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  1. I have some oem springs i took of my HR if your interested ?
  2. Cheers mate thanks. Hopefully she won't be gone for to long (touch wood)
  3. I've been spotted! That's my car going back to the dealer to get csc done as mine failed, after 10 days of ownership.
  4. Hi, i hope you all had a good christmas ? Like the title says am back again for a third time, but this time i have got myself a 370z nismo mk2 and its great being back in a zed! First mod will be the exhaust as it is way to quite for my liking and a few more bits in mind, so my bank account ain't going to like the abuse lol Pictures to follow when i get her clean.
  5. Do you fancy a deal on a 2016 Golf R with 31k miles ?
  6. If my Golf R sells I may be interested in this.
  7. Products from Tarmac sportz are very good but beware of there fitting service as i had gen 3 intakes fitted and a month later i took them of as car was being sold, and the damage to the pipe work was unreal and there was also a bolt snapped in one of the holes and even 1 of the jubilee clip things were different to the rest, i did put in a complaint in to chris but he did not seem interested and said talk to Bob and bob just denied all. SO BEWARE!!!
  8. I've gone for the stillen gen 3 in the end (from Tarmac Sportz) but wont be fitted until the start of feb because Bob needs a holiday, but looking forward to getting them fitted
  9. I was shocked too.......... the advantage of getting older i suppose
  10. I got mine through Admiral this year on a multi car policy fully comp with all mods declared and am paying £170 and thats on a HR.
  11. sorry quick question, do you have to remove bumper to fit the Injens ? Thanks





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