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  1. only 25 cases in Herefordshire , thank God I don't live in London ? some people are still going about like sod all is happening ,,, thick sods.
  2. I am also 6"4 and fine to live with , back brake is crap but front does make up for it ?
  3. paint could do with a little attention no mate it looks great , love the car.
  4. my old twin , love the big twin.
  5. work in car parts , but things are not looking good. loads of garages are closing this week , and more going next week.
  6. still working but the roads are clear , its like driving in the 70s but more pot holes.
  7. you can always use cooking oil, that gives a good shine ?
  8. there is going to be a shortage of wash and wax if this goes on so best start bulk buying now .
  9. all I would say is its a lot better than the burger badge ?
  10. napp

    Oz Alloy's

    screw at the bottom of photo.





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