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  1. ...and the spacers. And the stubby. And the head unit...
  2. So a half-finished wrap, cheap & nasty looking wheels, re-trimmed seats and a few new plastic bits stuck on then. Hardly the 400Z some people forecast it would be...
  3. Have you stopped taking your medication again?
  4. So an American company released a car in America (eventually or otherwise) and you deem it to be not American. Okay.
  5. Sorry, the FORD Focus isn't American?!?
  6. Bug him anyway, he never looks busy...
  7. Just some advice - be careful where you're cramming that stuff (f'nar)... it doesn't always come out and you might end up spending hours (or just a few seconds) picking it out of very tight spaces with a pick. But other than that, it is incredibly handy stuff to have around some times.
  8. Depends on what you determine a “generation” to be. The Morgan 4/4 hasn’t really changed since its introduction in 1930-something...
  9. Depends entirely on what you’re after and what your budget is really. Car Chem have been a long time favourite of mine but they’ve undergone some changes recently, fiddled with their range a little bit and launched their rebranding today - I’m sure the range is still very good, I just can’t vouch experience of most of the new line up now. Gyeon and Bilt Humber products tend to work well at reasonable prices, then Poorbous make some exceptionally good products for very little money. But also some brands offer one or two great, individual products.
  10. Might be worth reaching out to Ricey, he’s been doing a fair bit of leather colouring over at Revolve so might have some advice. Not sure he really comes on here much anymore though.
  11. In short; yes, but no. Yes to can use on top of Jetseal, but no it won’t really add much. It’ll be a sacrificial later that will extend the life of Jetseal a little bit but that’s about it really. To get the best out of the shampoo, give it to someone who only uses one bucket and a sponge to wash their car, that’s about its level really. There are much better alternatives available for not a lot of money. The wax is okay, it’s not one my favourites but it’s not a bad wax. Apply thinly and do two coats to ensure coverage but other than that it’s pretty straightforward to use.
  12. Their stuff is, at best, pretty average. They tend to focus on bright colours and pretty smells more than ability with almost all of their products to be honest. If it were me, they’d have to literally be giving it away for free and even then I’d be picky about what I took!
  13. The man in the industry said that Momentum only fuels 3 cylinders; it’s not been trained to count to four or above like Shell do. That’s where the difference in cost is, it’s the V-Power education scheme. A man said, do it must be true.
  14. I'm planning on making my 80 mile annual round trip to Kaizer for a service shortly. Can't recommend them enough.



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