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  1. Im thinking of getting a postal remap done by abbey, they are doing a 95 octane map , I'm guessing they will be changing the detonation ? Will this affect the performance of the car ? I'm guessing so .
  2. Great guide Followed the guide today and my passenger window is now working definitely wouldn't of attempted this without the guide passenger side is a bit different to drivers but stil very impressed. Thanks
  3. Personally I'd try here first as eBay and paypal will take 10% off
  4. Say a tenner and i'l transfer the cash to u now maybe try 70% of what u paid for them
  5. Hi I fitted the auto fold mirrors mod to my car last yr which I'm really happy with, but does anyone know if it's possible to stop them working whilst it's so cold I'm a bit concerned that with all this ice there's a possibility of burning the motor out when opening the car in the mornings. Thanks M9O OEY
  6. Hi , wheels received and fitted and really look . I just want to publicy say how much of a top genuine bloke Gordon is . We had a small issue couriers fault i'l add but Gordon was superb throughout.
  7. Iv got iosh it's a nationally recognised qualification as is as is haccp when I went for a different job 3 yrs ago they were more interested in the H&S qualifications than my electrical qualifications and I got the job . Personally i think any extra qualification there willing to put u through is a bonus and could always help in the future when looking for a different job
  8. +1 on Phil price rally school just up the road from me absolutely awesome ! Put his name in YouTube and have a look when he takes some people out.
  9. 2 x pm s regarding the wheels,3 days ago now, please reply
  10. Hi all Our other car has the DSC ( dynamic stability control ) light permanently on I believe it's to do with the brakes from reading the owners handbook , is it likely to be a abs sensor if so any ideas how to prove which one it is . Or any other ideas of what it could be . Any ideas much appreciated . I really don't want to take it to the stealers. Thanks
  11. Best stag doo iv been to in this country was definitely Plymouth, there are two different nightlifes one was around the quay ( if that's how its spelt ) smart pub / clubs around the harbour. The next night we went into the town where there was your normal pubs weathersoons walkabout etc and nightclubs also a few mens clubs . In the day we drove to Cornwall did a hrs karting and after did jumping off cliffs ( with instructors ) and canoeing was a cracking day and cheap. Send me a pm I could find u details of who we arranged it with
  12. M9O OEY

    fuel cap

    Pm zmanalex Im sure he can sort u out
  13. Thanks iv read on the net that ur as well off getting a net book but I quite fancy a tablet
  14. Hi Im looking into buying a tablet pc , originally I was going to buy a iPad then I read some reviews and was put off by no USB and flash player, also some I believe u have to have a contract as they have no wifi Then I looked intothe galaxy also last night I came across a android 2.2 I think thatwas a third of the price of a iPad and had USB ports and wifi Tbh i only want it to go on the internet and put some photos on , it would mainly be for the mrs to browse on What's peoples experience with these as iv read good and bad reports any help opinions would be greatly appreci
  15. Thanks for your help il read it when I get to work bit of a typo there any ideas if the strut brace should push or pull ? anyone
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