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  1. Some nice pics there! Nice ideas it's the cover. I like the effect. Looks good
  2. Seen it done on drift cars. I think it could work well if done right. My last R32 (drift car) had the inners painted lime green like the body colour with the black spoke/dish. Lots of people didn't like it but I did. If you like it that's what counts. Go for it and see how they look fitted. worst case you can take them off and remove the design
  3. London350

    New wheels

    Good looking wheels. Nice amount of concave on them
  4. Currently searching for my own Z and having a read through the forum/builds for info and inspiration. Enjoyed reading your build. What a stunning example. Your attention to detail is impressive and it shows in the final product. Looks sexy ex yon the ES2's. I had a set of 10.5s on one of my skylines in the same colour. Keep up the good work
  5. Very nice mate. Thanks for the pic Just what I'm looking for a nice black example. Looks great with the black Rays
  6. Just read through your build. Love what you've done with it! Engine bay looks sweet!! Nice attention to detail
  7. Thank you I see there's a London members. I look forward to getting to some meets/shows once I've found the right car I have to agree! I will be going for a GT as well. I think they look so much better with the Brembo's and Rays alloys. I think on the engine front I'd prefer the HR but wont let that stop me from getting an earlier model if one comes up in the right colour and spec.
  8. Thanks for that. I'll have a search and read up on those.
  9. Thanks for that. I'll have a search and read up on those.
  10. Thanks for the info, So I should be looking for a GT model then as I'd prefer to get one with the Brembos and Rays Thanks for the info, I'm not too worried about heated seats as I will be changing them out for some buckets. That's interesting, I have seen the terms Rev up, DE and HR relating to the models/engines. I'm still unsure as to what one comes in what models/years and what the differences are. Is there any threads or pages I can read up on the differences? Thanks for the welcome
  11. Nice to see Meets still going on at Ace Cafe. Looks like a great turn out. It's been many years since I've been to Ace Cafe. Do you hold this meet annually? Great write up and pictures. Thanks for sharing
  12. Hi Asad How much for set of Z logo emblems front and rear? Cheers





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