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  1. Yeah - agreed! What a lush place to be able to sun it up - although it's probably so hot that you'd rather put the roof up and the aircon on lol. Nice car,,,,,aand welcome!
  2. What colour is you 370 @2020370GT I was in 'Nam today and saw a silver one (although I think it may have been a 350z), and an orange 370z (saw it a couple of times Rowden Hill, and Bridge Roundabout) - either of those you? Was early evening time.
  3. It’s technically called the Littleton roundabout, but yes, we are talking about the same one . Like you, im happy to try and fix things myself, and am a great lover of YouTube for how to’s! Small world indeed! Welcome to the club.....loving that there’s a contingent of middle aged non petrol heads starting to form! We will have to have an old fogies Zed meet.....held at a garden centre or charity shop
  4. Hey Fellsteruk, thanks for the guide.....it enabled a completely inept person like me to successfully respray his wiper arms :-) to this: Not perfect as there are slight ridges where I obviously didn't sand the pain back enough in all areas, but other than that I am really happy with it.....you can't notice the imperfections unless you are stood less than a metre away
  5. I’m very lucky, the one I’ve bought only has 34,000 miles on it, so there’s a couple of things, like the wipers, a small patch of paint near the skirt that doesn’t match, Scratches on the internal door trim and dash fascia, and minor scratches on the car (like a cat has walked across it). So I’ll do those slowly and then decide if I want to do minor changes like LED’s in the cockpit, brighter headlight bulbs, gear knob change etc
  6. Hi welcome! Beaut of a car mate. I’ve had mine a week (350z roadster) and you can’t help but smile when driving it! Today I’m taking the plunge and re-spraying my wiper arms as they’re looking sorry for themselves!
  7. Congrats! You win the top prize of being my go to guy/gal when I get stuck with my car lol. I’m not the most competent when it comes to DIY/car stuff lol. I’ll keep my eye open for you on the Littleton roundabout on the A350 if you go to work that route
  8. Hi all! Completely out of the blue I bought myself a 350z convertible! Was quite happy with my Citroen C1, then my neighbour mentioned in passing that he was selling his 350z......so I decided that as I am turning 40 next year, I better get myself a convertible with 1 too few seats to get my family in lol. anyhoo, based in Wiltshire, UK, am completely not a petrolhead, but do enjoy driving, and am smitten with my new motor!! Have been reading through the forum for the last few days so thought it was time to sign up and introduce myself. Tomorrow will be spent painting the wiper arms, having read the fantastic step by step guides on this site! and finally, now your eyes are bleeding from this wall of text....howdy to the 350z convertible that passed me near Melksham yesterday afternoon! Not seen another one around here until then. Rich





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