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  1. Welcome along. Great pic, a classic if you could get rid of the Golf and the bin full of McDonalds. I keep forgetting that there's a convertible option on these. Feels so quick top down. Nice.
  2. Good news, they're a great car, glad your enjoying it. The deal doesn't change that. You have to budget for the odd whack with these but they're not timebombs like some exotica. As said above, presumably you got it a bit cheaper as a private so you have some wiggle room.
  3. Looks like you know what you're doing from that list. Car looks great, enjoy. Ps stubbys are overrated. Reception trumps looks.
  4. Definitely worth letting the garage know. The tester won't be happy that his mate has shifted the car so quickly. Also, if there was any misrepresentation in the advert that you can prove you could return the car. Seller beware.
  5. I was just going to post that one. How does one Zed do that much damage? Mixed tyres?
  6. Jammy that.. what a result. Whoever did it must have lost a beaut to rust sometime.
  7. Imagine if you'd built a replicar. Lots of guys must have. I pity the, eh, poor sods
  8. That didn't seem as weird as the fact that the van was never all-black.. Who else would have been kicked off Millionaire if that came up as a question?
  9. Nice car history. Never seen an FTO in the UK. The Zed is well worth adding to your list. Might not be considered quick enough by some but it has depth. It pulls and pulls.
  10. The valet key doesn't open the gun box I think.
  11. Who else is watching Talking Pictures channel? All the great films that never got recognised are on there. Give it a few weeks and your Top 10 will be replaced by stuff you never heard of.
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