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  1. This will not appeal to the majority of people on here but when I had my zed I needed something a little more frugal that I could put miles on so thought it wouldn't do any harm to post in case anyone fins themselves in the same position I did. This car belongs to my other half and has been very lightly used over the last couple of years because of her maternity leave I have an X5 that we use for family duties so get very little use out of the E350, especially now she’s back working in the city centre and I work from home 4 days per week the car is barely being used at all, therefo
  2. Below is an ad for my 2008 BMW X5SD SE, this is the twin turbo (286bhp) model and is in excellent condition, I've tried not to 'sell' the car in the ad below, as much as present the facts, I would welcome and encourage a professional inspection. Car Details: BMW X5 SD SE 3.0 Twin Turbo Diesel 286bhp First Registered: 23 June 2008 Metallic Grey With Brown Nevada Leather Interior (Interior looks great in the flesh, terrible on the linked pics) 1. Service history - FSH Registered: 23 June 2008 Upto Aug 2011 at Eastern BMW in Edinburgh (3 Stamps) From May 2012 at M3 Motor Co.
  3. Nice one, well done! No, I'm in Edinburgh but down south often. All the best with your Zed, looks great.
  4. Looks like a total bargain, Weill done! I've had my eyes open for zed for a while and missed this, where did you find it advertised?
  5. Looks like a very good roadster, GLWTS. I see you're looking for something more practical as a replacement, what are you after going for?
  6. Hey Mike, thanks very much for posting the pics, it's much appreciated! Thanks too for the comments about the car, I definitely would not be selling it if I wasn't working in London....... at least the mileage isn't getting any higher! - Over the summer I took it to France and did over 2,000 miles in a week,very easy to do, it makes a great Grand Tourer, very comfortable and refined but with a good turn of pace when required, not to mention economical (for a V6), returning over 41mpg that week on a mix of city centre, country roads and motorways.
  7. I don't think this car will interest too many folk here but if you are remotely interested, there are some pics here: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mercedes-benz/e-class/mercedes-e350cdi-coupe-sport-blueefficiency-2010-10-plate-tipronic/1689810
  8. ****PRICE REDUCED TO £16595**** Due to working away from home I no longer need this superb Mercedes. The car has one previous owner and Full Mercedes Service History and looks superb in Palladium Silver with full black leather. Below is a breakdown the important facts and figures: Stats: Mileage: 90,800 Registered: 22/04/10 MOT Exp: 01/04/14 Tax Exp: 31/10/11 Equipment: Full Black Leather Tiptronic Gearbox with Paddle Shift 18â€AMG Alloys Heated Seats Electrically Adjustable Seats CD Player with Auxiliary Port Auto Headlights Cruise Control Multi Fun
  9. Looks very nice, what are you replacing it with?
  10. Hi, I've been looking at prices again for a 370z, does anyone have an idea of whether or not a 'Black Edition' would be worth any more or much more than a Standard GT? From what I can gather, a decent priced, low mileage 2010 GT should sell for around £17k, what should I expect to pay for a 'Black Edition'? Thanks in advance, G
  11. I'm still on the lookout for a new car for my girlfriend, we basically need a second car a few times a week that will be good to drive and have minimal depreciation, had previously looked at a Nissan 370z or BMW 635D, both looked good and I've been looking for a good example of both but now she's seen a 2009 Mini Cooper S JCW which she likes the look of, does anyone here have any experience of these cars or any opinions? Following a fair few Google searches it looks good fun to drive and pretty quick, also, if bought well, I think would be depreciation friendly.
  12. Thanks very much guys, the info is much appreciated. The orange seats look good in the pics, I'll do a bit more digging and try to find some better pics. Thanks again, G
  13. Thanks for the pic Roger, just noticed this......... I reckon the size of a 14 month boy would be on a par with my trolley! PS - Please pass on my thanks to your son as well!
  14. I've been on the lookout for a new car for my girlfriend for a while and a 370z is still on the shortlist, I've noticed this one on Pistonheads: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/370z/370z-coupe-3-7-v6-gt-ultimate-3dr/1044604 Looks pretty good, was wondering what the difference is between the 370z GT 'Ultimate' and a 'Regular' GT? - Can't seem to find any info on this! Cheers, G
  15. Thanks for all your thoughts on the 635D, much appreciated!..... Still no decision from my better half though! Gotta agree about the comments on the engine;it is epic, I've got the same engine in my X5 and love it.
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