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  1. Didn't the Waukesha guy try this argument?
  2. Fair play to you for getting out and finishing off the season. Hell of an effort. And to be still pushing enough to go off. Brilliant.
  3. Sold to Jer. You'll have some fun on them I hope
  4. All 255 35 on rears. Purchased new this year and only used for a couple of hill climbs. They haven't even been up to temp yet. More suitable for someone who'll track them. Collection preferred. Leeds or Halifax based.
  5. You beat quite a few big power cars there on a wide track. Go Zed. Just need some leaf blowers for the brakes now. I'm guessing they don't let you cruise up and down the paddock to cool down there. Typical, no warm-up or cool-down allowed.
  6. It's a slow job on the Zed compared to some cars. A few bits to remove to get to all the plugs. But it's straight forward, no bolts are going to be stuck or anything.
  7. Have to say it sounds brilliant. I leave my window open to listen to it... .... also nice of you to give me a 2 tenths head start 😄
  8. Nice shots. What a great mix of cars. I love the pic of the Proton hatchback hassling the Radical* * Disclaimer, I'm guessing that's what they are?
  9. So much to love about that clip. The sound alone is brilliant and the action is pretty darn thrilling. Keep them coming.
  10. True grit shown there getting back out again. Impressive. Plus, till now, I thought dragging fingers down the blackboard was the worst noise ever. Didn't sound like you were going to make it home on first hearing.
  11. Don't they at least leave a manual pump so you don't add to emissions reinflating them?
  12. Good point about the bigger widths up front. I found the same. Thinner fronts wouldn't turn and melted.
  13. Now that's more like it. What a piece
  14. I use Slide Motorsport. Between Wakefield and Donny. Not a bad option, depending on what side of Leeds you are. Did my diff, clutch and fly etc.
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