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  1. Cheers geezer il keep you on speed dial
  2. No it's defo not with it iv taken it off now.. It felt loose and cumbersome
  3. My Z started off with a bent back end but thanks to zman I got her back Road worthy. (thank you dude) Baring in mind this is my work car nothing more. Coil overs Full power flow.. Decat back Pipercross induction 19" staggered rims Converted stereo to bose system with kenwood head unit and 12"sub Clip off steering wheel (nightmare to sort but if you need tips for air bag issues dm me) Not sure what else to do but it's come along way in 6months for a work bus. Any comments appreciated good or bad.. Cheers brothers and sister
  4. TobeZ350

    30mm spacers

    I can buy new no problem but I can also swap for some 50mm spacers if anyone is interested?
  5. Just rear suspension problem, something is bent but should be sorted Tuesday thanks to the help from peeps on here
  6. Hi Thanks I will enjoy it a lot more once iv sorted a small issue out that's bugging the life out of me.. All good tho
  7. Hello mate and welcome This is a good place to be
  8. What am I looking at then, I need one as I'm sat with a buckled ass atm haha
  9. I need a full rear n/s suspension arm and hub if you have it still have them
  10. Hello I'm after a full N/S sespension arm and hub I need the lot if you have it as something is slightly bent on mine? Do you have this by any chance
  11. TobeZ350

    50mm spacers

    Thank you for everyone's help and ideas BTW
  12. TobeZ350

    50mm spacers

    the car has had all suspension dropped and checked.. Been advised to get a full N/S suspension arm hub and bushes ( everything) rather than fault finding what's bent. Is there breakers on here that may have such parts for me to source.. Nightmare
  13. TobeZ350

    50mm spacers

    Yeah that could easily of happened I guess, il check today make sure thanks
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