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  1. ilogikal1

    Flaky paint

    Whoever’s painted that last time hasn’t done the right prep. Take it to a decent paint shop and get the whole boot lid done properly.
  2. Take your pick: https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/types/005r/ Stick your reg in and double check, but pretty sure any of those will do you - personal choice would be a toss up between the Bosch or the Varta though. Failing that; https://www.tayna.co.uk/tools/battery-wizard
  3. Few, or even just one, is the point. That people "will get off" ipso facto means it's not a guaranteed ban.
  4. Nick Freeman has made an entire career out of proving this to be pure myth.
  5. Theres no such thing as an instant ban. Its a direct to court hearing where there’s a potential ban, retake your test and fine, but it’s at the court’s discretion; likely, perhaps, but not guaranteed.
  6. VXR8. * £20K - 25K; check * 4 Doors; check * 4 Seats; check * Decent Boot; check * Same speed / power as a Zed minimum - shouldn't be too hard in this day and age!; check * Nice modern day cabin; nevermind.
  7. Ignoring the massive can of worms that expelling those clubs would open for a moment (let's not pretend for a second that lawsuits wouldn't be filed). Kicking them out would cause an interesting dilemma for the PL - do they remove the points gained from those teams who were expelled? Or award the points dropped, plus 3 points for all games not yet played? It would be the footballing equivalent of all of those ridiculous stewards enquiries after the race to determine final classification. The clubs can't be expelled midseason and the PL just allow the points to stand as they are.
  8. I’m actually not sure who of the “big six” was worse in the whole thing; the four who wanted to run it or City/Chelsea who “didn’t want to be left out”.
  9. IIRC Samsung (if not wider Android) changed the bluetooth protocols around the S6/7 (ish) and it's not compatible with the module. I seem to recall someone reached out to Nissan and Samsung, neither were at all interested in fixing it, so the only fix is an older Samsung, an iPhone or a new head unit/handsfree device. Or ditch all your friends so that no one calls you - at least no one you're interested in talking to.
  10. Prettier switch panel. Nice mod. Also, the centre positioned steering wheel is an interesting touch with the offset seats.... (or it could just be the camera angle ).
  11. The entire thing looks a bit peculiar from every angle...
  12. Of course I have. It's pretty easy stuff to use, just have decent lighting if you're working on silver wheels so you can see where you've applied. Other than that, make sure the wheels are clean and dry first, apply in a cross hatch pattern (work systematically, it helps to ensure coverage), take your time to spread it properly and buff out any smudges. When you're finished, make sure you haven't lost (and do reuse) the seal for the bottle and anything left over* will last a lot longer than it should for another time. Wash everything else thoroughly to prevent crystallisation
  13. If you're doing it by hand, I'd still recommend S20 over G3 as it finishes down better. Also you'll probably want a hand polishing pad that'll help with the cutting (and save your arms to some degree) - either a medium cut or a light cut depending on how bad it is. If you can catch your nail on it though I'd skip straight to the machine polishing.
  14. If the purpose is to drive insurance premiums, just pick the one that offers the best discount, surely?
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