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  1. Hi All, thanks for your patience, bare with me, I'm waiting to hear back about the additional spots and whether it's possible to squeeeeze the extra car in, as those that have attended previous shows know, we are allocated quite a generous spot and are currently 'only' [cough] 1 car over now. Looking at the list(s), and with the names/attendees I have the below: 1. 14N - Paid 2. Panman - Paid 3. Shire350Z (not yet paid but will do ASAP) 4. Conlonl 5. KBAD - Paid 6. G1en@waxandshine - Paid 7. Pintopete58 - Paid 8. Cob1980 - Paid 9. MaxZ - Paid 10. SHEZZA - PAID 11. zebedy - PAID 12.Buster - PAID 13.glrnet - PAID 14. davey_83 - PAID 15. Humpy - Paid 16. Nso93 -paid 17. Dean.B - Paid 18. KG350z -PAID 19. Matt V6Z - PAID 20. Andy_Muxlow - PAID 21. Killick.z (waiting for news before buying ticket) @conlonl can you please confirm if you still wish to attend and if you're purchased your ticket yet? KBAD I've put you in spot 5 as I know they're not gonna make it. Shire, you're now back in your rightful position 3, so go ahead and buy your ticket Killick z - we'll get you on stand somehow, just bare with me for a while longer until I can confirm please. Cheers guys.
  2. Good work Dave, nice one mate. I'm due to be coming back from holiday that weekend, but not sure if it's on the Saturday or Sunday yet, so won't put my name down until I know
  3. The quality and variety of cars in the show & shine hall have been outstanding the past couple of years. And unlike most other (non Jap specific) shows, it's not just full of German cars on air with BBS wheels ~instantshowcar
  4. Looking at the weather forecast I wish I'd gone for the t-shirt now and not the hoody
  5. 14N

    350z engine cover

    I'd still like the engine cover please Humpster
  6. 14N

    350z engine cover

    Cool. Bring it along next weekend please mate. Thank you
  7. 14N

    350z engine cover

    Dibs if Papa doesn’t take it. I’ll be at Japfest too.
  8. 1.Valy 2.Livio 3.Nso93 4.Cloud1440 5.Matt V6Z 6. 14N 7.
  9. Shameless self promotion.... If anyone wants a vertical tonneau cover /boot divider made for their 350Z please let me know and I can bring it to Japfest saving you P&P
  10. Hi Matt, don't panic, the 20 spaces we have are for the club stand hall. Valy's just gone rogue and will now be displaying his Bunny'd Zed in the show n' shine hall (which is separate to the one we'll be in)
  11. 14N

    Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    I've paid now - Edited your post above griff_350 as couldn't copy the list! And just FYI (save looking for it for those that are still to buy their tickets - 350zuk is the club stand name, you’ll need the 350ZJDM for the booking code)
  12. Cheers dude, thanks for the heads up. See you on the other side (literally)
  13. Glad you're happy with it mate. Thanks for asking me to make one for you. Enjoy your newly divided boot space!
  14. Cheers Stubzee, I'll drop you a PM