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  1. I've gone for the stillen gen 3 in the end (from Tarmac Sportz) but wont be fitted until the start of feb because Bob needs a holiday, but looking forward to getting them fitted
  2. I was shocked too.......... the advantage of getting older i suppose
  3. I got mine through Admiral this year on a multi car policy fully comp with all mods declared and am paying £170 and thats on a HR.
  4. sorry quick question, do you have to remove bumper to fit the Injens ? Thanks
  5. Thanks Alex, can you pm me a price on one for an HR, just in case I need one ? Thanks
  6. Hi, can anyone tell me if the heater control box (white box) is the same on DE and HR, or are they different to each other ? Thanks.
  7. Currently with Adrian flux renewal for this year £395 fully comp, shopped about and got it for £175 with admiral with all mods declared Happy days!
  8. If i can find a buyer for my HFC i will be interested in these
  9. 3 of us went down today for a remap and I also had my wheel alignment done whilst I was there! The car feels so much better on the bends and I love the pops and bangs! cheers lads you made all feel welcomed, keep up the good work
  10. Not 100% sure if switch is faulty am just getting low pressure reading but not all the time so am trying to eliminate 1 by 1. Gallery gaskets have been done. Nissan wants £179 to do manual pressure test, so i may need to look else where for that.
  11. I went to Nissan today and priced up an oil pressure switch for my HR and they want £130, anyone know when I can get a Genuine one cheaper ? Thanks.
  12. on cold start up it will be 118 which is good, normal driving around 28 again good, long drives or spirted drives it will drop to 15-16, so am going to change oil pressure switch as advised and see what happens, and one other thing I hear people say is 6th gear at 60mph = 60 oil pressure and that's seems ok to.



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