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  1. very nice mate , if I sell the my Skyline 350GT I will get back to you.
  2. gave the inside a quick going over.
  3. went out for a little blast in mine , Z or not its still got the 350 lump , pushing through the bends at 80 + and god does it stick well , must be the new lower arms . sits nice and flat .
  4. napp

    350Z roadster

    will post the spec up when I put it up for sale. the only thing wrong is a slight rattle on the front end from the compression arms on rough roads. will have to get that done but that I think is about it. solid car , no rust , bottom has just been wax oiled , 81000 miles , 100 miles since MOT , and only done 1000 in just over a year as don't get the time to drive it. nice clean car inside and out and goes bloody well when you put your foot down , but it would as it shares the same 350 lump.
  5. napp

    350Z roadster

    well I have thought long and hard on this so will put my skyline up for sale in a week or two as still have a few little jobs to do on it. looks like I will go for a roadster.
  6. napp

    350Z roadster

    open road open top.
  7. napp

    350Z roadster

    still thinking on it , must say I do miss my old soft top , but the saab was only 210 bhp and I cant fault the 350 lump.
  8. the W brace is in very good condition on mine, I see loads rot through.
  9. napp

    350Z roadster

    that is one very nice looking Z , have you got it up for sale ?
  10. now some don't like wax oil but I love the stuff so today as it was nice and hot I thought I would get under the car , clean it all up and get rid of all the service rust and give it a good spray over , the under side is in good condition as its been done a few times over the years by the look of it. I have used it on all my imports over the years and I fiend it keeps them well.
  11. napp

    350Z roadster

    not shore mate to be honest ,
  12. napp

    350Z roadster

    can the roof be operated manually ?



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