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  1. No idea! The 240z up until now was being fully restored after import and resided up north. My 350z...never driven in or near West London pal!
  2. Well the new car has arrived...I guess it's not technically new being a 1973 240z! So pleased with it, it's everything I imagined it would be! As the 350z is still for sale it was only right that I grab a picture of the current 'Z stable', puts a smile on my face this does
  3. Can't say what it is yet but it's still jap! For sale thread here I think it's fairly priced considering the mileage, history, mods and what charged ones go for. Wrong time of the year I'm sure but it's got to go regardless. Open to sensible offers to be honest so if you know anyone!
  4. Cheers! This was the last dyno sheet I have with the current setup. Mark said at the time the boost controller I have is not great so its not holding the boost as much as he'd like. When I drove it home it was certainly quick enough anyway so can't complain! With map 3 on the controller its 374whp - I'll leave that to the audience to work out their own bhp numbers New car is certainly a step in the opposite direction power-wise so this will be missed, especially the noise
  5. Well that's a wrap on this build thread and soon to be my 6-odd years of 350z ownership. Been through a lot with this car and it truly will be sad to see it go. Everything considered, I'll soon own 3 cars and for someone that works from home it's just not sensible, so she's up for sale Deposit has now been placed on the new toy which I will be picking up on my return from working in the US. 16th Feb literally can't come fast enough! It's always been a great forum here over the years so may keep in touch and create a new thread in the relevant area, who knows
  6. After over 5 years ownership it's finally time for me to move onto something else, still Nissan related which is a good thing! Reluctantly my car is now up for sale, specs below: 2004 350z Touring edition Manual 47,500 MOT expires: Jan 2019 (booked in this month) Lower tax band 3 keys Standard features: Brembo calipers all round Rear parking sensors Bose 6-CD changer with Bose subwoofer behind driver’s seat Electric 2-stage heated leather seats Bluetooth hands-free Cruise control Engine: Rear mount STS GT35-55 T4 journal bearing turbo, A/R 0.58 STS front mount intercooler UpRev GT MAF Deatchwerks 600cc injectors Motordyne plenum spacer HKS oil filter & Mishimito sump plug CJM Stage 0 fuel return Aeromotive 380lph fuel pump Turbosmart Ultragate 38mm, 5psi spring (will include a 7psi spring too) Turbosmart blow off valve 52mm STS rear mounted air intake with sock and shield STS turbo heat shield blanket Suspension: Hel braided brake lines Motul 600 brake fluid Ferodo brake pads HSD adjustable dampener coilovers Tegiwa coilover protection covers Hunter alignment Exterior: Sunstrip and rear window tints installed by Phantom Tints Stillen side louvres De-wipered Gas bonnet struts (new hatch struts recently fitted) Rear Nismo spats Smoked side repeaters Genuine ‘facelift’ LED rear tail lights 8K HID bulbs & Silverline front indicator bulbs (replaces ugly eggshell ones) Semi smoothed front bumper Tarmac Sportz Mines replica front lip Japan Racing JR3 alloys (10.5 et15 rear, 9.5 et15 front) freshly painted in Cadburys Purple (Nov 2018) Michelin Pilot Supersport 4 all round with plenty of tread Interior: Carbon wrapped lower centre console Cadbury purple heater control surround rings Black and purple stitched leather gaiters Kode gearstick Alu air vent trim including cubby and rear cigarette cover Fire extinguisher mounted underneath passenger seat Cadbury purple speedo top cover and rings inside unit Mounted boost gauge D1 Throttle Controller Gizzmo v4 Boost Controller with 3 maps loaded Have owned this car since 2013, totally standard at the time. All modifications carried out by myself or a garage I trust. Before my ownership the car was serviced at Nissan (all stamps in book). In my ownership the car has since been serviced annually with Sly at Kaizor Motorsports. Regardless of annual servicing I have always checked frequently for anything needing doing on the car - fluids, parts etc. Exterior-wise the cars paint condition is not perfect, being 15 years old so she does have age related marks…if you want this as a garage queen show car it will need seeing to. With that said, mechanically the car is absolutely sound and has never missed a beat. Turbo conversion fitted by a trusted mechanic and myself (instructions are easier to follow than the Vortech S/C kit). Car was then taken to Abbey for a health check and tuned to run the turbo kit. Because the engine is not forged and for the sake of the rods it’s running a very safe and conservative 355whp (around 390bhp). It drives and sounds absolutely ridiculous, the turbo whistle and wastegate screamer behind you is something that will never grow old, always turns heads and intrigues people at shows. Subject to what some may think and whether they’ve been in a STS rear mount Z33 the lag is actually not noticeable, in standard guise the Zed isn’t exactly lacking in low down grunt so once the boost comes on your away. Sale includes UpRev license required to map the car. I have a complete folder full of all receipts/purchases over the years including plenty of dyno printouts from Abbey along with way. Owners manual, service book in 'Z' wallet all included. Private plate where pictured not included. The car is used purely as a weekend toy, even then it’s not often. Never taken out in the wet if I can help it, hibernates in the winter…not driven enough to be honest. Now up for sale as I’ve done what I wanted with this, plus an opportunity to own a car I’ve always wanted is on the horizon. In zero rush to sell, no silly lowball offers needed. I’m sure time wasters will weed their way through but I’ll do my best to attend to those genuinely interested. Any questions ping me a message, plenty more pictures available on request and viewings welcome Located in Kent £10,900
  7. Cheers and absolutely! I've been caught out in the rain before with no issues. Torrential rain with flooding/huge puddles let's say is a no no basically. It's not my daily so I just use common sense when deciding to take it out Wouldnt take it out in that sort of weather if it was standard to be honest
  8. Cheers Andy will do kit also came with an in-cabin warning buzzer which I have fitted behind the dash, if the pump fails the buzzer will go off immediately which I've read is deadly loud
  9. Yeah great guy and communication. x2 large boxes turned up at my doorstep like Christmas last year, absolutely nothing missing in the kit
  10. Correct, exact psi levels I haven't even checked since having it back on the boost controller (tucked away in the garage for the winter and up for sale soon ) Wastegate has a 5psi spring in. As far as I am aware you can't buy the STS rear turbo kit anymore, company was recently acquired though so it may come back? That said it's an American based company and only available over there. Cats wise the car has decats, the turbo setup literally replaces the existing backbox and uses the existing exhaust mounts. DW injectors came with the kit, 600cc which I was told were bigger than the normal supplied ones
  11. It's running a very safe 355whp On high boost map when needed its running 375whp For me the lag is not 'noticeable'. In standard guise the Zed doesn't lack in low down get up and go, once the boost comes in you're away. Plus due to the extreme torque a turbo can put on these engines suddenly it's been tuned to be as progressive as possible
  12. Then I had installed a CJM Stage 0 Fuel Return kit courtesy of Elliot on here, also got a Boost controller and installed that too, went back in for its final safe retune A rather moody looking shot from the Dyno room... Car has been running perfectly and sounds ridiculously good every time I drive it, perfect weekend toy Now pretty much tucked up for the winter and any mods/maintenance to be done in the meantime More pics to follow as they come off my phone!
  13. Front mount install Rear turbo and intake setup installed She was then trailered off for tuning:
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