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  1. Hi, still making the 350z tonneau cover boot? Would be interested in getting one.

    Thanks David.

  2. Hi , do you still make the 350z boot dividers, if so i would be interested in getting one. Thanks jack

  3. Hi all, unfortunately but somewhat expectedly, the show has been postponed till a later date. Please see the organiser’s announcement below: *** Important Information about the event *** Due to the coronavirus, unfortunately Japanese Perfomance Show on the 16th August has to be postponed. It would have been great to get everyone together for the event but due to the continued restrictions for mass indoor gatherings being banned, there was no other option unfortunately. Japanese Performance Show needs your support. I am asking you to help u
  4. “..... under all the dust...”. We all know it’ll be the cleanest one there
  5. 1) davey83 2) Andy_muxlow 3) tauvp 4) Buster and Mrs Buster 5) EnvoyZ33 6) 14N
  6. Well, this one’s been a looooooooong time coming. I think I’ve had the diffuser since October but I finally got round to fitting it today (one of 1000’s of lockdown Bank Holiday mod’s no doubt). Really happy with how it looks and i think it compliments and finishes the ‘lines’ created by the Maxton front lip and side sill extensions. Anyway, enough from me, here’s some pics
  7. @Mixification @Dav1ce87 @Bam @zzincubus many thanks for your messages today guys, I'm really pleased you're happy with your dividers, thank you very much again for asking me to make one for you. Enjoy your newly divided boot space! I hope you don't mind, but I've shared some of your comments, feedback and messages below, as they're very much appreciated. "Just to let you know I've received the divider and am very happy with it you've done a top job". "Hi Ian, The divider was delivered today, it looks awesome. Thanks again for making it.. really happ
  8. Awesome! Thanks guys (and gals) the stand’s now full I’ll post some pre-show meet up rendezvous details nearer the time, it’ll be the usual Holiday Inn just off the M40 for those that have been before. Cheers all
  9. 1. 14N - 370Z - Yellow - **** 14N - PAID 2. RY4N - 350Z - Red - **** AAV - PAID 3. Ka.370z - Black Rose Convertible - ****KMZ - PAID 4. Valy - 370Z - Black - ****LNO - PAID 5. AmyZed - 350Z - **** AMY - PAID 6. Silk - 350Z - Midnight Blue - ****NCL - PAID 7. G1en - Battle Scarred Black 350Z - **** VBK - PAID 8. Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Silver. ***MUX - PAID 9. Nismoandy - 350z - silver *** FNX - PAID 10. SHEZZA - 350Z - Black - ** MAS - PAID 11. Vallis10 - 370Z - Black - *** NJV - PAID 12. davey_83 - 350Z - Grey **** AZF - PAID
  10. Thanks Nick, hopefully you'll have your surgery before the show and are given plenty of time to recover beforehand, but if not, given previous experience, I doubt you'll have any trouble transfering your ticket/space nearer the time if need be. You'll receive the tickets via email approximately a week before the show; the ticket won't feature stand or vehicle details like you may be used to for other shows. The details I've requested are purely for our benefit and to ensure only those that secured one of our club stand spaces end up on our stand.
  11. Looking good Sam Whereabouts in Worcestershire are you?
  12. Cheers Glen. Glad you can make it. I’d already got Shane/Silk’s details in the OP mate. (Reg ‘NCL’).
  13. Yep Club stand now booked and thread now up in the National Events sub forum (same as this one).
  14. 1. andy James PAID 2. Sebastian PAID - Track 12.40 3. Stephanie 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. SHEZZA PAID 6. Silverthorn PAID 7. Cs2000 PAID - Track 14:40 8. nissmoandy PAID 9. Paul K - PAID 10. V1H PAID 11. Matthew Thain PAID 12. Jamie Thain PAID 13. whitevanman. PAID 14. Mark350Z. PAID - Track 14.40 15. luigi350z PAID 16. Sarah PAID 17. zzincubus (Len Meakin) PAID 18. Flashback - PAID 19. FruitPolo PAID 20. BUSTER PAID 21. Trott + 1 PAID 22. George (tarmacsportz) -PAID 23. Valy - PAID 25. M
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