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  1. Thanks cougar store

    My mileage was about 82800 when they went and my hot idle dropped down to about 10 psi
  2. Thanks cougar store

    It's 2 x oil gaskets that fail on the HR, causing low oil pressure
  3. Thanks cougar store

    A big thank you to mitz and crew for doing my oil gallery gaskets, top job as always
  4. Where are Cougar Store ??? !!!!!

    Am glad he is still going to as I need my car fixed
  5. Another HR with low oil pressure!

    I have noticed my oil pressure had gone down to 10-15 psi so I think it's time to get the oil gallery gaskets done, she has done 82000 miles and i aint really had any major problems until now, so I have taken her off the road until she go's in to get the work done by Mitz at cougar store some time in September, So until then I am driving around in a 1.4 corsa which is so funny to drive, and very light compared to the zed!
  6. The Beetch project

    Is the Headliner still available ?
  7. oil pressure switch

    Hi Alex, can you PM price on both please, Thanks, Stuart
  8. oil pressure switch

    Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction to where i can buy an oil pressure switch for the HR ? Thanks, Stuart.
  9. I had a 350z DE for 3yrs and wanted some thing a bit more practical like extra seats and a bigger boot so i went for the e46 M3 and after about a month i could not get on with it, so 2 months later i sold it and got another zed but the HR this time, and i have never looked back, the zed feels more of a drivers car and better looking, plus you dont look like everyone else as there are BMW every where you look!
  10. 20mm spacer for 370z. Single even

    I have got 20/25mm spacers for a 350z not sure if there the same fitment or not, but I would prefer to sell all together, I know that's not much help to you!
  11. Nobody waves anymore

    I still wave, but I never really see any other Zeds when am in mine.
  12. cheap set of 350z rays

    I have a set for sale too, but looking around 450 as I have just put new tyres on back in january, the tyres are uniroyal rainsport 3, Thanks.
  13. High flow cats for HR

    PM sent
  14. 18s or 19s for sale

    I have a set off rays coming up for sale too, just had new uniroyal Rainsport 3 put on in January and spacers will also be available ?