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  1. Hi Alex, In fact, I did read your response and did not ignore it as you mentioned above. Is what you are saying that the DS2500 pads do not come with shims attached? My previous pads were Brembos and these seemingly had no issues. If I need to purchase shims, where would I get my hands on some?
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I have taken a look into the problem a bit further and have done some reading. A few friends of mine that work as mechanics have advised me that the DS2500 pads are too hard of a compound for my stock OEM brake discs. The reason for the horrendously loud noise being that these pads are intended to be used under very high temperatures, an simply driving the car through slow moving traffic will be causing the noise due to the discs being far too cold to grip the pads appropriately. As for the vibrations through the steering wheel, the discs I fitted were my mates old OEM discs that were barely used. It seems that one of them may be warped. Would that be a probable cause for the vibrations too? Solution: I am seriously considering buying 2 new front OEM discs to ensure they are straight and correct. I would just like some good advice on a full set of pads that work well with OEM discs and will not make any noise?? Thanks again
  3. Hi guys, So the time came to change my brake pads last week. Further to some recommendation I purchased a set of Ferodo DS2500 brake pads for the Brembo application. I must also note that I am running a stock OEM brake set up. When fitting the pads, I decided to replace the front discs at the same time. I completed the bedding in process correctly, and yet I am experiencing two problems: 1. When applying light braking at speeds of 65-70mph, the steering wheel is vibrating and I can feel some slight feedback through the brake peddle. 2. When in slow traffic, to say the brakes are screeching is an understatement! Under low speed braking (smoothly) as in traffic, it is quite literally unbearable. I am honestly embarrassed to be seen driving the car when it is making such a ridiculously loud squeal! Does anyone know what could be causing this, as I had been recommended that these were a very good overall everyday pad for the car. Thanks for the help. Ryan
  4. RS8055


    Thanks Dan. I'm guessing they will be just plain ol' regular ones as you say... but by that do you mean OEM standard? Reason being is that I am getting to the end of my OEM brake discs with the Brembo calipers. I just need something OEM quality really
  5. RS8055


    Hey, I am actually in the market for some new pads. After looking at the site, I can see that they do Pagid pads for Brembo application. Do you have any prior experience with Pagid pads? Are they good quality? Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking to get my hands on a VQ35DE motor as mine has seemingly decided to give up on life. After having been messed about for the past 4 months by local mechanics over here I have had to abandon the idea of rebuilding my existing engine and find a used unit to have fitted. If anyone has a complete engine available please let me know
  7. Love the sound of the JWT Popcharger on mine GLWTS
  8. Amazon just delivered Project Cars today so I am hoping to sink my teeth into it a bit this evening... glad to hear that the patches improved/fixed the game's issues. Especially as I had heard it was a massive let down due to the bugs... As for Dirt rally, I literally just laughed quite loud and now being stared at like I am insane... but I know exactly where you're coming from as I used to play rally games (albeit back on the PS2!)
  9. I decided against No Man's Sky... but I have just bought Project Cars and Dirt. Anyone have any experience with either of those two games?
  10. Interested to see this as I am running H&R spacers (20mm front / 25 mm rear) and considering getting some Eibach lowering springs 30mm
  11. Yeah, as above... it depends on how large the profile of your tyre is. If you've gone up to a 19" wheel, the tyre profile should be smaller... as long as you have the the same outer diameter of the tyre, nothing will have changed.
  12. Over the years, I have had many different interesting comments on the Zed... But as you say, nobody has a bad word to say about it! - Waiting in line to get on the ferry in Dover - guy walks up to me: Guy: Wow what do you do for a job? Me: Investment banking Guy: Ahh yeah, that explains it. I wish I could afford a Porsche. - Once got a parking ticket when over in the UK (Luxembourg plated). I came back to the car and read the ticket. (this being as I changed the Nissan badges for Z burger badges). Make: Unknown Model: Unknown Colour: Grey Tax Disc: Missing Also, a guess was taken at the registration country from the "L" indicated on the number plate. His guess: Lithuania Although my personal favourite was being asked how I could afford such an expensive car... to which I could only reply: How much do you think its worth? - Response left me with a big grin on my face, so I just nodded, smiled and walked away.
  13. I'm running Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres all-round... with around 5-6mm remaining on the rears...





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