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  1. 350z on the big screen**

    My zed Forza 7 x box one
  2. Hi

    Welcome m8
  3. My Zed

    Thanks I got a 370 on forza 5 as well lol need a badge and cap and ill have the full Nissan starter kit
  4. My Zed

    After having my 2005 vert zed 2 months ive finally found out my pearl white import is the 294 bhp version not the lesser 276 bhp. I didn't think these existed? But I've seen 2 for sale that confirms there is 2 different import specs. I've just bought another but on forza 7 lol
  5. Poor Z....

    See round the zorst cut outs on the left the car looks ruff and asking that price awful kit ......very sad
  6. Insurance Renewal December 2017

    Both my cars the 350z vert and BMW 330 m sport vert are both with LV unbeatble prices. 1st central used to be good but expensive now.
  7. With no rubbers you go from a 2 seater to 4 seater
  8. Nice one Mr glad your sorted even £200 would of been a kind gesture from the *** hole. One bit of rubber and all that damage. Enjoy your Zed
  9. Coupe cabriolet fitment

    Got this one comimg friday for £199 last one of a black Friday deal
  10. Brake Judder

    Not called halfrauds for nothing. I would of gone back and faced him out got him to say sorry and made him cry a bit lol
  11. Coupe cabriolet fitment

    Thanks Alex
  12. Coupe cabriolet fitment

    Can't seem to find exhaust that states it fits my cabriolet as they are all marketed for the coupe. Is the fitment the same on all the 350z . Cheers
  13. Tell him to find his wallet whist he's look lol I've got the c.v joint clicks that's now making car vibrate at certain speeds and making a lumpy feeling like i have a puncher my joints are done for after 1000 miles of starting to fail. Just glad i got £5000 warranty to spend in the next 2 months or id be cheesed off as nothing like that feeling of owning a car for a short time and having problems.
  14. Sorry to hear theses no real progress m8 if the last owner is so disappointed he would at least give u £500 back as good will. He knew the car had issues that's why He sold it. Look forward to some possitive news m8. Stay up m8
  15. Shaft click

    If the new parts don't fail like the old I'll go for it. But also I could put in the claim get parts store parts get the ones that are on re greased and if they fail again fit updated parts. Now that seems the right thing to do.