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  1. Did someone say Admiral? ... Brace yourself! (think... Mr Bean to the kid in the ride) I wouldn't touch admiral with a barge pole! I had a non fault accident (driver failed to give way at a roundabout). They "fixed" my car, a week later I had a blowout and both NEW rear tyres replaced two weeks before the accident. They were now shredded on the inside edge and the tracking was noticeably out of alignment and pulling left quite badly. To cut a long story short it turns out out some of the billed repair jobs (including tracking etc) were not actua
  2. I can't remember which cylinder 4 is, but if it's one at the back (closest to the firewall) you might have the old leaky rocker cover gasket problem... I can't remember what mine looked like when I had this... Was there any oil on the top of the sparkplug at all?
  3. Yeh.... If this counts anyway. [/URL]
  4. Haha you should see the list for our van, it's a Zed - doesn't that mean it's always a fix? Lol. I put my hand through part of my wheel arch the other day... Still a fix in my book
  5. its pictures like that which makes me remember how good looking the Zed is for its age and really how much it still holds its own today. Edit: and even against the mustang its still looks awesome
  6. For 2 seats the Z4M Coupe for me probably as i don't use mine as a daily anymore... but I have always liked it and have been looking around for them recently, or a Cayman perhaps; I had been monitoring 240/260's for a while now as it's an urge that keeps coming back so that's not off the cards either, and depending on the quality of the example, i might either keep standard or transplant what i can from the 350 into it. If I was going for one car though and I needed seats and at least some practicality - the likes of a C43 or C63 AMG, maybe an M2/M3 (or remapped M235i if on a budge
  7. Absolute Bargain. Might have to check my DIY ones are doing their job still otherwise I'm all over this. Great job Alex.
  8. Welcome along, for the clinking (lf on the rear) check the splines on the axle/hubs too, get some decent grease on there as that's common.. There is a guide on here somewhere but it's simple I belive it just involved taking the split pin out, count the rotations to loosen - but don't remove the hub nut - just enough to pull it away, then apply your *suitable* grease using a small paint brush, then reverse to re-fit. It stopped some chingling noises/clunks at low speed for me
  9. Ooooh very nice! I was potentially on the market for one of these but timescales are a little iffy as need to sell a property first... Glws though she looks stunning
  10. I only just seen this and I'm up in Chichester... so always about but planning on taking the z off the road for some maintenance.. hopefully back soon though.
  11. Anyone here started to work at Natures Way Foods in Chichester with an 07 plate?
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