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  1. ....may have been a 370 - I’m @*!# with vehicle recognition! I was pulling out of a field gateway about 5pm today.
  2. Fantastic guide. Thanks. Only took me 6 hours - think that’s probably a forum record! Took it for a test drive - all working dandy, get it back, lift the bonnet to check one last time - AND ONE OF THE FANS IS KNOCKING!!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH. Anyone else had this? I’m assuming I’ve not done one of the bolts up properly 🤷‍♂️
  3. Hijacking the thread (sorry!) - what are the thoughts of covers? Do they protect or do they potentially do more harm than good (condensation/mould etc)............I have no idea, I am just asking because I see various posts on caravan sites (double sorry - yes, I am a caravan owner *hands head in shame*) and some people recommend against caravan covers due to scratching/mould etc etc. Am just curious to see if anyone has first hand experience of using covers (Zed, not caravan!) Back to you though, the cover that Paul posted looks great though - easy to fit and remove.
  4. @Forrest did you ever get your issue sorted?
  5. I've got a bluetooth OBDII reader which I've connected and it doesn't give any error codes. The device does work though as it has a feature where it gives live readouts on things like engine temp, throttle position and %, revs etc. No mods (unless you count my 350z dust caps I put on ) Yeah when it started I drove it for a full week before it happened again! Yup - my wife uses this key all the time when I take my key to work and leave the car at home
  6. No, I haven't tried this to be fair - but I have tried the spare key (the one with no buttons - think it's called a valet key) and that doesn't start it either, so I've ruled out being a key problem - but that doesn't mean I am not willing to try anything at this stage! So, I will order a battery for the key fob to see if it works
  7. Hi @danielb186 did you get this sorted in the end?
  8. ...nooo... I don't like Pm'ing people - it feels instrusive lol. Does he mind? Also - just been out to the car - AND IT BLOODY WELL STARTED!!!! So, I think I've narrowed down the issue: When it was failing to start, my red immobiliser light was staying on even after turning the key. When it started just now, the red light went out when I turned the key! So, I though the red light was meant to stay on when you attempt to start it - evidently not! So, I assume that this is likely to be some kind of immobiliser issue?
  9. If that's the case (in regards to the pump) is there a way of fixing/preventing this? Or does it require a new pump? I plan on spending the weekend working through my list of things that I've cobbled together from various similar posts on this forum: NATS - check for water ingress Crank Sensor - remove connector and clean with electrical contact cleaner (will probably do this with every connector I can easily find under the bonnet lol) IDPM - check for loose connects/obvious breaks. Clutch pedal - check that the button that it presses to allow engine to s
  10. So I've just gone and tried the ECU error code pedal dance trick - and the flashing reply was a little weird and unexpected. So, 2 slow flashes, 6 fast flashes, 2 slow flashes Stevezzz - yeah possibly no fuel getting through....but it's just trying to work out if that's due to a mechanical issue or an electrical one.
  11. Possibly because at the time I was filming the video was when it was connected to my wifes car trying to jump start it - could that explain the extra volts?
  12. So, went to start the car this morning (0 degrees c), having driven it all last week until Friday - and guess what?! SAME ISSUE! Wouldn't start! So, called out breakdown this evening, who took a look, and says that the fuel pump is kicking in, and that he doesn't know what is causing the issue, but thinks it could be one of two things: 1) The immobiliser. We both noticed that even after turning the key in the ignition, the red light flashes rapidly a few times, before remaining lit. 2) The krank sensor. He then left. So, I'm about to
  13. I had the battery out last week, and under the battery plate/seat/bracket (whatever it's called) there was a small amout of water, but there was no sign of corrosion down there, and I lifted the black box that is clipped just infront of the battery (I think it was a fuse holder) and there was no obvious sign of rusting there
  14. What's NATS? Yeah, no error codes thrown up, and like your situation (read in the voice of Keith Lemon, who says it in the voice of Eamon Holmes!) I would expect a code to appear for something like that. More cold weather due this week - so lets see if the cold weather causes a repeat (although it wasn't really cold on the day I replaced the battery, so I don't think it was dense fuel Olly). Will update you all (crying) if it throws a fit in the week. Thanks agaoin everyone for taking the time to read, and reply :-) Stay safe all..............an
  15. But the repeated attempts starting it (prior to new battery) were about a week ago - so wouldn't the flooded fuel have evapourated by the time I went to try it with the new battery yesterday?
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