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  1. Hello can anyone recommend a garage for giving the z a full service? i am in Central Scotland cheers
  2. excellent m8 so smaller diameter in first thanks
  3. Hello one worked and one failed ....should I try to push the fixing into the spacer first ? or just place in front then thread the bolt through? thanks
  4. Do you use these with the wee white spacer on the existing or just screw bracket straight to it ? cheers
  5. also do these go in with the lip inside the strut tower ?
  6. This would be great I ordered ones of ebay think it was m4 x11 0-2 grip
  7. Think it's factory I only got my z a few weeks ago ....did you have holes under the strut to put fixings in ?
  8. Hello can someone help the fixings from under the brace for my boot divider have come away and I can't seem to get them to go back in any help would be great cheers
  9. looking for the metal peice that attaches to this plastic part and underside of the car it's at the rear wheel on the drivers side any help woukd bd appreciated
  10. Innes Drummond


    Hello does anyone have this part for sale for an 05 350z thanks
  11. Hello Just got my z a few days ago and a bit has rotted away ...looking to get clarification on the name of the part and part number ...think it's called evap canister sheild or hose shield no 755B0-CD000 but not entirely sure any help would be great please see photo for reference
  12. Noticed something hanging down by my rear wheel on the drivers side and the mount that the plastic was bolted to has all rotten and one of the fixings is sheared away ...can anyone tell me what this is called and can it be replaced ? fixed thanks please see photos
  13. Hello looking for the rear pocket console or even the lid as mines is broken also the ashtray cover part numbers pocket console rear 96925m 68924-ce800 ashtray 96510m - 68560 i have a 2005 model think it's pre facelift cheers
  14. Hello trying to join the forum answered the security questions correctly but it keeps saying not accepted ??





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