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  1. SlideMotorsport. Have had lots of work done by them. They're towards Barnsley
  2. Bit of a tangent there but you're dead right. There are obviously loads of valid excuses for speeding...
  3. Great info. Proper Columbo work there too. Thanks for posting it.
  4. You'll be keeping the old battery topped up and in reserve then... ..unlikely to need it you'd think all the same. Must be able to manage the 7 or 8 starts we do on the day despite the low miles covered.
  5. 2 stone lighter? From the front end? Brilliant. I thought it was £400 plus. I'll see how you go on for reliability before shamelessly copying your trailblazing. Will bring jump leads to the next event whenever that is too.
  6. You could but how would you decide who got the faster looking one
  7. They're fitted my Rev-up, 2006, yep.
  8. I've got an ITG and a Cosworth filter that have only got a couple of 100 miles on each. It sounds unlikely but I used them for hillclimbing events only and dropped a standard one back in in between events. Have no use for them now as gone SC. £35 for the pair posted.
  9. I've got a couple for sale, each with only a couple of hundred miles on. A Cosworth and an ITG foam. I'll get a for sale thread up with some pics if anyone is interested.
  10. That looks like a prime candidate for just uber deliveries. The roads are empty... I'm sorting out a food delivery route to isolated villages in North Yorks.
  11. Yep, I'm with you on that. Hard to know how all this will finish but its hard to imagine it'll go back to normal. Who knows, not me, I'd take a bet but the bookies are closed. Probably one of the upsides
  12. Cheers fella. And yours. I can't see how Gordon Brown, Ken Bruce and Gary Lineker are not even taking a 1percent cut to throw back into the pot. I'll pm you my circumstances if you want coz you think Im bitter but I think my arguments stand without that being aired here
  13. I thought what I said was a reasonable point? Lots of people are getting screwed but some are insulated for no good reason. I'll be fine through this BTW. The daft thing is Ill probably profit but I know lots of people who will be finished
  14. Unless the law is screwing one side?





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