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  1. ilogikal1

    Car identity

  2. ilogikal1

    Does snowfoam work

    As above. Snowfoam isn’t meant to be a replacement for a full & proper wash, so if you’re expecting it to be a case of firing some foam at the car, rinsing and that’s it then no absolutely not. Foam, and other pre-washes, are designed to remove loose dirt and soften the more stubborn stuff before you wash, nothing more. They are used, along with good wash technique, to minimise swirls. You’ll never eliminate swirls entirely. There will of course be some people who will tell you that foam doesn’t work/do anything at all, however they tend to either be using terrible foam or poor technique (and yes, technique is applicable when using foam effectively!). There will be others that will state they only use foam to wash and the car is spotless, but that depends on your definition of clean... frankly for me, even a proper contactvwasj isn’t enough for me, until it’s been decontaminated & paint cleaner has been used, it ain’t clean!
  3. ilogikal1

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I’m not even willing to consider it a possibility whilst the MP leading the change initiative is still driving around in an ICE powered car!
  4. It’s really more the kettle calling another kettle a kettle....
  5. ilogikal1

    What do you use

    ... Must... Resist... Might be quickly to run through what I haven't used rather than what I have. There might be one or two things detailed* in here. Also, this; https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/100787-proper-wash-guide-add-your-favourite-detailing-products/ *I'm not even sorry.
  6. ilogikal1

    Mop / machine polisher

    Firstly, MOP & machine polishing are the same thing - MOP stands for Machine Operated Polish and tends to still be the term still used by bodyshops rather than detailers these days. Lots and lots of good information here on rotary & dual action polishing (including the differences between the two). Secondly, looking at your pictures fillers won't help you here. You're looking at removing orange peel from a large panel which means heavy cutting to fix - you might even be looking at wet sanding to remove fully, which is not for the faint hearted. To be honest, I wouldn't even contemplate tackling that until you know the paint depth across the panel and by time you've bought a thickness gauge (let along a machine polisher, pads, compounds & ancillaries) getting it done for you professionally would become the cheaper option. Take it to a professional, if it comes to less than ~£1000 (well, as a quick calculation I make it about £970 for what you'll need) then you're saving money, it'll be done quicker and, depending on who does it, it'll be done properly. Finally, don't ever go back to the place that painted that in the first place! That is an appalling finish!!
  7. ilogikal1

    *** TORQEN *** New website in development - Feedback please :)

    Given this suggestion to the contrary (for example) you might want to reconsider that "Perfect fitment" claim on what appears to be virtually every page as well. Genuinely not trying to be a d*ck on that, but unless you can guarantee everything you sell will fit everything everyone else already has, which clearly you can't, you're just opening yourself up to criticism by making a claim that you can't possibly hope to control. On a similar note, I'd also consider dropping the "only" from the "well respected brands only" line - without getting into the brands (as that's a completely separate conversation), you're essentially leveraging own reputation against the brand's that you offer so all it'll take is one of those reputations to take a slight knock (a sudden quality control issue for example) for your own brand to suffer as a result. You'll be in a situation where you're offering parts from a less than well respected brand (the suggestion then being that you stand by their sub-standard parts) or a load of stock you can't even offer for sale. Again that's a risk that's completely out of your control.
  8. The panel gap between bumper and bonnet isn't straight. I suspect a front end bump. Seller clearly doesn't know what they're selling though either way.
  9. ilogikal1

    How did that happen?

    Quite frankly, I'm going to be disappointed if that V6 isn't rebuilt, bolted to the V8 and the resultant Frankenstein V14 installed!
  10. ilogikal1

    nubs White 370Z GT Edition

    Keep up Dan... Nub has a 370Z with the Nismo body kit on it. Adrian made a “fake Nismo” comment in response to a picture Nub posted on Facebook. And it’s all gone downhill from there.
  11. ilogikal1

    nubs White 370Z GT Edition

    Is it wrong that this doesn't even surprise me around here any more? It is, isn't it?! Or at least it should be....
  12. ilogikal1

    Ceramic coatings by auto finesse at halfruds

    They're pseudo-coatings; the attempt to make them usable to your average weekend warrior completely disinterested in detailing (whilst still cashing in on the market) has made them rather pointless to anyone interested in ceramic coatings, they're just too watered down. By all means give them a go if you really want to try them, but don't expect good (let alone great) things from them. Without proper prep 12 months will be generous as well, and if you're doing proper prep you might as well go for a proper coating instead.
  13. ilogikal1

    Which Snowfoam Lance & Bubbles should I buy?

    Yeah, I'm not sure on the new direction they've taken since Clark moved on to be honest. I've think they've lost 3 of the best 5 things about Polished Bliss in the re-branding. I think they're becoming just another detailing retailer now which is a massive shame really. I'm not even a fan of the new branding logo either!
  14. ilogikal1

    Which Snowfoam Lance & Bubbles should I buy?

    I was referring to the other Bosch fitting that's not in that picture, Paul - it looks more like the Lavor one. Col, this might help as it has some measurements on them; Black & Decker + Bosche fitting & Lavor
  15. ilogikal1

    Which Snowfoam Lance & Bubbles should I buy?

    The more I look at it, the more it looks like the Lavor + Parkside fitting to me. I'm not guaranteeing that though!