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  1. ebsop


    Hi Guys, I know how difficult it is to find a good courier to pick up and deliver, I recently had the good fortune to find an owner driver who drives down south, picks up and drops off along the way, then back up to Ayrshire each week. He has picked up car parts and delivered them totally undamaged to me. I hope you don’t mind me putting his contact details on here just in case anyone needs a bonnet, door, spoilers, etc. delivered or uplifted. I asked him if he would be interested in this and he is up for it. He is really careful…….cannot recommend him enough. Kenny - 07572 620993
  2. This is a very long shot......are these still available ? thanks Davy
  3. Hi, do you still have these for sale?
  4. Hi, are the side sill CF ext’s still for sale? If they are.....you open to offer and able to post? cheers Davy
  5. Sorry......both gone to the skip.
  6. Hi, are you up for an offer (posted) on the brace ? cheers Davy
  7. ebsop

    DE Bonnet

    Hi, don’t know if your still looking for a bonnet, I have a blue 2005 DE for sale, it’s stone chipped but not dented. Davy
  8. Hi, I have a 2005 DE front bumper for sale, but it’s Pearl Blue.......... Davy
  9. Hi Asad, need a pair of gloss black Z badges for front and rear bumpers, can you supply for next week mate?
  10. You still have these tips? If so would £100.00 incl postage interest you? cheers Davy
  11. ebsop

    Bi Xenon Headlamps

    Now have these lights.......thanks.
  12. You could try a come to site company like Chips Away, they done a fantastic job on my car a few years ago....
  13. Hi, as the title says.........looking for a pair of bi xenon headlamps, must be mint condition, cash waiting cheers Davy
  14. Thanks To everyone who replied, I now have the parts I wanted. cheers Davy
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