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  1. I’m not sure there’s many more Dutch fans who don’t already turn up to all the European races (except Italy) anyway.
  2. It correlates directly with the poor quality free coverage. Despite ITV dropping the bar for quality coverage to the floor for years, closely followed by the BBC who, although initially raised the bar somewhat, slowly reduced the quality year after year before giving up and Channel 4 continuing the same trend, fewer people were willing to pay to watch good quality coverage on Sky. Seems it's not quality coverage that people want, it's just free coverage. Without that, a lot of casual fans just walked away. With free coverage giving up (almost) entirely now, there's actually been a slight increase in viewing figures this year.
  3. ilogikal1


    Not to mention being the 2nd thread started by the same guy in the same week. Same title and everything. Even posted both in entirely random sections of the forums... Bruv.
  4. ilogikal1


    Even despite a YouTube video? I mean... YouTube!
  5. In fairness, my rant was aimed more at the **** poor lazy effort that passes for journalism these days, using completely unrelated and random pictures just for the sake of having pictures instead of a story.
  6. ilogikal1


    Equally, it could be an asthmatic 1.1 diesel with 76bhp...
  7. No one actually read the article then? Article: Hyundai are planning on making a car. Also the article; here’s a random, unrelated 6 year old concept that Hyundai once drew, because we wanted pictures. Everyone: Hyundai is putting that exact car into production, it’ll be awesome! Its like all 47 threads on the new Z that is “definitely” going to happen because someone at Nissan made passing reference to an old model one time.
  8. Although it does offer me 50% off my first purchase... that’s more like it!
  9. QWashers or Direct Hoses are good quality replacements - I went with Direct Hoses 15m in the end and not been disappointed. Not tried the UF foam actually, but BH is definitely one of the better ones; BH only needs to be 4% PIR to be effective and UF doesn't suggest any ratio at all suggests that it's not going to be any more efficient. However, if you want to try something different then go for it.
  10. This is just a cunning ruse not to wash your Z until it warms up again, isn't it? I'm onto your wily subterfuge! Hopefully it was just kids messing about rather than anything that causes you too much grief in future.
  11. It's not too difficult to remove with G2 in fairness; you'll probably run out of G2 before you run out of G1 (although you should have enough to do one full application). If you do run out of G2 then G6 is quite a good replacement for removal, or IPA if you already have that to hand. Just make sure you've removed any streaks before applying the next layer! It's a bitch when you seal it in between coats.
  12. As you know I'm a big fan of Gyeon, but I actually prefer View to G1. You won't be disappointed. Not that G1 is not a tremoundous product of course, they just work in slightly different ways.
  13. That^^^. If you can warm up the screen with the heaters first it should make it a bit easier, or if you've got the ability to force cure (apply heat to) it - even standing there with hair drier for a bit would help. I have appied it in ~9-10 degress, leaving to cure for 2-3 hours between rounds without issues. The colder it is, the longer it'll take to fully cure though.



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