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  1. @Payco Great meet! Was nice as a first timer to come down and see these cars and owners in the flesh. Shame i had to shoot off early, but will definitely be back again. Great pics all, i've got a long way to go compared to some of those beasts!
  2. I'm in! 1) Payco - 2016 Nismo 370z - PA04YCO 2) Coldel - 2005 VX220 Turbo - VK05 XEU 3) Andy_Muxlow 2011 - 370Z - A20MUX 4) Seb - 2003 350z JDM - PR02 SEB 5) kbad - 2007 HR - J44SUS 6) Mopedmark- 2009 370Z Ultimate MT59UZR 7) Darren-B - 1971 240z - BVM 362K 8) Flashback - 2004 350Z - HJ54TBZ 9) NickC - 2003 350z - A3KXN 10) Shelly Masters OE07MYC 11} zippypooz - 2005 350Z - N44SSN 12) Lewis Schwier - 2004 350z - V6 LXD 13) AndyNap - 2005 350Z Roadster - A11 NAP 14) Rich & Hilary T - 2007 350Z - AF57RZA 15) Daveo132 - 2007 350Z - PE07DPZ 16) Pagan 2003 350z roadster K500 SYM 17) Vicktor_the_ Predictor - 2005 350Z - OE54 ASX *Pagan added
  3. Cant make this weekend. Just getting the car back from the paint shop next week!
  4. Welcome to the world of endless mods to waste away any money you didn't have to begin with!
  5. Superb thanks for that. Cant make this one but may well do in the future if they're monthly?
  6. Hi Paul and welcome along! Also considering downing my 19" to 18" rims at some point. Need better handling and ride quality.
  7. Gone with SPC in the end!! Let’s see how they are ..
  8. My DE did this but that was due to a partial airlock in the heater matrix. ended up jacking the front end up, taking off the cap to the reservoir and radiator, topping the rad up to the top and gunned the accelerator a few times to get the air out (all done with the heater on inside the car and the fan on max).
  9. whoops....just realised i dumped this in the 370z thread. Can one of the admins please move this into the 350z section please!!! Thank you!
  10. Hi All, Considering getting the Kinetix adjustable Camber Control arms as they're a fair bit cheaper than some of the others. Has anyone had any issues with them?? Cheers for your input!
  11. No its fine really....Just have lots that i want to do it, as does every other member on here!!
  12. @Rikz2004 i can do March 23rd, although mine might turn up on the back of a flat bed





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