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  1. I use Slide Motorsport. Between Wakefield and Donny. Not a bad option, depending on what side of Leeds you are. Did my diff, clutch and fly etc.
  2. Nothing to hit but cones hopefully?
  3. Not as bad as the rumours that Williams were helping Mercedes with the crash...
  4. It's been unwatchable for a while. So many stupid rules and rolls of the dice - might as well be Dungeons and Dragons. Sat down to watch it today and then thought, meh, it will probably be decided by a safety car. Hard to give a care about it.
  5. Didn't see that coming. But the signs were there that you're a bit of a fan tbf Looks good.
  6. Is the JW reg for John Wayne? It looks like Gacy's crawlspace...
  7. Man, a beautiful lake like that - have to say I'd sooner fish it than swim it. Fair play to you, you nutters.
  8. I had a Raleigh Burner in that scheme. Love it. Tbf the sign on the roof makes it look worse than it is surely?
  9. Good point. You haven't turned the key yet then I've just realised. Could be a couple of trips if you've missed anything then
  10. Can Abbey not collect it for you on a transporter? Or book one yourself? Can't cost that much surely? All things considered
  11. But what to do if its a Scirocco?
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