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  1. Either: Nissan using up spare parts (like all those 370Z chassis...), or Marketing got involved and it's just the air con setting.
  2. It's not just the blatent cheating and the FIA corruption enabling and/or actively participating in the blatent cheating, but also the unabashed arrogance from Maranello in stating that it's okay that they're cheating because "we are entitled to win". A mentality they hold to this day; not good enough to win championships, but deserve the most prize money just because.
  3. The 2000’s. Mainly. It’s the same reason for anti-Merc/Hamilton sentiment now, for a different generation.
  4. This. It's good to see LeClerc in a competitive car. It's just a shame it's in a Ferrari. As for Hamilton, I actually think he's being showed up by Russel early on - George is used to eeking the most out of a terrible car and driving at the car's limits, Lewis seems to have got so used to a car that's on his limits that he's struggling to adapt. Currently, I want to see that Mercedes become competitive before they're too far behind, but more for Geroge tbh. That said, I still want to see Lewis get his eighth at some point though.
  5. As you say, it varies really, but the short answer is; enough. You want to keep the pad flat and even on the surface at all times, but not bog the machine down. You also need enough to properly work the polish - which varies a lot depending on a lot of variables. S30+ is an oily, diminishing polish so it can (and should) be worked pretty hard (and applied sparingly); personally I start with light-to-moderate pressure and then progressively reduce the pressure as I work the polish. I tend to end with mostly just the weight of the machine to finish the last pass or two. Speed is a similar process - essentially (once your pad is primed), 4-5 to thoroughly work the polish, but again I like to reduce it (a straight step down rather than prgressively) to 2.5-3 for the final pass or two (assuming you're a DAS-6 based DA - if not, aim for around 4000-5000 rpm to work). As you've said, it can be subjective though, so you might find faster speeds and less pressure works better for you - as a general rule, if you're turning the speed up you can (should, if necessary) reduce the pressure to manage the panel temperatures from getting too high to work the polish thoroughly enough. There is (almost*) no wrong answer though really, lighter pressure and slower speeds essentially just mean you have to work the polish for longer - either more or slower passes - and vice versa. *Almost meaning you can apply too much pressure, which will bog down the machine and increases the risk of causing damage, so if the machine is struggling, you're applying too much pressure for the speed setting.
  6. Scholl S30+, on a light cut pad (Tangerine Lake County Hydro-Tech) is a perfect combo for soft Nissan paint.
  7. Not a particularly scientific test though… [/totally over it]
  8. For me, the pictures don't quite tell the same story as the blurb about how it's been kept over it's time - underneath isn't overly corroded, but neither is it particularly clean either. The receipts shown are either vague (at best) or just standard service items. There's nothing specific in there about age related consumables (except the recent new tyres) - especially those components that you can't see. One of the bigger issues with cars that have stood unused for long periods of time is the fuel system, and potential wider engine issues as a result. To be honest, it looks to be in reasonable condition, so maybe top end of the usual price range, but definitely not worth a premium of any kind, IMO.
  9. Even on sale, it's still more expensive than the good stuff.
  10. It's a little difficult to just overlook the tweeter, given it's pro-war propaganda rather than an opinion and all... That the whole post is factually inaccurate is also an issue. What's the debate, exactly? Genuine question as it seems quite clear cut to me, hence pointing out the difference between what "German states" are proposing and what is stated in the tweet. If it's part of a word, such as zwei, it's a letter. If it's symbolic object, such as painted on a tank, it's an emblem. The faintest hint of context puts any "debate" well and truly to bed. With the exception of conspiracy theorists, of course, but then they're well beyond the realms of logic or reality in general life.
  11. Someone has. Germany is looking to ban the Z emblem, not the letter Z. Still, if you're getting your news from the Russian state controlled network you probably shouldn't expect anything more accurate than a meme.
  12. Alright, grandad! Jeez, everything is bought on the internet these days. It saves having to actually speak to or see another human being… I’d have thought you’d be all over that!
  13. Yep, it’ll still be fine to use and won’t adversely affect the paint - the biggest issue you might face is whether the spray trigger still works.
  14. Only Car Chem Revolt - Korrosol came a pretty close second and was head and shoulders ahead of third the placed product though: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/120778-the-great-condensed-fallout-remover-test/ But, that's tricky to get hold of genuine product these days as Car Chem have replaced it with Iron Detox (I still don't know if that's merely a rebrand or a different recipe though). I'm still testing products from time to time, but I've still not found anything better; https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/82410-the-ilogikal1-test-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1853801
  15. There's a certain irony to them chopping down carbon dioxide absorbing trees to print thier message about killing the world with carbon dioxide emissions. They couldn't do that. Physical exercise could cause one to breathe heavier and therefore produce even more carbon dioxide.
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