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  1. A DE engine is interchangeable with a Rev-Up engine.
  2. The carpet under the drivers seat is totally saturated, as a starting point can someone please let me the location of the water drain channels?…. (Incidentally, the car is a coupe not a soft top) Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  3. NazMan

    Banana arm change

    Hi Dan, unfortunately according to that link they are currently out of stock.
  4. Looks like an Alloygator https://www.alloygator.com/
  5. Make the time and take it to the best http://kaizermotor.co.uk/
  6. Truly shocking, just shows how fleeting life can be!
  7. Hi mate, I have not had any major issues with my brakes to date, so have not used Marcus @discskimmers services… However, he is widely acknowledged as the best in the business and very helpful. If you post your location, I am sure some of the regular forum members will recommends someone to rectify the problem who is convenient to you?



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