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  1. Where are Cougar Store ??? !!!!!

    Am glad he is still going to as I need my car fixed
  2. Another HR with low oil pressure!

    I have noticed my oil pressure had gone down to 10-15 psi so I think it's time to get the oil gallery gaskets done, she has done 82000 miles and i aint really had any major problems until now, so I have taken her off the road until she go's in to get the work done by Mitz at cougar store some time in September, So until then I am driving around in a 1.4 corsa which is so funny to drive, and very light compared to the zed!
  3. The Beetch project

    Is the Headliner still available ?
  4. oil pressure switch

    Hi Alex, can you PM price on both please, Thanks, Stuart
  5. oil pressure switch

    Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction to where i can buy an oil pressure switch for the HR ? Thanks, Stuart.
  6. I had a 350z DE for 3yrs and wanted some thing a bit more practical like extra seats and a bigger boot so i went for the e46 M3 and after about a month i could not get on with it, so 2 months later i sold it and got another zed but the HR this time, and i have never looked back, the zed feels more of a drivers car and better looking, plus you dont look like everyone else as there are BMW every where you look!
  7. 20mm spacer for 370z. Single even

    I have got 20/25mm spacers for a 350z not sure if there the same fitment or not, but I would prefer to sell all together, I know that's not much help to you!
  8. Nobody waves anymore

    I still wave, but I never really see any other Zeds when am in mine.
  9. cheap set of 350z rays

    I have a set for sale too, but looking around 450 as I have just put new tyres on back in january, the tyres are uniroyal rainsport 3, Thanks.
  10. High flow cats for HR

    PM sent
  11. 18s or 19s for sale

    I have a set off rays coming up for sale too, just had new uniroyal Rainsport 3 put on in January and spacers will also be available ?
  12. [SOLD]For sale. 18" rota GTR - Matt gold

    Hi mate, do you have a pic with them on the car and do they sit flush with arches ? Thanks, Stuart.
  13. Idle drop after service TB?

    I did the same, I moved my butterfly and I could not reset the TB doing the peddle dance, I took it into Nissan for them to reset and it cost me £69, lesson learnt.
  14. My 19" wheels for 18"

    i would be up for swapping my rays too plus cash if yorkie dont have them, i have not long put on new tyres all round (uniroyal rainsport 3)