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  1. Junkyardbear

    White dial kit.

    They also do the gauges for Center oil volts ect cluster
  2. Junkyardbear

    White dial kit.

    Anybody got these? Would suit my white Zed just wondering how hard the job is?
  3. Junkyardbear

    7 inch tablet and pioneer touch screen install

    Thanks yeah the sat nav was in jap and was already disconnected so I can now use the tablet for navigation wifi data tethering from phone passengers can also used the tablet for internet ect. The head unit for audio and videos and photos when needed. It is quite straight forward to do but like anything can get a bit fiddly but watch a few YouTube vids and you will be fine.
  4. Junkyardbear

    7 inch tablet and pioneer touch screen install

    Need to set the time on head unit lol
  5. 3 and half hours with a bit of frustration but all done and very happy The upgrade was from a Sony double din asic USB head unit.
  6. Junkyardbear

    Urgent help please

    Early this year I had to replace my rear calipers on my 2005 vert mport. The UK calipers were not the same fitment but the nissan murano calipers are the same fitment my old import calipers so they were fitted all's good. Now i I need front discs and pads so i ordered some from brake depo and ordered the non brembo set. Yesterday went to get them fitted they were too small. It seems my car has does have brembo discs? and sky line calipers? When I rang brake depo they said like the issuse i had on rear calipers the front calipers on the import originals are hard to get so they put sky line calipers on? Hears the size of my discs on the car at the moment give or take a few mm 324 30 49 high 68 bore (mechanic wrote this on a piece of paper) The caliper seems to take 151mm pads that are same shape as standard non brembo but longer and wider. Any help would be greatful with thanks in advance. I've attached a picture that seems to suggest these are the pads I need? And i guess from the disc size i need brembo discs?
  7. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

    Looked at Tein springs the 14 17 drop the fitment say excludes cabriolet on all the sellers descriptions? I have a Japspeed stainless zorst that does sit slightly lower in the middle than stock so 30 would be to much.
  8. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

    I won't park it on the drive simple
  9. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

    Drive way will scrape the stainless zorst on the 350z standard suspension with 2 people in the car but ok with just me.
  10. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

    60 mm on a BMW e46 330 vert looks mean and handles on rails but like any car with 30mm plus lowering it has it's down sides like speed bumps but most cars can't take a corner or rounder bout as tucked in and clean as me lol
  11. Junkyardbear

    Rusting Arches/Doors/Sills JDM Imports

    Bought my pearl white 296 bhp 2005 vert last November 44.000 miles at the time no rust its mint but i guess it's like any car it's the way it's looked after and what u pay for it.
  12. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

  13. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

    If I was to cut the mounts it buy new and cut them as most I've seen that cut the originals look dryed out and brittle.
  14. Junkyardbear

    Rear coil spring isolators

    The rear of my 350z import vert sits a little high for my liking the front is fine. I don't want to lower the car with springs as have a bmw 330 sport I've lowered 60mm all round that is fun in a straight line and corners but a nightmare on pot holes speed lumps and getting on my drive. I've looked up the the rubber mount cutting method and that seems a bit to much messing about and risk of getting it wrong. They do these universal isolators that a guy from the American 350z forum posted that shows a YouTube video of these being used. Has anybody from hear tryed this yet as I want to do this to get the car looking leveled out.