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  1. You can get an aftermarket one much cheaper, I have one you can have/ try if you can cover postage? as long as it has the correct connection all antenna are basic units, nothing special in a Nissan one.
  2. You can even see a dead bug in one bead.
  3. Checked mine after reading this thread, found some very minor spots in random places like the underside of the boot lid and under the roof cover. local Nissan garage agreed this should be covered but Nissan UK have flatly refused as it hasn’t had an annual perforation check!
  4. At Texaco garage in Hucknall. lots of carbon bits, tints, tarmac sports stickers, boot spoiler and a very nice sounding exhaust.
  5. Glad I washed it earlier…🤦🏼‍♂️
  6. Cleaned and polished ready for a Japanese BBQ meet tonight at @thecarcrowduk in Nottingham. It’s a car cafe that has their own collection of cars that you can buy shares in so I’ll let you know tomorrow if it’s worth a visit.
  7. Welcome, which part of Notts are you in?
  8. What’s PPF? mine is yellowing and shows up on a white pearl so I would lie, to get it replaced.
  9. Try this thread or just search steering lock on the forum. I never lock mine and always leave it straight. Will get the fuse pulled when it goes for a service.
  10. Welcome, love the Bourne to Spalding road 😜 may as well post pics before you get badgered…
  11. Sounds like a gps fault not a map one. Roads haven’t moved co ordinates so you will only be off roads that were built post 2011. I have the connect premium x9.0 Europe v8 full disk set including the software upgrade, try e bay or a Google search for them. You need to provide a code from the head unit to upgrade. try resetting your location and drive main roads for while first, if it loses its way the the gps antenna or chip.
  12. Just driven past a Z convoy on the A34 Newbury bypass heading south near Highclere Castle.
  13. Matay20

    Door windows

    I meant start button. search YouTube as there is a good video, my trickle charger came off and I had the same issue but it’s quick and easy to resolve.
  14. Matay20

    Door windows

    Just press the ignition button once without pressing the clutch or brake to turn it on.
  15. When you get the summer car out a day early for the MOT 🤦🏼‍♂️
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