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  1. Greetings from Sunny Bognor! Good to see another Z on the south coast
  2. Hi Alex, further pictures attached? Pm me if you would rather, just couldn’t add photos there! The black and and white diagram I found online seems correct?
  3. Ok, update.... The CPS is alright after testing, the earths have been cleaned and we are still having the same problem. We are thinking the next step is to send the ECU to a company called ECU EXPRESS in Stoke, who will fix the relevant part of the ECU that is not sending a pulse to the injectors. They will fix it and return it back to me for the sum of £400. We are thinking that all the the "fiddling" with the battery will have caused a spike that will have damaged that particular part of the ECU. If this is sounding completely wrong to anyone, or if anyone can think of anything I can do before shelling out £400 whilst on Furlough, I would be very grateful!
  4. Cheers Alex CPS is going to be inspected Monday and we’ll go through all the fuses again. It is frustrating as the car had been a superb daily driver for over a year, relatively trouble free. Now it’s moving into something “taking up space” on the driveway territory
  5. That was dim of me! Sorry! It looks the same as the others no sign of anything amiss.
  6. Not sure, where do I find it?
  7. Afternoon gents, Tried the earth, sadly no joy. Alex - here is the fuse link pictures, i’ll be honest i’ve not much idea what I’m looking at here?!
  8. Oh mate! If it is as simple as that they’ll be beers heading to Scotland and Bournemouth!! Excited to try it - will report back ASAP !
  9. Cheers. Learning all the time. Will give the dealership a miss. Will have to wait for the Mrs to get home before I send the pics as my old bastard iPhone will not focus on what it needs to XD This chap an hour up the road, does he operate as a mechanic or garage? I believe they are still allowed to operate?
  10. I’ll go see if I can get a picture of the fuse link....
  11. Hi Alex, thanks for your reply I’m in Bognor Regis on the south coast. We phoned the actual Nissan dealership in the town and they said they would then send it to London. Any knowledge of those guys? Recommend any alternatives? Thought this forum might be a better place to look!
  12. Just an update - we are still scratching our heads. It will not start! Any ideas would be appreciated!! We tidied up the battery terminals and tested all the fuses, none of which have blown. The problem appears to be that fuel is getting to the injectors but there is no pulse, where does the pulse come from? The ECU? Because that has also been sent away and tested with no problems reported (it’s an M31 ECU box as mine is an import). There is a toad alarm/immobiliser on the car I know little about, but seems to all be working as it did previously. The car car will turn over, but not start. Mega frustrating!
  13. Thanks mate I’ll investigate further and see what happens. Hoping for a simple-ish fix fingers crossed.
  14. Cheers Alex, appreciate your thoughts The battery terminals seem to have seen better days and have clearly been fiddled with in the past. Perhaps I will replace them and tidy the whole thing up a bit to see if that is an easy fix. My mechanic thinks fuel is getting to the injectors but not past them, is there a fuse relating to that? My ECU has also been sent away for a test. We have tested both fuse boxes and cannot find one that is blown?!
  15. My 03 plate imported Z is not behaving itself. For the last 3 months it has had a fault where I turn the ignition and it cuts out, no attempt to turn over. To get the car going I would get out, wiggle the battery terminals a bit so the electrics would come back on, and then (after a couple of attempts) it would start, and i’d be back out on the road. The usual happened last week, and now the ruddy thing will turn over but not fire up. I’ve changed the battery and am sure the fuel pump is fine, perhaps the fuel is stopping at the injectors? Why might this be? Completely confused at present! Thanks from a relative newbie





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