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  1. Hi Alex, can you PM price on both please, Thanks, Stuart
  2. Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction to where i can buy an oil pressure switch for the HR ? Thanks, Stuart.
  3. I had a 350z DE for 3yrs and wanted some thing a bit more practical like extra seats and a bigger boot so i went for the e46 M3 and after about a month i could not get on with it, so 2 months later i sold it and got another zed but the HR this time, and i have never looked back, the zed feels more of a drivers car and better looking, plus you dont look like everyone else as there are BMW every where you look!
  4. I have got 20/25mm spacers for a 350z not sure if there the same fitment or not, but I would prefer to sell all together, I know that's not much help to you!
  5. I still wave, but I never really see any other Zeds when am in mine.
  6. I have a set for sale too, but looking around 450 as I have just put new tyres on back in january, the tyres are uniroyal rainsport 3, Thanks.
  7. PM sent
  8. I have a set off rays coming up for sale too, just had new uniroyal Rainsport 3 put on in January and spacers will also be available ?
  9. Hi mate, do you have a pic with them on the car and do they sit flush with arches ? Thanks, Stuart.
  10. I did the same, I moved my butterfly and I could not reset the TB doing the peddle dance, I took it into Nissan for them to reset and it cost me £69, lesson learnt.
  11. i would be up for swapping my rays too plus cash if yorkie dont have them, i have not long put on new tyres all round (uniroyal rainsport 3)
  12. Any picture's yet please ?
  13. Chris, this originally came off my 350Z. As I remember it needed no more in the way of modifying than the 370 did, just some minor cutting around the OEM intake areas. Do you have any pics on the mods that you need done ?
  14. I liked the look of them as well! Thanks for pointing that out chris. Did you receive your car badge back yet Chris ?