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  1. I'm a DJ! You can listen to a few of my mixes here - the latest of which I did for BBC Radio 1Xtra I also own a Photographic Printing store and Electrical Retail / Phone Repair store
  2. I am so interested in all of this, is there a new announcement coming soon that I have missed? So far Keplar is doing more than anything before to find new planets like ours and succeeding! The problem is that until we can travel at 1000 times the speed of light, we will never get there!
  3. Hi guys Bought an imported 52 plate Nismo Z a couple of weeks ago and I want to get a bit more out of it. Is there anywhere in Essex that I can get it mapped that other forum members have used? What sort of cost am I looking at? Thanks! Ryan.
  4. Nice! A friend of mine took me for a spin in his stage 4 tunes 59 - :scare: :scare: It's bloody fast!
  5. Hi mate, I didn't see the group buy thread - have you got any more photos? Thanks, Ryan.
  6. djrm

    Mmmmmm..... Shiny

    Looks good - bet you love starting it up in there! You must get a nice reverb!
  7. Thanks peeps! Yeah I couldn't beleive my luck when I found this one! Just had a gearbox rebuild, new clutch, new drilled + grooved discs & pads, P2 service and it has all the GT extras! B)
  8. Hi everyone! I was an active member here a few years back when I had my Silver UK GT Zed. Sold that a while back but I am now back in the Zed club again after buying an Azure Import Nismo Old car: New car: Safe to say I absoloutely love the new one, wish I had held out the first time and got the Azure because it really is an amazing colour - photos just don't do it justice! Anyways, just thought I would say hi! Cheers, Ryan.
  9. Hi David, you were right! Nice and empty now! I'll PM you in a minute, thanks.
  10. Hi guys I recently bought another Zed, had a silver one a few years back and missed it so much! Just bought a Nismo Azure Blue one ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ I am after spacers which will be used with the Rays Forged wheels and for some reason the washer fluid cap is missing! I did PM Alex because when I was last on here he was the man for parts but found he's sold the business, anyone know who to? Thanks! Ryan.
  11. I have been looking on eBay and am coming up with prices around £500ish... No no name on them as far as I can see... Cheers, Ryan
  12. Hi everyone I sold my Z this week and now need to get rid the 20's that were on it. I took them off after they failed MOT due to all the tyres needing to be replaced. They do need a refurb as the previous owner painted them black and I'm not sure that he primed them 1st so the black paint has peeled off in some spots. They are very unique wheels and I havn't seen them on another car in the UK. The guy I bought them from says they were imported from the US. They are: Front: 245/30zr20 90y - 9" wide Back: 285/30zr20 99y - 10" wide And you will need all new tyres...
  13. 63000 Miles Uk GT Model Alloy Wheels Satnav / MP3 system Automatic Folding Mirrors Recent Service & MOT All new Brake Pads Great Runner I have owned this car for the last 2 years. It always starts 1st time and has never let me down. The car has just been serviced and MOT'd for a year and had new brake pads all round in the service which I have the receipt for. I have some service history but not all of it as I didn't get anything from the previous owner, the car has been well looked after by me and always run on super unleaded. This is the GT model which has the Bose Stereo,
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