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  1. Im thinking of getting a postal remap done by abbey, they are doing a 95 octane map , I'm guessing they will be changing the detonation ? Will this affect the performance of the car ? I'm guessing so .
  2. Great guide Followed the guide today and my passenger window is now working definitely wouldn't of attempted this without the guide passenger side is a bit different to drivers but stil very impressed. Thanks
  3. As the title says thought id start a appreciation thread for Horsham. We only had 7 in the group buy but jez decided to do the deal for 10 + also I paid yesterday and it arrived today top man and top service
  4. +1 Brecon s not far from me, I'd definitely like to attend one this yr
  5. Awesome looking car mate only problem I can forsee will be what will u upgrade to next it'll take some beating
  6. Iv got two beagles and they can be a right hanfull to be honest but they are really soft and really good with other dogs. Only problem is now and again they decide to chase rabbits and I can't get them back . But apart from that there great pets and I definitely wouldn't swap them for anythin else.



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