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  1. Thats true for anything in life I suppose. I was merely pointing out that if is currently on offer on other sites for 1k but I would honour my original post here. In that case then, I think I will cancel this post and keep the plate and put it on my next car post pandemic. Or wait for it to sell on the other sites.
  2. Hi, yes I have the certificate. No, i want £500 as it's currently worth £1000 but my advert was at £500 so I'll honour that. Many thanks Paul
  3. Hi, No I didn't. I still have it if you are interested? Many thanks Paul
  4. Hi I have just sold my Zed and the buyer didn't want the plates or the winter wheels and tyres. Plate is V6BYY Price £500 I have a set of Nexen Winguard 2 winter tyres. fronts 225/45/18, Rears 245/45/18. They were bought in January and have had about 2000 miles on them. rims are standard Nissan touring wheels - £250 Any questions, please give me a shout. Screwed up on original post so trying again!!
  5. Awesome, thanks. I've not been too far (round block) due to lockdown. Hopefully it will sort when things get back to normal(ish)!
  6. Hi all, after a bit of advice please? My Z came with 20 inch wheels with 245's on the front and 275's on the back. No problems other that a fairly stiff ride!! I swapped out these summer wheels for a stock set of touring 18's with 225/245 front and back respectively with winter tyres on for the winter. I swapped these back to the 20' summers the other day and since then the Traction Control light comes on intermittently. I'm confused as these are the same wheels and tyres that the car came with, which never had an issue. I wasn't driving fast
  7. Hi Are you still selling these? I'm after a front and rear set for a 350Z roadster Thanks
  8. Hi, i spliced the blue and white cable onto the blue and white on the Sony loom
  9. Hi there. My my new head unit arrived today and I have been looking at the wiring harness etc i have the Sony loom attached to the ICT Bose adaptor but I seem to have a spare blue and white cable on the ICT adaptor. the blue and white wire on the sony is connected to the Block which lines up with a blue wire on the ICT adaptor. do I leave it as it is or splice the blue and white onto the blue wire or cut the blue and white on the Sony loom and join both together? many thanks Paul
  10. Hi I'm looking to replace my Bose headunit with https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-XAV-AX3005-Premium-Receiver-Bluetooth/dp/B07GLWLQSY&ved=2ahUKEwj0m5fjmcDgAhWpRBUIHUBBCoEQFjAAegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw1yaFUWla4GMiTSJeL475b_ Apart from the extra wires etc I need to buy, will 8 have any issues fitting ir to my roadster? I dont have steering wheel controls so that isnt a problem!! I'm just worried about physically fitting it in as it's a single din back end! Any advice
  11. I’m really confused now!!! I’m old it’s easy just rechecked my tyres that I have fitted on these 20 inch rims and the rears are 275/30/20 and thefronts are 245/35/20. After a few hours of searches it seems that I should be dead already. But I’ve put over 500 miles on the car this week and they seem fine. No issues with the esp or anything. Grip and handling is fine. I tried to get the esp to kick in just in case it wasn’t working and i had to floor it in first out of a junction to get the esp to work. The fronts are close to needing ch
  12. Mmm, I'm not that lucky!!! I'm fully expecting to take these 20's off and find that 18;s no longer fit!!
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