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  1. think thats it for body work , dont want to over do it.
  2. for sale bonded on side skirts in K23 , over skirts so fit as bonded to O/E skirts. Very good condition as only on the car for a few weeks and then we had the lock down. pick up from Hereford , would post but would cost £35 and TBH i could not guarantee you would get them in good condition as a bitch to pack. paint nice and fresh as you can see , just clip on car has O/E fitment , no work. £100 just to move them on , thanks for looking.
  3. looking for the heat shield for a pop charger for a 350Z DE.
  4. will post up a add in the for sale as soon as i get some photos of the bond on side skirts. but i think this is it this time . I think i have got it right.
  5. gone from side steps , bond on skirts to Nismo skirts.
  6. very nice , i see you have been painting the fence , got some white paint on the grass
  7. up for grabs if interested , come with 2 new tyres.
  8. its a he and his name is Louis , he is 2 years old
  9. sorry for you , I know were you are coming from , we lost are cat last year. I could not stand it as the house was just to quite . we went and got a rescue cat, they don't ever replace them but it help you and we gave a cat a good home.
  10. nice looking road you have there.
  11. these will fit a 2006 DE ?





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