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  1. Mirroring what's already been said, a big thank you to @andy james for sorting this one out for us and the club. A fantastic, thoroughly enjoyable day
  2. Depending on which direction you approach the paddock entrance I imagine we’ll be in the area used for public parking which has a gated entrance either just before or after the paddock entrance. Its a grass covered area, on a hill. Which may be challenging given the rain....
  3. Now, I know you're all law abiding, responsible adults, but having attended a few events at Shelsley I thought I'd just give a heads up while I thought about it. On the way out/heading away from Shelsley Walsh after an event like this, it's not uncommon to see mobile speed cameras in the 'lower' speed (30, 40, 50mph) restricted areas. (No, that wasn't a motorcyclist pointing a hair dryer at you) Don't get caught out folks. You should always stick to the speed limit anyway, but just be aware.
  4. No worries Tom, you're not the first and will most likely not be the last to do the same. As you say, it's a slightly different format to other club stands and events where it's rare there's an actual limit. The first time I organised the stand at JPShow we purchased a 10 car stand, then extended it to 15, eventually extending it to 20 cars due to demand, with a waiting list for any 'drop-outs', so I'm sure you understand why we need to do this one on a first come, first served basis, securing your place with a ticket purchase. Anyhoo, I'm sorry you can't make this one buddy, hopefully you manage to get another MOT soon and avoid any more jobsworth 5-0.
  5. @valy can you confirm if Liviu still wants their space and has bought a ticket please? I know you’re in S&S now.
  6. 14N

    Maxton Design

    Yeah I just went direct, however they do sell them through their eBay store and often participate in ebays discount deals, so you might get 10-20% off. Just use the fittings provided. It’s 3M tape on the spoiler, self tapping bolts on the skirts, nuts and bolts on the lip. Use LOTS of the bolts on the lip and not just self tappers. Otherwise you’ll find you’ll soon need to buy another lip. Apparently.....
  7. There seems to be a little confusion over the attendance list, can everyone that has added their name please confirm they have bought/paid for their ticket by adding 'PAID' after their username? (I've added a few already that I know have bought their tickets, thanks guys) Unlike other shows, the club has to pay for each stand space (of 10 cars) and we've purchased two spaces (hence the 20 car total). As with many events, especially where there is a limited number of spaces available, a waiting list soon develops as spaces are on a first come, first served basis. Taken from the first post... CLUB STAND TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE DIRECT FROM THE WEBSITE: https://www.japaneseperformanceshow.co.uk/product-page/club-stand-ticket Club stand tickets are £13.50 in advance only from the website (Address above). PLEASE READ THE TEXT ON THE CLUB STAND TICKET PAGE - THIS TICKET MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE AND WILL BE EMAILED PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Passengers can get their tickets at the gate or in advance if they wish. As stated, we currently have a stand suitable for 20 cars, please add your name to the list below if you are coming, would like to be on our club stand and have purchased a club stand ticket. 1. 14N - PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow - PAID 3. Buster - PAID 4. SHEZZA - PAID 5. Kingsley - PAID  6. Amyzed 7. davey_83 - PAID 8. Panman - PAID 9. glrnet - PAID 10. G1en@waxandshine - PAID 11. andy James - PAID 12. Humpy - PAID 13. Scott370z - PAID 14. Bradley 15. cob1980 16. Liviu  17. Nso93 - PAID 18. StormtrooperZ 19. jamesmac 20. Richn370 - PAID EDIT: @Kingsley@AmyZed@davey_83@Bradley@cob_1980@jamesmac please confirm you've paid for your ticket, thank you.
  8. Right, a bit of admin..... @Richn370 did you get @ShortPaul 's ticket? Have you sorted this? @StormtrooperZ have you grabbed @Silverthorn's ticket? @kaptainmarc I do know of a spare ticket for our stand, assuming the above is all sorted, I can give you details.
  9. 14N

    Maxton Design

    As @Andy_Muxlow mentioned, I have their rear spoiler extension, side sills and front lip. I don't like the look of their rear bumper section(s) otherwise I'd have that too! No issues with the quality at all and fitment is great. Being gloss black it's just plug n' play.
  10. There's a few of us meeting in Kidderminster first, you're welcome to join us but appreciate it would mean a slight detour.
  11. I’m in Kidderminster and will pass through Stourport if that’s the route you’re taking?
  12. Loving your work Sir
  13. No mate, you're thinking of a guy called Scott Peters.
  14. I was expecting the ‘sparks’ one to be my favourite, but I think the last one is. I really can’t stress just how dark it was when they were taken literally pitch black. Was unable to see my hand in front of me.



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