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  1. 1. Andy James + Kat. PAID,Tracktime 10.20,12.40 2. Shezza - PAID 3. Valy - PAID 4. Keyser +1 - PAID 5. Paul k + Dawn - PAID 6. Nso93- PAID 7. Humpy - PAID 8. G1en - PAID 9. Rickdon - PAID 10. Veilside z +1 PAID 11. Beb + Colombia. PAID. Tracktime 10:20, 12:40 12. Bob94+1 PAID 13. Buster - PAID 14. Lumby
  2. It does say it has been extended by a week on the japfest website, thankfully! http://www.japfest.co.uk/club-tickets
  3. I know, can go weeks without seeing another Zed, nevermind in Sunset, then pass the same one twice in a day! Yeah it wasn't great, doesn't help my wiper fluid tank is broke too - after meeting a suicidal pheasant - so it's rare I can actually see out of my front window
  4. Passed you & got a wave on the way to work in the morning, then passed the same one (I think) on the way back home in the afternoon! Good colour choice ðŸ‘
  5. The cheapest for me was Diamond! (Probably think I'm an old lady). Been with them for 3 years now. Got it down to £340 this year with mods. I'm 27 with 6yrs NCB. Happy days!
  6. Saw about four 350's there, anyone on here? A wide bodied HR, a black with camo stickers, plus another with chrome alloys.
  7. I'm just up the road - Market Weighton. Seen another sunset with a nismo rear spoiler in Beverley now and then - is that you? The Sunset in Beverley might be me!
  8. '04 plate followed me in my gf's 107 into tesco.
  9. Not related, but me and my mate were there on the 1st! Saw a few Zeds there.
  10. Saw about 5 zed's at weekend, someone must be on here! The one's I can remember; Was a 53' azure, with a black front lip, a 57' with a custom paint job, with what looked like 20" alloys, a black 56 plate parked behind a white GTR, Then me in my sunset & parked near my mate in his gun metal.
  11. Nah, mines a bronze. I live in Leconfield too, didn't realise there was another Zed in the village!
  12. I have the same problem in Hull too! Some do the wave/flash, but not many!
  13. Great pics dude! This must have been before it was open to the public & everyone was giving a quick detail to their Zeds then I realised how mucky mine was! :-/ haha. Top day out.
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