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  1. Grams styling or tarmac sportz front lip???

    Tarmac all day long
  2. TS Style rear diffuser

    Hi, Has anyone got a ts style rear diffuser they want to sell ? Thanks
  3. I will take the wheel nuts mate, can you send PayPal details, Thanks
  4. HFC for a HR

    Hi Adrian, I was looking at ordering the torqen hfc for a HR, but it wont offer me finance with the discount code added on, am i doing something wrong ? Thanks, Stuart.
  5. For sale

    payment sent, thanks.
  6. 350z cargo net - sold

  7. For sale

    Hi Andy, Do you still have gear knob for sale ?
  8. 350z cargo net - sold

    Do you know Torqen are doing these for £34 new ?
  9. 350z cargo net - sold

    £20 posted ?
  10. 350z cargo net - sold

    Is this still for sale ?
  11. HFC for a HR

    Yes seen that thanks Adrian, but trying to keep cost down so really looking for a used set
  12. HFC for a HR

    Hi, am still on the hunt for some HFC for my HR if anyone has any for sale ? Thanks, Stuart.
  13. Club Calendar 2018 - Order Thread

    Calendar received today, thanks SuperStu
  14. How's the idle on your HR? Call 0800 pedal dance...

    Ok mate thanks, hopefully Nissan will sort it for you