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  1. 1. davey_8 2. pintopete58 3. George1966 4. Rhysos 5. Headphones 6. Monkey1983 7. budbongo 8. SHEZZA 9. Justthejedi 10. V1H 11. Goodatcrashing (Might slum it in the R35 if Z not ready) 12. The Bounty Bar Kid 13. Coz@TORQEN 14. Lewis Schwier 15. Tauvp 16. GranTurismoEra 17. Blacklist_Nismo 18. Willsy1980 19. AmyZed 20. angelsanzbriz 21. Killick.z 22. GJC350 23. Monkey Nuts 24. Steve1 25. Will370z 26. Ken Looking forward to joining you all, its been a while
  2. ah got ya, yeah thanks just posting up some videos on their FB site too
  3. if you wanted to leave a review you could post up on their face book page if that was what you were after https://www.facebook.com/BlackPigCompany
  4. Nice to meet you all, perfect weather for a drive. Apologies for the toast incident David.
  5. Hi all, just spoke to Mark, he's going to have the kitchen ready for us for bacon baps or a full english breakie. He has also cut the lawn ready for any photo ops for us. See you all in the morning.
  6. Shame Shezzz, maybe next time. Seems years since we last caught up.. All the best.
  7. Good to see nice weather predicted, perfect excuse for taking the roof down.
  8. 1. davey_83 2. Will370z 3. Monkey1983 4. Ken 5.mattj 6. Azurez33 7. zzIncubus 8. Spursmaddave
  9. 1. davey_83 2. Will370z 3. Monkey1983 4. Ken 5.mattj
  10. Here are some recent pics from gatherings at the Black Pig farm shop. They do the most amazing Bacon Butties Look forward to seeing you there.
  11. It’s time to get the zed back on the road and ready for a road trip to the Pyrenees in August after being parked up during lockdown. When I lived down in Surrey I was very fortunate to get the car serviced at Sly’s but it’s quite a trek down to Kent from here so I was wondering if people have any recommendations for good places to service a zed in the Midlands. I am based near Hereford. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. thanks.
  12. Just wanted to give a big shout out to Pete. What a lovely bloke, when i put this thread up i wasn't expecting a generous offer to have a cover for free. Popped up to pick it up on Saturday and got the chance to meet Pete. Your fiesta looked spotless and sounds like you have a great project lined up for your Zed, good luck with all the work and post up pics. Thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting you. Love this forum and the people you meet, always impressed how generous people here are.
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