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  1. Nice one. I'll have that. I thought about fabbing a proper cold-air set-up but I've enough other jobs to do and I'm only running the off the shelf Vortech tune so its not stressed much. I imagine the intercooler does enough. PM me with your details, cheers
  2. Never thought of that. Thought I had to buy from the States. Thanks.
  3. Anybody got an unused one lying about they need to shift? Mines grubby as hell after only 3k...
  4. I think the system can be shocked into failing. I don't know how exactly - maybe a sensor or a wire vibrates or gets hit by dirt, rubber or whatever. Doing donuts usually triggers it after a bit for example. How much kerb did you run at Orchard? Only thinking this because it happened just after there twice. And the only time it failed on me was there too. I used to really whack the kerb there looking back at the vids but it only failed once in a few hundred runs. So its either that or its the Bermuda Triangle round there. Luckily it was dry for me and the light came on on the straight so I had fair warning and made it around your bend... Was on for a record though so kept pushing and binned it in the tyres at the next instead. I hope I'm wrong and its something concrete that can actually be fixed. Its too much of a liability otherwise and it would be better running without ..
  5. At least number 3 is the easiest coil to swap...
  6. Wow, they look so sticky. E marked?
  7. Its a nice bonus that it logged the cylinder. Phew. The coil would be the next thing to swap if the new spark plug doesn't fix it, I'd say.
  8. Looks great, proper Zed that. It'll only be laggy if you're in the wrong gear. Who drops below 4k on track anyway?
  9. Where are you based? I had one fabbed up at a place in Yorkshire. There's a pic of it on my car thread
  10. If they're not broke don't fix I think is the general rule. They can go on forever, fail randomly with age or fail repeatedly from worn rocker cover seals
  11. I chased this problem for ages. The code reader kept saying random misfire. If it's misfiring when hot you can find the offending coil by cooling them, I think its something electronic people do routinely? I got some freeze spray, waited till I got the misfire and sprayed the tops of the coils. P3 cooled down and the engine purred. The spray evaporated off and it ran rough again.....
  12. I'd determinedly been ignoring the original W brace but finally bit the bullet. Will it gain a few hundredths?
  13. Mine was really high when I bought it at 100k. It was really hard to drive. As Scobie says above, you can adjust the bite point. I put it low and hammered it for another 16k without issues. So yours could be alright for a long time but it's hard to know. I replaced it eventually as a precaution with a stronger one and a lightweight fly for about 1k or thereabouts.



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