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  1. https://www.daqua.co.uk/divessels.htm I went for the 11 Litre DI vessel filled with MB-115 resin In a lovely twist of coincidence, this 6 year old post includes me talking about both the DI filter and the Sidekick. But there's more useful information here too.
  2. Yep, I'd highly recommend them to anyone who lives in a hard water area for sure - avoid the in-line ones though, they tend to be a false economy, and go for a tank instead. Much easier to rinse with filtered water and just walk away, especially on hot days.
  3. I used to have the Sidekick myself - mostly useful for those water trap areas, door shuts and such. Got rid of mine when I got my DI filter and stopped drying the car at all. Now I've gone back to towel drying (temporarily) I really miss my... DI Filter actually. Drying is effort.
  4. Nissan looked at the cost of meeting emissions regulations in UK and Europe and at their mounting debts and thought sod that. They won’t have got anywhere near looking at sales of the ‘70 (or the Supra) before it was already a complete non-starter. When (if) Nissan’s financial situation sufficiently improves for them to reconsider spending that kind of money to bring the Z here, then, and only then, will they look at sales volumes. And will probably then think sod that again. Also, by then, you won’t be able to buy petrol powered cars in the UK, because the
  5. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. They couldn't "have" one dealership import the cars either. Any dealership wishing to import one would have to do so independantly. Otherwise Nissan are selling the car in a market they have many reasons, two of which being poor sales and high cost, not to sell a car in but at exceptionally low volumes and exceptionally high cost. Speaking of - why would they ship a car over a country without any intention of ever selling it there when they just invite the press to place where the car is for the cost of an email or two instead.
  6. I threatened pictures if it rained. It rained. Here be pictures. There's currently not much between Hydropel and Lockdown - still marginally more sheeting from Hydropel, but that's about it. When (not if) it rains again I might get some better pictures. I might not. You'll have to make do with what you get. If anything.
  7. Nissan: We’re definitely not taking it to Europe for emissions and cost reasons. Renault: But… we want you to. Nissan: Oh, okay then, we will. Seems legit.
  8. I really should pay more attention, y'know. Here's hoping that the durability is at least adequate - it's not a faff to apply by any means, but I'm still hoping durability can be measured in months rather than days! I'm alright with hijacking. In the right context, that is... Anyway. Short version to address your query: I've not used Water Block. But to address your issue; try a different applicator if you were using the supplied one and focus on spreading it as thinly as is humanly possible as that's what made the b
  9. I know! I was sorely tempted to buy another DI filter, but I’m moving (hopefully very) soon - to a place where washing the car at home will become infinitely more difficult, so my current filter might be re-homed to my sister’s place instead In the meantime, I’m just making do with what I can really. At least I’ve achieved something then.
  10. Part 2 also comes with no pictures - although that may change if it rains soon! I also revisited Hydropel on the Renault. It has been applied to some of the car, including paint, plastic trim, chrome plastic trim, glass, gloss plastic trim, polycarbonate and exterior rubber seals. Well, it did suggest it can be used on most exterior surfaces, so let's see. I did reserve some control areas, for testing purposes (and because it's f**king huge, the roof is a pain to reach in its entirety - mainly that, actually). I basically made up my own method of application for this -
  11. I spent this morning mostly having a lie in. All hail annual leave! But after the lie in, I revisited Car Chem Ceramic Suds and SPP Hydropel; this time on my sister's family wagon - a Renault Grand Scenic. It's not grand but it is f**king big. This is relevant. The car wasn't filthy, but it's a done a few journies up and down the motorway more recently and therefore had a traffic film and some bug splitter on it. I did the usual snow foam pre-wash - note to self, one's foam lance is in dre need of a tear down and thorough clean before the next use! I then moved onto Cer
  12. The front reminds me of a Peugeot. It doesn’t matter which one, that is never going to be a good thing!
  13. It's been many, many years since one has even been accused of merely attempting such a thing...
  14. Okay, using waterless wash was a major league f**k up... but it ain't a £12k+ 'Teg league f**k up! Don't. Just, please, don't. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm slightly not for that daft idea.
  15. Wolf's Nano Wheel Cleaner (Clean & Coat) - DW review. It deosn't last forever, but if it's just for topping up duty it pretty decent, and removes a 'then' from clean then protect... Failing that pretty much any spray sealant would work for topping up, tbh. If you've got a decent base on there, I wouldn't see the need for a dedicated product - throw your Hydropel at it (that's easy enough to use and should be durable enough for regular topping up).
  16. Firstly, I simply must provide a caveat, because that's the world we live in these days. Also, it's kinda what I do in these posts now... As I may have mentioned, the paint isn't especially clean right now, which is likely to affect durability and potentially beading as well. However, I have plenty of both left to do a proper durability (and beading) test following a full detail. For reference, two thirds of the bootlid is currently wearing Hydropel over Neutral Enhance, one third has Lockdown over Neutral Enhance. The bonnet is a similar mix and match; one third (
  17. By which I mean the white one. Otherwise known as this; Car Chem Lockdown. About which, the much more concise website says: I have to admit, following the rather emphatic marketing campaign surrounding the "sample campaign" and subsequent launch of this (it's fair to say Car Chem are somewhat proud of this product), that I was excited about testing this. Also, I will be testing it all proper like when I've managed to give the car a proper detail as well, but for the time being it's put head to head with Hydropel for literally no other reason than I happen to hav
  18. Let me (try to) make it up to you, to myself and to the inanimate object that literally could not give a toss either way. By which I largely mean, ignore the whole incident and pretend it didn't happen. The first step of ignoring it and pretending it didn't happen is to reference the post where I publicly documented the thing that didn't happen. Specifically the bit about a sealant I have used before and a sealant I haven't. Because there was nothing before that bit to reference. Obviously. Having washed the car with Fairy washing up liquid and a scouring pad to ge
  19. Look, sometimes sacrifices have to be made in the name of science. I'm not proud of it. I'm not happy about it. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned and things will most definitely improve going forward. Now we all just have to accept this and move on. Also, Really, this is all your fault(s)...
  20. If it helps, I'm not even sorry. ...Okay, I am, but in my defence the car needs a polish (and a proper detail) anyway and it was literally a last resort. To make it up to you all, there's a new test underway. A write up is coming when I'm not spending my entire day waiting for the Spa Speedboat Racing to get under way.
  21. Some of you might want to make sure you're sitting down when you read this one... Streaks aside - which is no easy thing with limited products - there was one other significant problem I encountered. Now, I'm not saying I live in a hard water area but the police use tap water to draw chalk outlines of bodies around here, used car dealers use tap water to write prices on windscreens, pubs use tap water to advertise on blackboards and... some other uses for liquid chalk that exist. So, I'm dealing with streaky shampoo and fresh water spots that look more like someone's tr
  22. I had a whole "bit" about starting with this picture: But I ruined that by failing to follow through (grow up at the back there, less sniggering please!) in the last update. So instead, today's intro is this. Sorry. Also, sticking with the whole not-really-new-content thing, back on the last page (specifically here), I did a thing with the green stuff. Today, I did another thing with the green stuff. The thing I did today was like the thing I did the last time, but today I did the thing properly. Now, I know you're all following that and not
  23. That depends on the all important missing qualifier; upgrade to what? Upgrade to the 370Z steering? Possibly not. Upgrade to complete lack of steering function the original rendered model had? Probably. It’s all in the context…
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