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  1. Afternoon Guys, Looking for someone with some knowledge to help me on the best thing to do with my arches. Also ignore that the car is due a proper detail/wash lol, that's getting done tomorrow. Got some photos of my arches below first one has been repaired/patched not a cut/weld job. Wondering if anyones used or had experience with this company for front wings? One of mines started to rot, the others started to crack and think I'll get both sorted: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-NISSAN-350Z-2003-2009-WING-DRIVER-SIDE-FRONT-RIGHT-PRIMED-READY-TO-PAINT/133652442491?hash=item1f1e4e6d7b:g:IlYAAOSw4a1fQOA8 To go alongside this I'm wondering if it's just worth getting some fibreglass arches to prevent any further rusting in the future? Front Drivers - Deffo Rot Front Passengers Rear Passengers Rear Drivers - Repaired 2 years ago but coming back? P3nn
  2. Cracking thank you. Was worried that one would look completely different as it's from a 2008 model rather than my 2004 haha.
  3. Afternoon Chaps, Long story short someone opened their door while I was on a main road and I now don't have much of a passenger side wing mirror. I've found a 2008 facelift wing mirror close to me in the right colour, are these different or will they fit onto my 2004 350z both fitting and wiring wise. Found an old post from ZmanAlex on how to replace these so I'll give it ago myself. Hoping the paint match won't be too off but I'll get it resprayed if it is, I know silvers can be a bit funny. So will it fit and are they the same? Thanks in advance. Matt
  4. Still struggling with this one... Replaced the O2 sensor on the correspoding side and it'll still throw the Engine MGMT light after 30 miles. What are the options for mappings this out, blanking it etc? Will it be causing any issues to fueling if it's currently POST Cat? Cheers, Matt
  5. Thanks for your reply. We'll have the access to lifts and tools but doesn't sound straight forward from what you say.. Any tips/tutorials/advice?
  6. I'll have a look regarding a replacement, will CD006 and CD009 fit? As it's a 54 Plate car is there anything i need to look out for? Cheers
  7. Anyone got some links for reconditioned/second hand gearboxes on here?
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm guessing the cost to pull/strip the box would be heafty as it is.. and if i'm doing it at my friends garage he might as well put another gearbox in? Does that sound sensible?
  9. Afternoon Chaps, So had a bit of a nightmare yesterday, went out for a spirited drive alongside my mates E36 Track 328i. Going from 2nd to 3rd gear i heard a loud audible bang towards the back of the car.... initially thought it was the diff/prop but seemingly it was the gearbox. Could understand if i was rev matching down/putting a lot of pressure on the box but didn't expect it from 2nd to 3rd. It now appears as if Third gear is non existant. It will slip into the gear fine however if you lift the clutch nothing is there whatsoever and you get a very quiet grinding sound... Double clutching doesn't work... Parked car > Into Third Gear > Lift off Clutch also doesn't engage anything.. Guessing i'll need a new gearbox but any ideas or contacts? Cost for rebuild? Cost for second hand gearbox? Looks like i'll be living the 350z life for a bit longer after dropping the money on this! Cheers, Matt
  10. Thanks for the reply! So far i've cleaned the O2 Sensor, replaced one that i thought was the cause of the issue and still have the same error. Can you provide a bit more info into checking the power supply? Do you mean the voltage or checking the relay itself? I'm going to try and get some spacers fit this weekend but would be better to fix it properly of cause...
  11. Thanks Rob, i'll order some spacers and see where i get to!
  12. Replaced Injector on cylinder 3. This resolve the misfire, still having issues with O2 Sensors now though.
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