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  1. BTW, it's nice to see a forum promoting its own car instead of slagging it off which is often the case
  2. I don't know about it being a B-road blaster.. aren't all cars good on B-roads? B-roads are fun whatever. The Zed is sharper than most, can sound great and pulls forever, making overtakes easy. Get it while you can.
  3. Was expecting the Zed to be going for the undertake the whole time... then he popped out on the left, yikes.
  4. That black looks so good without a yellow reg...
  5. The two words were polite, not arrogant. It was an unprovable point being discussed. The rest of your post argues so successfully against itself there's nothing I can add.
  6. Sun distended did seem really profound. I spent 20 minutes making sense of that. Don't take it away!
  7. It's not the answer but it happens a lot in that sticker on the head game...
  8. Yeah, the them is clearly from an earlier sentence. They are described and then referenced. I thought it might have been Egyptians or maybe a Scientology belief so 'did my own research' and turns out its from that fella Zarathustra. Mazda driver.
  9. Politely disagreeing is incredibly arrogant? Yet you dismiss, insult and name-call. You denigrate opposing views by misrepresenting them. You try to marginalise honest thought. Go for it by all means. You have that right to comment. I think you are in error but I'm not going to attack you as a person. But it's an attitude that doesn't inspire willingness to debate. PS I must have earned the right to give you a straight-up insult by now?
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