1

    Should you use a DA to buff wax?

    No. If you're going to use it at all for wax, use it for applying not buffing. And only ever use a finishing pad! To be honest, using a DA to apply wax (especially FK1000P which is incredibly easy to use) is overkill and actually more effort than not, but if you really want to use it then use it to put the wax on & buff by hand.
  13. ilogikal1

    dodgy car sale

    I wouldn't be so sure of that. Even if they accept the whole exhaust needs to be replaced (and I'm not convinced of that at all) it'll cost them considerably more than £1,500 to collect, fix, re-stock and re-sell the car. Even if they are the dodgiest dealer outside of Keighley and decide not to fix it, it's still likely to cost more than that to collect, re-stock & re-sell.
  14. ilogikal1

    It's new 911 time!

    At least they don't charge you anything for not putting it on in the first place this time!