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  1. Hiya mate new myself. Car sits lovely on those coilovers
  2. A nice little package to keep me busy after work. I wonder how much the sanitiser retails for . I didn't order it!
  3. That would explain why the touch up I bought doesn't match... I suppose I can find the actual paint code somewhere on the chassis?
  4. The reason I'd like coilovers is because the whole kit is designed to be used all together and has adjustability, whereas springs and stock dampers are a bit too mix and match for my liking I had ordered a set of the Whiteline springs however both times I was refunded so I assumed they were unavailable. I figured springs are not meant to be so have my eyes on coilovers instead - I don't mind spending a bit of money on the Z (just gotta keep the mrs in the dark! ), but thanks for the thought payco
  5. Definitely, can't be too careful Thanks for your input. Yeah perhaps I should just wait and get it looked at by professionals. "Trust me, I'm an engineer"
  6. Hey guys, here she is from yesterday I'd like to ask if anyone here might be able to help with the blemishes on my bonnet and quarter panel. It looks like someone's used touch up paint in the past but it doesn't look great - I'd like to try to smooth and blend it but I don't really know where to start. Also, are all the paint chips on the front bumper beyond some kind of T-cut treatment? I want the best for my baby and I'm not shy at giving things a go, but if it needs a bodyshop's touch I'll take it in. Thanks for looking
  7. A couple after a quick wash today Plans are first and foremost to get the front bumper resprayed, rays refurbed and repainted, and those infamous interior plastics sorted. After that, coilovers(... Obv), lower profile tyres when these are spent, either decat or hfc, smoked rear turn signals, and maybe a bit of improv with a backlit Z on the kick panels. Nothing overboard, just want a nice clean subtle look. Not a track car nor a daily, but a pride and joy nonetheless. Hope you like
  8. So I got bored and thought cleaning the filters and throttle bodies wouldn't do any harm. They were pretty dirty. Pics are of the nearside TB. This also seems to have addressed the stalling issues. Did a few tappy taps on the pedals and now she's idling where she should be - a nice low warble
  9. Thanks for the welcome will sort some pics out soon for sure
  10. Here is a video showing the problem
  11. Thanks, it could be but no cleaner for it. I have just bought a JOBD reader - it will most likely point me in the right direction before I start fiddling and making things worse! It should arrive Friday. I'm pretty confident in the "doing" but not so much the diagnosis.
  12. Hi guys, having some trouble with the Z. Just wondering if any if the below rings a bell with anyone before I go down the "take it to the garage" route. 1 - I will post a video soon showing what I mean but here goes. Engine up to temp driving along, when i engage the clutch to slow down at lights for example, the revs will drop to 1500 or so, raise slightly to 1700ish before settling to around 1000. This happens over about 4-5 seconds. Once at 1000rpm it stays idling like that all day long. Is this a symptom of a failing/dirty sensor/hose etc? Resetting ECU does not solve this. 2 - there is a terrible flat spot in the power band between 3.8krpm and 4.3krpm. Everywhere else sweet as a nut. 3 - EML comes on after refueling, and intermittently for the next 100 or so miles. I believe this is something to do with fuel level in the tank, maybe triggering a sensor? With the EML on, the idle then stays at 1.6krpm until I reset the ECU. 4 - starting engine from cold, revs go to around 1krpm before quickly going lumpy, stuttering and stalling. Only way to stop it is to give it some gas for a few seconds and it steadies out. Just wondering if anything here resonates with anyone, if my symptoms are indicative of certain components of systems etc, if there's anything I can do right now at home really. Thanks for looking and thanks for any help.
  13. Hey guys, been browsing this forum a couple weeks and all over the Internet, got my Z recently and love love love it - '07 GT, HR and 49k miles in gunmetal grey with rays. All feels good but I just seem to be having some issues with the engine at the moment - ones that weren't there when I bought and test drove it. I will post in the technical section. Just thought I'd say hi - if there's anyone near Northants that would be cool.
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