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  1. Hello I have tried another centre dash with all the fixings fully working can't get it to sit flush at the top... when I tighten the screws it keeps popping up at the top I have a single din alpine headunit does anyone know how to fix this ? thanks
  2. looking for a replacement clear bumper reflector for drivers side with tabs intact cheers
  3. What mskr is the y pipe ? and is it still for sale ? cheers
  4. Looking for Cat converters in good working order cheers
  5. need to replace the Y section in my exhaust as soon as possible wondered if anyone has one for sale cheers
  6. looking for a price for cat converters and a y pipe/section cheers
  7. Hello I'm looking to replace my front droplinks ....what would you good people recommend? are the oem ones from Horsham decent enough ? or does ZMANALEX do them ? cheers
  8. how much for the rays with tyres ? are the tyres in ok condition? cheers
  9. Hello can anyone recommend a garage for giving the z a full service? i am in Central Scotland cheers
  10. excellent m8 so smaller diameter in first thanks
  11. Hello one worked and one failed ....should I try to push the fixing into the spacer first ? or just place in front then thread the bolt through? thanks
  12. Do you use these with the wee white spacer on the existing or just screw bracket straight to it ? cheers
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