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  1. Hard Drivin' What a game that was. It even had a clutch...
  2. I had that with a collapsed cat. Might not be but worth a check
  3. That's a lot of stuff at once... Ouch on the wallet. I've always gone to SlideMotorsport, South Yorks but Jap guys.
  4. Blyton Park is the nearest track, you can usually get good value days there in winter, especially if you go midweek. Great place to give it hammer without much chance of hitting anything or ending up in gravel.
  5. The season is over now. I'll be back at it in late March. Going out of my tree with boredom till then... Get yourself along for a gander next year, it's a nice afternoon out..
  6. Ah, thinking about it, mine is the revup and the belt is trapped. It had to be fitted before the SC went on. I've already burned and chiseled the hands enough to fit down to the tensioner.. Never thought of trimming the shroud.
  7. Jeepers, good news if so. What's the rigmarole like for swapping the main belt? Is it SC off? I had a look at doing mine recently and gave up..
  8. Ta, I threw away 3rd place tbh. Its a tough school, lose a few tenths and you get passed.
  9. Another year gone and woo hoo ... The old Zed has got a top 5 in the championship. It should have been a podium but things conspired against us. Last year's best was 63.73. Every event this year was either too cold, too curtailed or too hot... It was really messy. Sensors failed and brakes failed. I mowed down some trees. But in the end the mods were Extreme R5 compound tyres, big width fronts, Japspeed sports cats and loads of stickers which got it down to 62.91. (DQ'd for minor track limits,cough). She's absolutely flying right now. I should probably sort out the handling for next year.
  10. Just be careful with the helmet life if you are thinking of Motorsport. Nothing worse than spending a lot on a good one and it runs out after a couple of years. I had to replace mine this year because of the date. Left with a perfectly good 300 quid helmet that won't pass scrutineering ..
  11. why would anyone be so offended by that car.? Its well done and fresh colours. Hardly a travesty.
  12. They're cheap. Do it. Primera is cool but RWD ....
  13. Chatted recently to a bloke with a Listerbell Stratos. The car is perfection. So clean, better than the original... And quick even by modern standards
  14. Cough, not all your fault. When I jacked up mine and there was a bit of a creak you said I should move the jack in a bit more to the sill. I repositioned it and then whanged the handle ....right down your wing. Soo much ouch...
  15. There are a couple of one way valves in the pipes up under the trim at the top of the engine bay. Follow the pipe from the water tank and keep digging. You might need to replace the valves (couple of quid), maybe a pipe has popped off or it just needs a clean.. Good luck.





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