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  1. Go on then, throw me a price for the OMP seats and rails...
  2. That looks pretty damn smart. How you're going to sync the fronts and rears to stay aligned and always stop with them on the bottom like that... who cares, nice work.
  3. Datsun baseball hat to keep the sun off the bonce..
  4. I got lucky then with the prop breaking straight away before the diff got damaged. It led to the diagnosis and the garage (Slide Motorsport) were classy and fixed it all for free.
  5. I had a prop shaft shatter from the same wrong installation. You wouldn't think it could cause such problems what with every other bush on the car being years old and worn.
  6. You could pull the fuel pump fuse. Its a pain to get to it
  7. Love it. Stick some Extreme R5 rubber on and rag the hell out of it. The Zed was kind of too good ( and pricey) to hammer...
  8. It looks pretty cool apart from the word Nissan... How about RAYS ? Or Nismo, Zed...
  9. Long term though? Nice to have the option. Diced with one a few years back and they were very lively...
  10. Sorry to hear your problems. Lots of things it could be. I chased similar issues for a while. It only went bad when booting it and then it would throw the random code. Turned out it was a Cat breaking down. The honeycomb stuff had come loose and it couldn't flow the really high volume of exhaust .. Like above, it might not be that but it's a quick check, shake the exhaust
  11. I think non Bose comes on the poverty spec cloth seat edition. No cruise buttons on the steering wheel, no massive subwoofer, no heated seats? Pretty sure Bose was on the fat slow-boy car...
  12. I'd be getting a small cable tie or something around that little bleeder.... Or wedge it on somehow? Great news if that's the fix. Fingers crossed.
  13. It can be really slow to throw a precise code sometimes. But it usually at least gives the 0300 'random misfire' code. Have you checked the connectors on the coils? I've had some work loose on the pattern coils. Just a couple of weeks ago actually. Coils can start to fail repeatedly if the seals on the rocker cover are on the way out. Zmanalex sells a replacement kit. I suppose it could be injector problems. The only other time my car ran like you describe though was when a Cat was breaking up and clogging the exhaust up. Good luck.
  14. I ran MPSS which were bloody good. Then went to R888r toyos which were a different league. 1.7 seconds quicker on a minute lap. Can't fairly compare the Ar1 because I went SC in between but I'd have to say the lateral grip was nuts on them. Chasing times this year, I'm on the Polish Extremes because of the compounds they offer and the price. If you're doing trackdays I'd say the Ar1 is hardcore stuff, nearly a slick, but pretty durable.



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