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  1. Very nice! and is probably the only car I'd exchange my GTR for. I did try an R8 (albeit on track) but I found the brakes a little less progressive than I prefer. On the upside I think the R8 sounds better than my R35 (a "lowly" 680 bhp). Oh and I've been to a few meets with my big Datsun and no-one complained I was in something other than a ZED. David
  2. Survived 3 months of lockdown and then when freedom is granted I get THREE invitations for the SAME day!!!!! Looks to have been a great turnout - am truly miffed at not being there. Fingers crossed I don't have a clash for the next one! David
  3. Sadly I cannot make this one ... again! Pity as I was looking forward to giving the Datsun a decent drive out. Hope you all have an enjoyable (socially distant!) day. David
  4. Am not sure which part is more stupid ... a) actually DOING it or b) posting it on social media and thereby being caught! Had a bit of a death grip on his steering wheel too! That wouldn't cause any issues in the event of having to actually correct any significant movement of the car would it... HAH!!!
  5. Is most certainly the high point of my day! Am loving the detail commentary and the varied ways of thinking round a problem and coming up with a solution even if it does involve big hammers! I washed my R35 today - (again) - the extent of my DIY skills! Oh actually that's not true - I also made a brace for a wobbly toilet cistern (been meaning to do that since I bought my house in June - now seemed an opportune time) - massive amount of pre-planning and precision execution (AKA - cut two lengths of timber - slip them behind the top of the cistern and secure said cistern using longer screws through the timber braces and into the wall!) I forgot to take pics! Keep up the good work Chris! David
  6. Always loved the brawny look of the TR6, certainly a lovely example. David
  7. Sorry I had to withdraw from meeting (regardless of the great weather...!). If EVER we return to normal travel and social meetings - perhaps we can celebrate with another get together and I'll def bring the Datsun along... In the interim - I'll get polishing ... David
  8. 1) davey_83 - Farmers Breakfast 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier - 2 poached eggs on Harvester Toast 4) zzIncubus - Farmers Breakfast 5) Valy 6) Shunter8 7) AntelopeSam 8) Dania350z 9) T4uvp 10) ben_8971 11) Justthejedi 12) StormtrooperZ 13) Lewis Schwier 14) Killick.z 15) robman23
  9. Thanks - as long as we avoid multi storey car parks!!!!! Guaranteed to bring out a sweat to any owners of a big Datsun...
  10. Can I pretend to be a "Z owner" with my bigger Datsun and be allowed to park in the blue zone? 1) davey_83 2) Andy_Muxlow 3) Tinyflier
  11. I think I mentioned on Sunday that I was having a new front splitter fitted? Thought (some of you) might be interested to see it now. The splitter vents are ducted channels moulded into the undertray leading to the front discs. You would not believe how many fasteners secure this entire (and HUGE) assembly to the bumper! But I know it isn't going to be pulled off should I ever happen to be moving "briskly"! (Apologies in advance for polluting this forum with my big Datsun).
  12. Good to meet you all today - weather could have been better - fingers crossed for the next one! Def a good spot for breakfast! David
  13. Ummm - I may be in the area that day - if so could I come along even though I only have my GTR? David
  14. Am intrigued to know what the GTR mod is! As you know I don't mod mine... much... well - OK - perhaps a little. David
  15. I have an unused genuine Nissan part, left side Compression Arm that has been travelling from house to house with me for about 5 years! As I don't have my ZED anymore and with another (and final!) move coming up this needs to go! £100 including next day delivery mainland UK. Can be collected from Cardiff for £80. David





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