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  1. Had my 370 for over 5 years now andone of the first things I noticed was the increased level of tramlining over the 350. Had numerous alignments with Sly over the years and just got used to it as a characteristic. clutch should not be an issue, I'm still on the same one since new and it's 10 plate. Still it's not the mileage it's the driving style that will influence the clutch wear. glad you are enjoying the nismo, the latest body styling is a real looker. i see you are just down the road from me, I will have to keep an eye out
  2. SuperStu - one of each Grumpyoldjanner - one of each Veeg33 - one of each Kev T - wall calender Paul K - one of each E11TUf - wall calendar Rob350 - one of each pintopete58 - wall calendar andy james - wall Calendar Andy_Muxlow - wall Calendar Cob1980 - wall Calender MBS - Two wall and one desk Humpy - 1 x wall calendar wvSTUwv - wall calendar eatonm90 - 1 x wall calendar silkygun - Wall calendar jay84 - one of each Lyndzz - 1 x wall calendar Mark123 - 1 x wall calendar Woodzman -
  3. Yeah I have the same wheel, makes it more tricky but a whole lot more emersive, especially if you have the manual shifter too
  4. Howdy, a couple of us are having fun with forza 7 (looks and feels stunning with the Xbox one x and a lg c7) but it would be good to get more people in the lobby for some clean competitive racing. If you fancy joining in let me know your username here and I will send out invites if I see you in.
  5. Nice one Lexx, thanks for all the hard work. You've been a key driver for change and progress here and keeping the place running, it's much appreciated enjoy the gold status.
  6. No fair, this is heightist im 6ft7......... i'll squeeze into a caterham More seriously enjoy this gents. The last session i went on with CAT driver training was seriously impressive and I learnt a lot. Enjoy
  7. Bit sad really, they should really let it go and invest time and money in the next gen zed.
  8. Would love to and see your new toy but I think the meet clashes with the goodwood revival
  9. Thanks all. Have to say it's been an absolute pleasure helping as part of the team here and giving something back to a place that has given me so much over the years. Little did I know when I signed up that it would lead to so many good friendships and a big social change for me. A lot goes on behind the scenes Here with a lot of hard work by the team to keep things ticking over and running smoothly. Unfortunately I no longer have the time to spare for an active admin role so it's only fair to make way for someone more active. dont worry you don't get rid of me that eas
  10. Will370z

    New Ferrari

    Love the look of that
  11. Stunning, I have always loved those little cars
  12. Congratulations on the new toy. i have to admit it's the next step up that I keep looking at too. Been on auto trader far too much lately hunting for f types. have fun and I'd be interested on a write up to see how they compare. May be an expensive read for me though......
  13. Have fun all, id definitely be there if I wasn't already off on another adventure. Enjoy
  14. I have to say, in all honesty this was a really awesome day and I would seriously recommend it to anyone serious about their car and driving. i learnt so much about what I've been doing wrong all these years with driving techniques and how impressive the zed really is. I'm definitely the weaker link. Definitely enjoyed the handling course, the banked track (Doing 100 with hands off the wheel showed how stable the zed is) but the surprise for me was the drifting. I've never been into drifting. Never saw the point. But dam me ive never had so much fun getting Rosie's bac
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