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  1. 1) davey_83 2) tauvp 3) HEADPHONES 4) Monkey1983 5) george1966 6) budbongo 7) 14N
  2. Good to see you all yesterday. Was a great morning
  3. lol Was it really six years ago!? Wow. I’ve travelled that road and route many times since, it now actually forms part of one of my favourite rides on my bike when I just want to get out for a bit. however, my route results in arriving in Worcester rather than leaving from it, so as we’ll be heading in the opposite direction, not allowing me to lead would be a smart move
  4. I’m pretty close to Shelsley and coming to Worcester would be a diversion, but I’d rather arrive in a micro convoy with you guys so count me in. I’ll come find you at Mark’s favourite hotel with the complimentary seagulls. Its a nice drive there either way.
  5. Do you think we could/should meet up prior to the event and convoy in together? Does anyone’s planned route bring them through Stourport?
  6. Hi All, I can confirm we still have the club stand space booked for this show and if you'd bought tickets for last year's show, these are being rolled over. I understand that we now have new owners/members that would like to attend and also members that have now moved on from Z ownership or are also planning on attending Supercar Fest at Shelsley which now unfortunately falls on the same date. @davey_83 has kindly agreed to pick up the reigns for this event as I will now not be attending and as per his earlier post, could we now progress with an updated list
  7. Hi, still making the 350z tonneau cover boot? Would be interested in getting one.

    Thanks David.

  8. Hi , do you still make the 350z boot dividers, if so i would be interested in getting one. Thanks jack

  9. Hi all, unfortunately but somewhat expectedly, the show has been postponed till a later date. Please see the organiser’s announcement below: *** Important Information about the event *** Due to the coronavirus, unfortunately Japanese Perfomance Show on the 16th August has to be postponed. It would have been great to get everyone together for the event but due to the continued restrictions for mass indoor gatherings being banned, there was no other option unfortunately. Japanese Performance Show needs your support. I am asking you to help u
  10. “..... under all the dust...”. We all know it’ll be the cleanest one there
  11. 1) davey83 2) Andy_muxlow 3) tauvp 4) Buster and Mrs Buster 5) EnvoyZ33 6) 14N
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