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  1. Hi everyone, I need to replace my rear left caliper on my Z33 import and I've had a search of the forums, and it sounds like the Murano calipers will fit. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a part number or where I can buy them from? Wanted to make sure that I'm sourcing the right part. Thanks!
  2. Yeah sorry I missed that bit, I used a wifi dongle - which I can also include in the sale (it's just a cheap one of ebay) - and then used that to connect to a wifi network, sometime just tethering from my phone on the go. I ran Windows XP on it so just used Firefox.
  3. Hi guys, I’ve decided to sell the PC that I put in my car a while ago which you can see on this thread: http://www.350z-uk.c...page__hl__midzt The spec of the computer is: Intel D510MO With Integrated Intel Atom processor D510 Intel MN10 Chipset Mini-ITX Motherboard M3-ATX, 125w output, 6v to 24v wide input Intelligent Automotive DC-DC Car PC Power Supply EXTRA VALUE 2GB DDR2 800MHz/PC2-6400 MEMORY And a cheap Bluetooth dongle that I got off ebay. The sale doesn’t include a hard drive as it was one from my laptop, but any laptop SATA drive will fit. The install is r
  4. midzt

    Evo 8 Brembos

    I've never doubted that fitting the Z Brembos would be better than the Evo, it's what I have read on many forums. However, as I mentioned in my original post the question was a purely fitment rather than performance one...
  5. midzt

    Evo 8 Brembos

    I currently have non Brembos so that'd why I'm looking at options but I will go down the OEM Brembos route if needed, will just take time to save up and I'm impatient lol
  6. midzt

    Evo 8 Brembos

    Yeah I understand your point, but in your example you can physically fit the charger into all the devices. It's just that Apple changed the pins or something... I guess I'm trying to understand what the equivalent for the Brembos is... I can get the Evo calipers for free and can get a bracket fabricated from CNC free too. I also have three months off work coming up...so they are the things going for this. Just looking for the additional cons that i'm not currently not aware off...
  7. midzt

    Evo 8 Brembos

    I've read quite a lot about the idea of putting Evo brembos onto the Z and the general jist is to not to do it as it's too much hassle. But I just wanted to entertain the idea and want to know if I'm missing something with my logic, purely based on fitment and not performance. I'm pretty certain I wont go down this route but it;s bugging me. So here's my logic: From what I have read the 350Z Brembos fit onto the S14 as a straight bolt on Many people have put Evo Brembos onto their S14 using a custom bracket So from this, can the Evo Brembos not fit onto the 350 by using the same custom b
  8. I'm looking for the wing mirror housing for both sides in any colour- I really have no idea what these would cost normally, I'm hoping not too much. If anyone has any scrap or could point me in the right direction that would be brilliant. Thanks midzt
  9. Hi all, I'm after a back box and centre pipe that are in good working order. My 350Z is a 2003 JDM, and I'm not sure if they have changed the design over the year and which years/models would fit? Could anyone also please shed some light on this for me? Thanks in advance. midzt
  10. It's not too bad in the sunshine, but I haven't really been out when it's been too bright. So I'll have to update if I have any problems, but I think it should be ok. Not 100% on how much I've spent altogether....I don't really want to price it up if I'm honest but I'll have to at some point and will let you guys know.
  11. Right, so I've finally got this in! I totally forgot to take any install photos but intallation was much easier than I expected - albeit with a lot of help with the wiring from my housemate. The centre tunnel console came out a lot easier than I expected and thanks for the help from @neo-ninja for the tips! Anyway, here are the photos of the install: I've still got to get a USB GPS receiver so that the maps within Centrafuse will work but that should pretty much be it. May need to tidy up those wires a little bit, but thats just really tucking them in.
  12. Right.....very small update. Managed to secure the screen into the cubby whole now. I really need to start getting my backside into gear to install this....but uni work keep taking priority..
  13. Thats cool. Cars look very detailed and pretty realistic. I wonder if they're using a D-box to help with the drifting though, if they're not then they are insanely good - still pretty immense either way though.
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