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  1. Blue 350 M60 Manchester then heading north to bury on the M66 Black 370 roadster M1 Sheffield southbound like buses they are, haven’t seen one on the roads for a month or so then 2 come along on the same journey…
  2. It was SORN 30th September, just couldn’t get a full clean in until this weekend. I just start it and run full heaters including seats then full air con, again with the seats then lock her back up, in first gear, no handbrake.
  3. I use a maypole MP7423, works a treat over winter but I do turn her over and do a full heater and air con routine each month.
  4. Snow foamed, jet washed, roof and headlights treated with 303, clay barred, waxed, trickle charger fitted, covered and put to bed. Roll on April 2023…
  5. Had mine redone yesterday at https://cardetailingnottingham.co.uk/ You can see it more in the photo than you can in real life. Really happy with how it looks now the horrible yellowing original has gone and the new one is much thinner than the original.
  6. My are ready again so when she comes out again in April I will have a look at this one.
  7. Is this still on? not seen any updates etc. and not too many have said yes.
  8. Ok, booked the holiday for the weekend after. anyone would think I planned it just for this meet….😜
  9. Full wash and wax then a quick drive out on a day off 👌🏼
  10. Any links to the retro fit android system?
  11. Fairly local for me and been wanting to go for a while but planning on being abroad that weekend 🤦🏼‍♂️
  12. You can get an aftermarket one much cheaper, I have one you can have/ try if you can cover postage? as long as it has the correct connection all antenna are basic units, nothing special in a Nissan one.
  13. You can even see a dead bug in one bead.
  14. Checked mine after reading this thread, found some very minor spots in random places like the underside of the boot lid and under the roof cover. local Nissan garage agreed this should be covered but Nissan UK have flatly refused as it hasn’t had an annual perforation check!
  15. At Texaco garage in Hucknall. lots of carbon bits, tints, tarmac sports stickers, boot spoiler and a very nice sounding exhaust.
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