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  1. Cheers for feedback. Hoping ZmanAlex can sort me out with a system.
  2. Thanks Rob. Have received the holder for my iPhone XR. Fits perfectly as I provided dims with case. Rob also provided me with extra fittings so the phone is angled towards me. Works perfectly and looks very good. Highly recommend over all the other generic holders as it’s very stable and specific to this car.
  3. Sam- Did you have Bose originally? I find the Bose not great sound quality wise. Is it much better now with new system? And would you recommend the Sony?
  4. I’m looking to put in an aftermarket double din and whilst on Opie Oils they are selling a wiring harness for Bose systems for a reasonable price, i.e. much less than the favoured incartec. It’s the Celsus ISO Bose AIS2260. Has anyone used this and as mine doesn’t have steering wheel stereo controls (just cruise control on the right) will this be compatible? I understand I will need the dedicated trim- would I need anything else if I where to use the celsus loom?
  5. Anyone got one to sell- preferably with the double din trim
  6. Anyone got one to sell- preferably with the bolts and strut spacers?
  7. No worries and thanks for info
  8. I could be interested in this. I haven’t got a double din system yet - will this work with any? Also where did you get the wiring loom from- Incartec or a n other? Do you have a double din you would part with?
  9. Thanks for verification. I’ve no plans to track the car so am worried about very high spring rates making car non compliant on our roads. My car is 2005 roadster and would like to refresh the 14 year old set up to improve handling but not to the detriment of ride. I understand there is a balance and compromise. The rear spring rate seem to be on a par rate wise with stock but believe 14 front would be too harsh for me. Will use your info to decide what would work best for me. Good luck with sale I’m sure there will be someone who can make very good use of them.
  10. -just wondering anymore news on the anti roll bars?
  11. Found a place called All hood ltd and spoke to them and they can create and install a black mohair hood for a very fair price, cheaper than car hood. Has anyone heard or used them? Looking at their website and speaking with them they seem quite well established.
  12. Is this still available?
  13. Thanks Zman for reply. It def didn't seem right- looking through threads it seems the other cars don't have this protective cover so can be jacked from the front diff housing. The protective cover on mine is not plastic but painted metal. I jacked from the other recognised approved points in the end.
  14. Mine has what seems a protective cover over the diff housing. Is it ok to jack on this cover??



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