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  1. Kieran O'Quick

    Coil packs

    If they're not broke don't fix I think is the general rule. They can go on forever, fail randomly with age or fail repeatedly from worn rocker cover seals
  2. Kieran O'Quick


    Does this fit on a Rev-up Alex?
  3. Kieran O'Quick

    04 350z DE misfire whilst hot

    I chased this problem for ages. The code reader kept saying random misfire. If it's misfiring when hot you can find the offending coil by cooling them, I think its something electronic people do routinely? I got some freeze spray, waited till I got the misfire and sprayed the tops of the coils. P3 cooled down and the engine purred. The spray evaporated off and it ran rough again.....
  4. Kieran O'Quick

    Hillclimb Zed

    I'd determinedly been ignoring the original W brace but finally bit the bullet. Will it gain a few hundredths?
  5. Kieran O'Quick

    [350Z] Bad Clutch at 28.000km

    Mine was really high when I bought it at 100k. It was really hard to drive. As Scobie says above, you can adjust the bite point. I put it low and hammered it for another 16k without issues. So yours could be alright for a long time but it's hard to know. I replaced it eventually as a precaution with a stronger one and a lightweight fly for about 1k or thereabouts.
  6. Kieran O'Quick

    Recommend a Mechanical LSD

    Kaaz do a standard and a super Q which is quieter. I think it has ceramic coating but its not much more than the standard. On the road its not shockingly noisy but it bucks and pops a bit when parking etc. You learn to coast in these situations. You can set them up to different severities, I think its full, 70% or 50%, something like that. I have the 1.5-way set full. It has quite a noticeable transition from locked to unlocked if you lift mid corner, the nose really tucks in though that might be adjustable through handling mods. Well worth it on the track though. Ive a video on here somewhere comparing the same corners with and without the diff. So much better drive out of the bend.
  7. Kieran O'Quick

    Custom Vented front wings

    That does so much justice to the Zed. Beaut.
  8. Very interesting. Great info. Hopefully, that's the end of it now.
  9. Kieran O'Quick

    Lotus Exige vs Dangerous GTR

    Enjoyed that. Nissan didn't seem to know the way around - but barreled in regardless.
  10. Kieran O'Quick

    Advice on where I stand after long saga

    This notion that its all mercenary in business isn't homogeneous. There are still lots of good people out there. From what you say it looks like your guys are a going nasty. If I took on a job and couldn't fulfill it I'd return the money. And garages I've dealt with have had similar outlooks. If you've paid for a job that wasn't done then Small Claims seems obvious if you've got the spare time to pursue it. The court rules on balance of probabilities (not hypotheticals) so usually the good guy wins. You might just win a court order that you never get to enforce but its cheap enough and scratches an itch that could bug you forever.
  11. Kieran O'Quick

    2004 DE Coil Packs x 2

    I've had a few of these from Zedman and they've held up nicely.. Had some from Eurocarparts that didn't last very long.
  12. Kieran O'Quick

    Custom Vented front wings

    It's such a tough class.. 205s dominate up here (they're so light). But the class record is held by a Starlet 1.3 turbo. Amazingly, its quicker than all the over-2-litre class.... .... bar me (just )
  13. Kieran O'Quick

    Sticky race tyre..

    Good thinking ahead with the drive shafts. Will be interesting to see how you get on.
  14. Kieran O'Quick

    Custom Vented front wings

    No! Go FWD before that...
  15. Kieran O'Quick

    Custom Vented front wings

    Shame they don't have a 2wd class down there. Zed v Germans are so much fun. What direction are you thinking? Old light hatchback, Caterham, single seat () ?