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  1. Haha One of those "should've left the factory like it" items. I think Nissan realised eventually as the later ones did!
  2. Thank you!! That’s exactly what I’m going for and trying to achieve. It's one of the reasons I’ve kept the OEM wheels. I’ve had a number of ideas (such as vinyl graphics, spoiler etc) but dismissed them as they move too far away from the ‘tweaked OEM’ look. Many thanks for your comment mate, much appreciated
  3. I think this one is a little more 'conservative' than my previous 350Z! Thank you for your comments though, much appreciated Everyone has different taste (some have more taste than others....) but as you say, that's what makes Z ownership and the community so special. No two cars are the same, unlike many other marques and models Cheers Dave
  4. Thanks David. We've already had this conversation - I totally agree! It'll happen, one day....
  5. And I couldn’t miss this opportunity.....
  6. Visited a fantastic event at the Lloyds Amphitheatre on Sunday. Wide variety of cars in attendance, but as the numbers started to thin out I grabbed the owner of the Noble and asked if he’d join me for a photo with the Testarossa. While we were there, Aidy the 240Z owner joined the party which resulted in a few awesome pics and generated a lot of interest. Here are a few of ny favourites from the day.
  7. Ahh, hold on, do you mean for this show (Summer Action Festival) or JDM Combe?
  8. Okay, cool, list updated 1. Nso93-PAID 2. Humpy 3. ShortPaul 4. Silverthorn - PAID 5. Hypnosis (& Mrs Hypnosis) - PAID 6. JoeT1992 - PAID 7. 14N - PAID 8. 57jam89 - PAID
  9. 1. Nso93-PAID 2. Humpy 3. ShortPaul 4. Silverthorn - PAID 5. Hypnosis (& Mrs Hypnosis) - PAID 6. JoeT1992 - PAID 7. 14N - PAID
  10. Nathan, I've amended the title of your original post and added a link for more info on the day. I can't confirm if I can make it or not yet, but will try ASAP. The list as it stands is: 1. Nso93 2. Humpy 3. ShortPaul
  11. You're welcome John, thank you for asking me to make one for you, I'm really pleased you're happy with it No problem Zelda, you're on the list Of course Sam, thank you. I'll drop you a PM soon. Thanks, Ian
  12. Saw your car on stand mate, first time I'd seen it in the metal, looked epic!



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