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  1. If you mean the electronic steering lock issue, then yeah
  2. Cheers Nothing major planned, predominantly just 'more black'
  3. Okay, so I figured I’d best start logging my journey with my 370. Here goes. I picked my Ultimate Yellow 370Z GT up at the beginning of September, although it spent the next two weeks out of sight on my mates drive until my 350 had sold (which in itself is worthy of a whole new thread ). Heres a few pics from from when I first picked him (BumbleZee) up. Its a totally standard 2009 Ultimate Yellow 370Z GT. One of only 40 UY brought into the UK apparently. Yes it’s the semi auto with flappy paddles, but it’s a surprisingly good box and lots of fun Old meets new My traditional first mod soon followed. And while left unsupervised on eBay I ended up buying a MiniZee Was an early arrival in the work car park and when looking back towards your car (as you do) I thought “that’s a nice pic” so I snapped it. A Maxton front lip/splitter and side sill extensions were added, as well as painting the ‘fangs’ area black. Seemed a nice opportunity to take a few pics. Unfortunately the lip didnt last long. Lesson learned - put more than x8 self tapping screws into your next one otherwise they’ll just be ripped out whilst driving at ‘spirited’ speeds and you’ll end up driving over your own splitter So, needless to say, the obligatory TRAX entry pic does not feature my car sporting its Maxton front lip Thanks for reading Until the next time..... (or when my replacement front lip arrives - whichever comes sooner).
  4. Hello and (again) Richard Ian (Yellow 370Z, Kidderminster).
  5. Are we gonna grab some breakfast or food somewhere? #priorities
  6. All these “weather dependant” posts.... Looks like a motorcycle meet rather than cars
  7. I'll be up for this 1. Davey_83 2. nissanman312 (Maybe) 3. 14N 4.
  8. 14N

    It's Humpy's birthday!

    Happy birthday dude
  9. 14N

    DE Centre Console

    I’ve got one for a pre facelift DE. I assume you mean the section with the cubby, head unit and the gear surround? I’ll post some pics (once i’ve found it)
  10. 14N

    Show off your custom coloured or wrapped Z.

    My (old) Aubergine Bronze colour shift 350Z
  11. 14N

    Left hand front arch liner

    I've got a brand spanking new one buddy Can bring to Trax in a few weeks if it's not urgent?
  12. 14N

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    Car looks EPIC! Very nice work. I salute you
  13. 14N


    Nice one Steve! I've just bought (upgraded to) an Ultimate Yellow 370Z so will read your thread with interest. (I've not done so yet, just jumped straight to the last page so I can comment which will help ,me find it later)
  14. 1. andy James +1 - Paid Track time 12.20/13.40 2. Humpy - Paid 3. Nso93 4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow - Paid 6. Chippychip123 +1 - Paid 7. Jay84 8. Coopen87 - Paid 9. Vroom811 - Paid 10. 14N - Paid 11. reeceybeaney +1 12. Buster - paid
  15. Thanks everyone for coming along today. Another great day with a great bunch of guys. As Andy said at the Motor Museum event, let’s keep meeting up, so we don’t become yet another ‘online’ Club. It’s the people that make this a great club as well as the cars. Actually it’s not so much s club, more of a community. And OK maybe I’m a little sentimental, but just wanna say thanks to everyone that helped when my Z decided to become incontinent in its old age and pi55ed itself Great day guys, cheers