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  1. Just saying my thanks to the guys at Horsham. They did a remap for me yesterday and I'm over the moon with my results. The team are very friendly, informative and a pleasure to deal with - Hopefully I'll be in soon for some powder coated exhaust tips, and my brakes PS - I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I've read multiple threads asking whether it's "worth the money" having their Z remapped. I'm going to say it's a bargain, you get a print out of before and after, multiple dyno tests, and a damn good remap, so if you take into consideration the amount of dyno runs you have, and the remap, it works out an absolute bargain . I also love my exhaust pops
  2. That's a really good idea, I'll do that now. Thank you
  3. Quite possible it's the same ones, or maybe people are selling them because they are unreliable! It's a shame because as I said before, I've only read positive things about them, but it seems a lot of people go down the decat route.
  4. Yes, I purchased them from him off of the 350z & 370z UK Owners Club Selling Page - Was hoping everything would be fine considering!
  5. Thanks all. There's not much I can do about getting my money back, but I'm working on it, seeing as the person is ignoring all of my messages! Thanks Adrian@TORQEN, I'll keep you posted, I can't do too much until I've sorted this mess out, but I'll keep you posted Thanks all
  6. I've heard good things about Berks, but I suppose anything is possible like you say! I will contact parcel force and see what they say, I'll also speak to someone who does welding and see if they might be up to the job - failing that, I'll have to sell one good HFC
  7. Hi all, I have recently purchased a set of Berks from someone off the 350z UK Facebook page. The person who sold them said in his add they were only a few months old but went back to decat. I hadn't taken the Berks out of the box until now because I was waiting for my mechanic to fit them, unfortunately though, one of them has a rather loud clunk when you move them, my mechanic seems to think the baffle has come loose or something. The person said they were fine when he shipped them, and unfortunately I paid through PayPal (not services). Is there anything I or my mechanic can do with them? There's a chance the courier (parcel force) was heavy handed, or perhaps the person wasn't telling me the truth, either way I'm now sat with one good HFC and one rattly HFC . Thanks in advance
  8. Problem solved - It was indeed the transmission mount. Purchased a new one from Alex and everything is sorted. If anyone has any similar problems like I did, I would highly advise you to check your transmission mount as it's quite an easy job.
  9. Not a bad idea at all!! I welcome anyone's experience so I can take on board what to look out for Regarding the noise though, I'm 99% certain it's the transmission mount as the performance is still there. I did have a new bearing fitted with the clutch and flywheel, sorry, I may have forgotten to mention that. I'm going to buy a transmission mount from ZMANALEX and hopefully that will be my problem solved
  10. Thanks Keyser, I replaced with another dual mass, but I know they are typically noisy. I think I may have an idea of the noise now. I have had a browse through the vast history that came with the car and notice that there was an uprated transmission mount installed not long ago, it's only an eBay invoice so no make on it. Judging that I am not losing any performance and it seems that the car is slightly more responsive, I'm guessing that's my best bet at the moment. My guess is that because the clutch was fairly bad before, it muffled out most of the noise, because as I've said before, everything is better now. I will check other sensors though and have a good look over the car, just incase. FYI - Not sure if I mentioned before, but the car is only noisy in the cabin, when letting it idle and listening outside, it just sounds normal!? Thanks again
  11. Yea, I've got no warning lights at all and it drives spot on, so the sensor is a really good shout. I'll jack the car up and have a good look, when the heavy rain has stopped Thanks for the help
  12. Thanks JDM2003. I am going to get someone to plug it into a diagnostics reader. I'll have a look under the car as well, as I didn't know about the sensor. Just a thought, wouldn't I have an EML on for a bad coil pack or misfire? Many thanks
  13. Hi All, Me again, sorry As many of you probably know, I am very new to all of this, so any help is always appreciated. I have a 53 plate 350z. I recently had my clutch and flywheel changed, and am very grateful to ZMANALEX for the advice he gave me along the way. Whilst changing my clutch, my mechanic said the oil from the gearbox wasn't great so decided to change that which I didn't mind. He used 75w90 Semi Synthetic & Molyslip. Since having the car back the difference is unreal, power, smoothness, and I personally think the throttle response is a lot better (I might be imagining things) The only thing that has somewhat got worse is the noise coming from the transmission ( I believe). Here are two videos I have uploaded for you to hear, apologies for the poor quality but it's horrendous weather and I'm not an owner for an expensive phone. The car still pulls, it vibrates a bit more from what I can remember, but it's really really noisy, kind of sounds like an old V8 (sort of) which isn't bad, but it's not an old V8 . I'm hopeful I don't need a new gearbox, but... neither myself, or the mechanics involved know what this could be. If anyone has any advice, thoughts or has experienced the same issues, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Great stuff, I'll pass all of this on to my mechanic and see how we get on tomorrow. Many thanks
  15. Thanks again. That bearing doesn't look like my old one, I'm guessing it's for display purposes only? I'll do some more thorough research tomorrow and buy from a more reputable company. Really appreciate the help. Many thanks.



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