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  1. sorted , just payed. just me being thick as did not put 1 down in my basket.
  2. thinks its because there off line, will get back to them again ?
  3. club code 350jdm , cant pay ?
  4. I will try and pop along to this one , that's two Skyline 350GTs
  5. looking good and like the carbon, big fan of carbon.
  6. that is one nice Z , looking good and nice mods.
  7. napp

    Alloy wheels wanted

    £800 ono with tyres.
  8. napp

    Alloy wheels wanted

    how much do you want to spend ?
  9. nice , I do love black but its a bitch to keep looking good.
  10. ok the centre cap is upside down
  11. just passed its MOT and fitted new headlights from Australia . was not going to pay over £700 for one from Nissan . I do like the O/E headlights but right hand side had a problem with condensation and could not get a second hand one in the UK. so had to get them from Australia as also right hand drive .
  12. I have just replaced my headlights off my 2003 Nissan skyline 350GT. selling my old ones, left hand light is good , plastic brackets all good and no damage. right hand light has one of the plastic brackets broken and has condensation on the inside , I am shore this can be sorted as I have been told you can heat , remove the plastic cover and reseal ? or use for spears ? these lights are over £700 each from Nissan if you can get one . looking for £200 for the two posted.
  13. good luck sorting it out, I am shore you will get plenty of help from these guys .



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