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  1. Absolute Bargain. Might have to check my DIY ones are doing their job still otherwise I'm all over this. Great job Alex.
  2. Welcome along, for the clinking (lf on the rear) check the splines on the axle/hubs too, get some decent grease on there as that's common.. There is a guide on here somewhere but it's simple I belive it just involved taking the split pin out, count the rotations to loosen - but don't remove the hub nut - just enough to pull it away, then apply your *suitable* grease using a small paint brush, then reverse to re-fit. It stopped some chingling noises/clunks at low speed for me
  3. Ooooh very nice! I was potentially on the market for one of these but timescales are a little iffy as need to sell a property first... Glws though she looks stunning
  4. I only just seen this and I'm up in Chichester... so always about but planning on taking the z off the road for some maintenance.. hopefully back soon though.
  5. Anyone here started to work at Natures Way Foods in Chichester with an 07 plate?
  6. Not wanting to **** block anyone's sale etc but have you tried doing the aux hack and just using your phone (with use of a Bluetooth adaptor) Thats what I did I think here is the link to the guide... Linky
  7. I will take one of these mate, its payday wednesday if thats ok? PM me with details
  8. Oggieteepo

    Washer jet

    Cool... Thanks man I Will have to wait till next payday (not long)



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